Earn $12000 monthly using Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing

Earn using Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing earningSo excited to earn a lot of bucks in just a few days and without investing or doing anything? Do you want to earn 1000 dollar just by sitting at home with your laptop or mobile? Then Affiliate programs are the best for you. This program got popular from 2001. Affiliate marketing is a well-known thing to nearly all but you don’t know about it. Then an Affiliate Marketing is a source for those who work want to work from home and sell products or advertise different company products or their ideas.

You can sell and promote products of 1000s of companies.

For example, let’s take Amazon. Amazon has the biggest affiliate program in the world. They have a program named amazon affiliates. you can sign in and be a member and sell their products.

Affiliate Marketing Network-

So what is an affiliate marketing network? 

Affiliate networks are the middle source of the affiliate marketing sells and production business. These are the middlemen network that connects bloggers, entrepreneur or publishers to the companies those who want their product to be sold and advertised on a global platform.

We monetize our websites or blogs using these Affiliate Marketing Networks. It is basically a chain of affiliate providers at a single place so that you could sell or advertise the products or different Affiliate sites form one place. This has become one of the best sources of income for most of the people. Some of the affiliate networks are – ShareASale, Awin, MaxBounty, Clickbank, CJ(Commission Junction), etc.

These are some of the best affiliate platforms where you can register and work to earn about $1000 dollars a month.

Affiliate Marketing network

Amazon Affiliates(The biggest Affiliate Marketing program in the world).

Amazon provides you with their affiliate membership for selling and promoting their products. You can be an amazon affiliate partner just by going to their site Amazon.com and then you will see, at the bottom of the page it is written Become an Affiliate. Just click on it and you will be directed to the amazon affiliate registration program page. Fill all your credentials and provide the basic details and now they will ask you to wait for some time to activate your affiliate account. It barely takes 24 hours to them to activate your account as an affiliate. 

Now when you have an activated Affiliate account then you are just required to log in and you will reach the dashboard of your amazon affiliate account. Now on the home page, you will see a panel where you can search for products and create a link.Then start creating links and publish those links on your site(if you have) or share the link on social media platforms so that more and more number of people will click on your link and can buy the product from your link.

If anyone clicks on your link or buy the product using your link then you will get some amount of commission from amazon for sharing their product. You can view the commission rate that you will get by selling a particular. According to which you can decide which product can get you more profit. The commission profit could be up to 10% of the price rate of the product. The best thing about amazon affiliate is that if someone clicks on your link and buys the product and at the same time he/she buys some more products like laptop and a headphone then you will be getting the commission of all those three items. 

Pros of the Amazon affiliate program- 

Affiliate marketing

  • Easy to handle, smooth and informative dashboard.
  • Daily reports for the earning are provided, you can track the daily clicks and orders/ your earnings.
  • As Amazon is one of the biggest sellers so the variety of products is much more and you can make a lot of banners and links.
  • The best thing about Amazon is that once you get the commission it won’t decrease.

Cons of the Amazon affiliate program-

  • The conversion rate is a little low in comparison to others, in the beginning, the rate is much lo but it is getting up day by day.
  • Cookies last for a short period of time(only for 24 hours).

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing programs –

Affiliate marketing by flipkart

Flipkart is a multi-billion dollar company. As same as the amazon affiliates Flipkart also has its affiliate programs that you can use to earn a lot of money just by doing some simple works. Flipkart also has all similar processes to get its affiliate account verification. Flipkart affiliate is one of the greatest affiliate program to earn lots of money just by sharing and posting the links on your blog post or place the affiliate banners on the website. They provide a huge commission for advertising their products on your website and selling them. When someone clicks on your banner or link and buy a product, Flipkart gives you a big commission from the cost of the product bought.

They also pay you for referring users to their site – Flipkart.com. Using this affiliate you can even earn nearly 11% to 12% of the commission every time when someone clicks the referred link and makes a purchase for the product. Flipkart also pays you when you refer their mobile app and someone downloads the app.  

There’s one condition that is if the person who ordered the product using your link, returns the product using Flipkart return policy then you won’t be getting anything for your referring.

Pros of Flipkart affiliate program-

  • As a huge amount of purchase takes place using Flipkar, the commission conversion rate is pretty much high.
  • On gadgets, the commission rate is also good which on other affiliates are pretty less.
  • Easy to handle dashboard.
  • Easy account verification and no approval process.

Con’s of Flipkart affiliate program-

  • The most highlighting drawback of the Flipkart Affiliate program is that the earning amount that is displayed on your account panel sometimes decreases due to the cancellations and back orders are done by the users.
  • There’s no proper daily earning report. You will be getting monthly or weekly reports but not the daily reports of clicks and purchases made by users.

Affiliate marketing

Comparison of Amazon Affiliate and Flipkart Affiliate.

Initially Amazon had a commission rate of 12% but then it reduced it to the rate of 8 to 10%. Flipkart still gives you 10 to 12% commission rate for some of its products. IT is still facings great competition from Amazon as Amazon offers a great data handling support. And a smooth working dashboard. Flipkart is still working on its tools so that it could provide a daily basis earning report to the users as of Amazon. Both the affiliate system are free to join but Amazon takes longer time than Flipkart for approving your affiliate account.

SO for a beginner the Amazon affiliate is one of the best affiliate system as it is easy to use and work with. Their support team is one of the best and works for 24/7 just for you.




A free sign-up website that provides a huge opportunity to be a affiliate marketer. This site provides you a thousands of affiliate programs offered by different websites. Maxbounty is basically an affiliate network. It is considered as the top leader in the world of affiliate marketing network industry. They connect the competitive and productive affiliate marketers to the companies those who want their products to be advertised using affiliate network. They pay on the best paying network of CPA system. Maxbounty create a perfect blend that can meet the needs of all the marketing goals. And they combine the advertisers to different industries and give commission to the advertisers.

It is a Canadian based CPA affiliate network. It was established in 2004. Maxbounty provides various campaigns of available affiliate  to work with. It has nearly more than 1500 companies offering CPL, CPA, Mobile, Pay per call, etc to choose among them. They provide an excellent support team for the users to solve their problems. They provide you weekly payments with some bonus bounty. It always focuses on helping us grow our business using affiliate network. The payment is always done on time.

Over all ranking of the company is about 91% out of 100%.

They provide a world wide affiliate support platform. The minimum withdrawal limit of Maxbounty is $100. Their payment frequency – weekly, Net-15(First Month) . They have a versatile payment method like – through checks, PayPal , Wire, Payoneer, ACH(Direct deposit), Bitcoins, etc.

Working with Maxbounty is a very profitable decision for any of the affiliate marketer as the pay scale is pretty much good. As well as the support team is damn good. And they are always available for you 24/7. They give a good commission for the advertising and promoting products to the users so to get the commission.


So this as all about earning a lot of money just by staying at home and just creating an advertisement of some products and sharing it to the world.

Keep earning and get the best out of these online offers to earn thousands of dollars.

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For more details –https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

also- https://affiliate.flipkart.com/

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