The CES 2020, New launch, Products Revailed



Consumer Electronics Show(CES)

Here are some of the companies and their products that are going to be launched in this 2k20 event of CES. The most amazing and exciting products are about to reach at the gathering place of CES to blow your mind. It has been the competing platform for the innovators since last 50 years to introduce the world with the next generation innovations to the market place.

Nearly 4400 exhibiting companies showcases their innovations/technologies with more than 170000 attendees form 160 countries.



*Some product categories are as follows.

3d printing                                                                                             Robotics

Advertising, Marketing and Entertainment                                     Smart Homes

Artificial Intelligence                                                                            Software and Apps

Audio, Video                                                                                          Travel and Leisure

Virtual Reality                                                                                        Wearables

Cloud service                                                                                         Wireless Devices

Cyber Security                                                                                       Sports and Technologies

Digital Well Being                                                                                 Mobile Payments

Education                                                                                               Pubic Policy/Government

Fitness                                                                                                    Computer Hardware

Games                                                                                                    Other Consumer Technology


CES 2020 was held on 7th January (Tuesday) to 10th January (Friday)

Products revealed in CES 2020-


*One Plus at CES

One Plus has revealed its concept 1 phone! It has a colour shifting technology at the back. The  one plus looks somewhat similar to the previous one plus 7t pro  model but the back is the place where we see the innovation(changes). One Plus has once again collaborated with the McLerran for creating the One Plus concept 1. The claim that they used colour changing panel at the back that allows hiding the cameras at the back. The company states that the one plus glace uses organic particle to create colour changes in transparencies.



*Dell at CES

Dell unveiled its new refreshed Dell XPS13 in the CES 2020. In this because of the new dimensions its has a 4k display. It has the intel core 7th gen CPU, 32 Gb of ram, display 4k -3840*2400.

Dell has put the camera on the top. They provided windows hello recognition. The keyboards are nice to use. The bezels are very slim. The speakers are on either side.



*Samsung at CES

Samsung has introduced its Samsung Ballie which looks like a Robotic Ball. It’s a personal assistant that follows you in your home. It has a camera and a mobile interface to help you at your home and assist you. Its concept was to built a pet like bot that follows you and can also be controls by the help of remotes. Samsung said that the Samsung Ballie will keep your secrets safe and will not share it to any third-party device.



Also Samsung introduced its new QLED TV with custom screen and monstrous features installed with phone space.


Samsung’s new Bezel less 8k QLED.

Also the Samsung galaxy S10 lite the new flagship phone.



Google announced its new webpage reader. This is a new assistant feature where you can say “hey google, read this page ” to make an action to read the whole webpage like a real life reader. In the current scenario the individuals are so busy that they don’t have the time to read the full webpage. It takes about 20 mins to read a webpage as a whole and then analyse. But the task is going to be easier for you by the new feature of the google assistance.

Scheduled Actions– this will allow you to make google do the task later on the scheduled time. Like you could ask google to “hey google, turn on the lights at 5pm” and google assistance will be able to do so.



TOWNEW a company presented a Smart Waste Can that can do many works for home dirt management. The device has a button that can be pressed when the can is full with waste. Then the machines ability starts and it seals the waste bag inside and puts a new bag at the same place. Now it opens its to so that one can take off the bag.



Some more products!

*Stop your Snoring

Snore stopping pillow, isent it amazing? Yes, the Motion Pillow is the one that monitors your action during sleep, ie it collects the information about your head position and breathing during the sleep. The pillow is made of air bags that are controlled according to the sleep posture and takes up a shape so that your head position changes and sufficient air flow takes place to your nose. This will help to stop snoring.


*AI to block the sun rays at CES

The technology company Bosch introduced a Virtual Visor for cars. It is designed to replace the old sun visor. The company says that the device uses artificial intelligence to detected the eyes of the driver. Accordingly it adjusts the darkness and spots the smallest part so that properly help the driver.


*The Transparent Hood at CES


Companies also presented the invisible car hood that gives you image of the car hood but only outline on the real time driving this could help the drivers to drive safely during the heavy crowded traffics and while parking.


*Wearable Air Purifiers at CES

This is a device launched in the 2020 CES which has a design that covers the face of the individual so that to purify the air pollution. It purifies the air coming to the nose while breathing. It doesn’t have a solid shield to purify the air. The company says it permits the purified air to while reaching the nose.


This was just short of information about the CES 2020. It was one of the best tech platform to showcase the tech.
This event was truly a mind-boggling and informative for the techlovers. this type of event inspire the budding talents to come ahead and lear the minute details and do sometimes innovative. At CES 2020/


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