Best Content Marketing Strategies for 2020

Content Marketing Strategy

Today, the strategy by which companies find their goals in the public eye is entirely different from that adopted a few decades ago. Content marketing attracts interested people to your brand offering. Still, it is also a way to communicate your corporate identity and value by enables us to secure a place in everyone’s daily lives through the use of social networks. To stay connected to those who have already purchased something, content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to find potential customers.

Content marketing, at its basics, refers to creating and distributing relevant and valuable content. It helps to attract and built customers. Through a clearly defined audience to generate profitable consumer promotions.

By consistently providing valuable information to your customers, you gain their trust and follow them. By using content marketing, you should strive to change and improve customer behavior towards your company positively.

If you’ve ever been through a marketing piece and you’re done after reading it, you’ve had a lousy content marketing experience. While technically excellent text and the right headline can help, it is up to you to create great content that represents the best form of content marketing. 

Another critical aspect of content marketing is that consistent, high-quality content supports other parts of your digital marketing strategy. There are numerous ways to improve your marketing and, in the end, increase your profit, raise your brand awareness, and build relationships with potential customers and prospects. To get started, set your goals and KPIs, as well as your target audience and target market. Develop a content marketing strategy to increase your revenue and build relationships today.

What is Content Marketing-

what is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the form of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing the content to the targeted audience on the internet. This is a strategy used by the leading brands to market and distribute their content to their audience. This strategy is used by most of the prominent optimizers like – P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, John Deere, and many more. Even small businesses are using this strategy to boost their earning.

Reasons why Enterprises use Content Marketing-

There are numerous reasons why big and small enterprises use the strategy of content marketing. Some of the most important of them are listed-

reasons why content marketing

  • Increased Sales – Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase traffic on the site. It also helps to drive brand awareness and engagement of the truck. By creating good content and marketing it, you can get organic traffic at one go and increase your sales and earning with the help of high traffic attracted by content marketing.
  • Loyal Customers- When you use content marketing strategies to bring traffic to your site. Some of the customers get engaged in your website and get attracted to your content. This leads to binding a loyal customer/ reader to your site. And once if the customer is attracted to your site and gets engaged in it. Then you don’t have to do it, again and again, to bring that customer on your website.
  • Cost Saving- It is cost saving as you don’t need to invest much in the advertising of your brand or content, so to bring a considerable amount of traffic. This helps to reduce the cost of earning organic traffic to your site and keeping them engaged in your content.

Strategies for Content Marketing-

Here for you, we have brought some of the most helpful and amazing strategies that you can use to keep on increasing your traffic and market your content effortlessly and effectively. These are some of the useful key points to give a boost to your Content Marketing Strategies.

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Visual Content Marketing
  • Ebooks and Resources
  • Courses

Blogging through Content Marketing-


Blogging is one of the best and the most used Content Marketing technique in today’s competing world. When most people think about starting content marketing, they think of the idea of blogging. In the current scenario, blogging has become a critical component of the content marketing strategy. The blogging helps you to create content to show your social presence as well as attracting the audience/ customers those who are interested in gaining some knowledge and use the stuff you want them to use from you. It also helps you to get you run in the ramp of SEO and fuel your efforts in the field of SEO.

Some of the examples of the enterprise/organizations using blogging as their strategy for Content Marketing-

Orbit Media(A web design and development agency)-

Orbit Media is a web design and development agency that uses blogging as a part of their content marketing strategy to bring out nearly 60000 of organic traffic per month on their site without creating any of the adds. The reason for their success is the quality of content they use on their blog post and then redirect the traffic to their web designing and development site. This converts some of the visitors of their blog to the loyal and engaging customers of their product.

To create quality content, they ask their bloggers to develop thousands of surveys and gather knowledge for their blog posts.


When it comes to thinking for content marketing through blogging, HubSpot takes the lead. is one of the best examples of it. HubSpot is an online developer and marketer of software product sales and customer services. Instead of being a big brand and having massive traffic, they still use content marketing through blogging as their strategy to bring out mass traffic.

  • They write the detailed answers of the issues their customers fee in the form of a blog.
  • HubSpot uses blogging to add their content upgrades and ebooks to their blog post.
  • They even teach you about the new techniques and trends for marketing and ranking your blog and site on the internet.
  • By writing the bogs, they bring out massive traffic to their website and redirect them to their leading developers and service website.
  • They even create videos and use Facebook and LinkedIn for marketing their website.


Buffer is one of the best examples of content marketing because of its three-pronged content marketing strategy.

