Australia Fire: A disastrous accident



Every year we come across various natural disaster. Some disaster are caused naturally by changing weather conditions or some other reason. Some disasterĀ  are caused by unnaturally due to our mistakes. By the way every disaster is caused due to human being’s mistakes. Somewhere we are the only ones who areĀ  responsible for all this changing weather conditions and natural disaster that occur around the whole world. Earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, etc are some naturally occurring disaster. The Australia fire is one of such disaster. Australia is facing too much problem now-a-days.


Many of the disasters are unnatural. One of them is forest fire or some big fire that occur in any region. These fires cause great change in environment conditions. These change in condition create many problems in human life. The biggest problem is change in temperature.

One of such fire was caused few days ago in Australia. That was one the disastrous fire that have ever caused on this earth. The fire was so much large that it caused millions of loss in money and also in lives. It also caused temperature and weather change. It totally changed the lives of all in Australia.


This was not the first fire that was caused on earth. But before have caused. They do millions of loss in money and also in lives. They destroy acres of forest and burn thousands of houses. These fires destroy number of plants and almost distinct many species. Not only in plants but also in animals, they are the cause for the distinct of many species.


The fire in Australia caused more than four hundred and eighty-five millions dollar loss. More than twenty-five people were killed in this fire. In this fire more than one thousand and five hundred homes were destroyed. More than two thousand and five hundred buildings were destroyed. And the most harmful loss was of animals. Almost forty-eight millions of animals were killed. And as we know, there was loss of forest and plants.


The fire caused weather change also as well. Fire had caused great change in temperature. The temperature had increased rapidly and due to which cold is occurring allover. There also in the type of the rain that is occurring in Australia.


The biggest question that comes out is that how this type of big fire had caused?

Many people must be thinking that there may be some natural reason behind such type of fire. The natural reason must be some volcano eruption or may be ozone depletion. But surprisingly there was not any of such big reason behind this disastrous fire.


The reason was just a blast of transformer. There was a transformer which got blasted due to some technical problem. Due to this blast some bushes around it cause fire. So, it was nothing but a small bushfire which caused such type of disastrous fire.

The fire rapidly spread through out the surrounding and got converted into great forest fire. Many trees got burnt and as before I have told about all loses that the fire caused.


After the fire spread through out Australia started its operation to stop this fire. Australia tried many normal steps to stop the fire but all got failed. Finally, water was made to fall in large quantity through helicopters. Tons of water was made to fall to stop the fire. After many efforts the fire came under control but it has destroyed many of the areas.


And finally, rain also take place which gave very much relief to many animals and of course whole Australia. The rain gave relief but it also caused loss in the starting. The weather had become so bad that the rain that took place in the starting helped the fire to get more vast. But finally it controlled the fire.



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