  • The company uses guest blogging ideas to fuel its primary growth.
  • By using the idea of guest blogging, they create colossal traffic on their website without investing much time and effort to create the blog.
  • Buffer now has four blogs, Including their transparency blog and the open blog, where they share their business ups and downs to date.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways of marketing your product or service as we all know that social sharing of the content can lead to a better ranking in the SEO list. Better sharing and popularising of the content on social media platforms helps to rank the content better on the internet. This, in turn, increases the reach of people to your content or service. Social media helps to bring out a more enormous amount of traffic to the website. You can use social media marketing also in the form of advertising your product or service.

It is not surprising to see many of the big companies using social media marketing for the shake of generating leads. Some of them are mentioned below-


They use publishing placements as well as social media marketing as a part of their content marketing strategy.

  • Superdrug has around 1 million social shares that, in turn, to lead generation.
  • They get nearly 3 million views on their original studies with the help of social media marketing.


Ge is one of the best examples of B2B content marketing. We are talking about the companies other business that includes – jet engines, locomotives, wind turbines, etc.

  • GE uses the Instagram marketing campaign to market their products and services.
  • They have 6 Instagram influencers who market their content on social media and several fans who help them to do the #GEInstaWalk. This leads to attracting a tremendous amount of traffic.
  • GE receives nearly 8 million Instagram views.
  • 3 million reaches per tour and 3000 new followers in just no time.


Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing is a strategy of content marketing in which you use visual content to promote your reach to the people and increase the traffic to the targeted place. For this, you use Image, Meme, Iconography, and other types of visual contents. Most of the marketers say that they had seen a high impact of visual content marketing on their sails and reach of traffic. According to the surveys, researchers and the experts says that the visual content has 94% more chance of getting viewed and attracting the attention of the audience. Content Marketing can be successful with the help of visual content.

Some of the examples of big brands and companies using visual content as an essential part of their marketing strategy are-


Volkswagon is one of the best examples for you to get influenced by the visual content marketing. They say that everyone and everything has a story to tell, and the evidence is our Facebook page. You can see that VW also has a Facebook page where they share their automobiles and customers. There you can get everything about VW, whether it is about their history or their new launch.

  • They claim that they get massive traffic from their social media. This is because of their Visual content marketing strategy. They create high visual content that attracts traffic and gives a summary of their product and service.
  • Each of their images is designed so that to attract you and inform you about their brand.


Every one of us knows about Starbucks, but do we know that even a brand like this uses Visual Content Marketing strategy for gaining traffic and increasing ranking on the internet. Starbucks has multiple social media platforms where they use Visual Marketing as a part of their Content Marketing strategy.

  • They use several visual images, videos, iconography, etc, to show the beauty and taste of their food items.
  • They use pictures and videos on social media to attract foodies all around the world.
  • This helps them to increase their sales.

Ebook and Resources

Ebook and Resources play an essential role in the strategy of content marketing. Many of the big brands use this strategy for marketing their content on the internet. This is a great way to gather loyal customers and traffic to your website. There are several examples of websites and organizations which use Ebook and Resources as a part of their marketing strategy. This is like a mutual relationship between the customer and the organization. As the organization provides Ebooks and other resources to their customers to gain knowledge and benefit themself and the customers stay loyal and connected to the organization that inturns to a source of earning to the organization.

Some examples of Brand and Organizations using Ebooks and Resources as a part of their Content Marketing Strategy are-

  • LinkedIn
  • Simply Business
  • Shoutmeloud- They provide their SEO guide in the form of Ebook so to market their product.


Providing courses and other educating services to your customers or audience is a more significant way for marketing products. This helps websites to advertise their product through their products. It helps them to gain traffic and convert them into your customers.

Some of the most famous websites and organizations which market their content using courses are listed below-

  • HubSpot- this one of the best examples of marketing through courses. Even I am also using HubSpot courses for gaining knowledge. They provide you with courses so that you could gain understanding and they can make you aware of there products.
  • AWS – Amazon web services is also one of the best examples of marketing through courses. They provide you with some of the best courses that you can get on the internet. They give you certificates for completing those courses. By doing this, they market their AWS products for their audience. While you use the directions provided by AWS, you get to know about the services offered by AWS and intend to use and by their products and services.

How The Lobby Today can help you with Marketing-

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  • Creating an add on the website page of The Lobby Today.
  • Advertising and promoting your content on this website and other sub-websites handled by The Lobby Today.
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Content marketing is not a very big task, but at the same time, it has many difficulties. You can’t just start marketing your content using these methods and can gain massive traffic in one go. You have to give time to it and keep using the strategies listed above to generate massive traffic. Follow the above-listed procedures and market you content in one go.



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