10 superheroes outside D.C and Marvel universe



Marvel and D.C have some amazing superheroes. Despite I have posted only about marvel. I like both the franchise pretty much evenly.

But there are some other heroes that don’t come from the big two, and they don’t get enough love and recognition.

So let’s change that by talking about some of the most popular heroes that originated outside of the Marvel and the D.C universe.


  1. The Phantom-

The Phantom has been around for ages. It was actually the first American adventure comic strip, published in 1936 as part of the king feature syndicate. The phantom was even the first costumed crime-fighter ever published, but while he’s fairly popular in other countries, he’s pretty unknown in the U.S.

He dual wields pistols, with an incredible aim, but that’s not the coolest bit. He also wields 2 phantom rings. Each branding the person he touches or punches in a particular way.superheroes

The good ring can give people it touches good luck, while the skull brings terrible luck to those it strikes.

  1. X-O Manowar

This one’s equal parts Conan the barbarian and the mega man. Before he had the suit that transformed him into the X-O Manowar Eric of dasya was a warlike prince in 5th century Europe.

Knowing nothing but war his entire life. He defended his Visigoths people against the oppressive Roman empire. That is until a much larger threat arrived.superheroes

Seven years after he was taken as a slave by the invading aliens known as the vine. Eric led a revolt and became the first person to successfully survive bonding with the suit.

By the time he returned to earth. Eric discovered that over a thousand years had passed. So he decided to use his suit to fight vine and other superpowered threats in his new present.

  1. Plastic man-

You may know the plastic man as the hilarious indestructible superhero. who’s basically a wisecracking stretch Armstrong. But even though he is known as a D.C hero now, he originated in Quality comics. As a creation of Jack Cole. He was created way back in 1941, only moving over to D.C in 1956 when they acquired quality.superheroes

After being doused in a chemical mixture Eel O’Brien, later Patrick O’brian found that his body to essentially turn into plastic, allowing him to change his shape and size.

Making him pretty much immortal.

  1. The spirit-

He is a classic superhero that originated in the Sunday newspaper comic. Created by the Will Eisner the Spirit first appeared back in 1940. when the comic book was In its infancy. The masked hero whose costume is simply the hat, a nice suit and a domino mask. Would be imitated for decades. The stories of this good nature crime-fighter featured, mystery, crime, suspense and horror tropes.

Along with the multitude of other genres.

Many of his tales don’t actually focus on his alter-ego detective Danny colt and instead make the comics simply about superhero himself.

Still in today, the spirit has a history as rich and long as any D.C and Marvel superhero.

  1. spawn-

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without Spawn.

Spawn comes from an image comics, first appearing in 1992 and is one of the most popular and violent heroes on this list.

When black ops agent AI Simmons was betrayed by his partner and killed, he traded his soul to malebolgia for the chance to see his wife.

Which didn’t go so well as she had remarried and also he looked like a freaky demon thing?

So he took to fighting crime brutally with the help of his shape-shifting cape.

  1. Witchblade-

For a millennium the mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade had bonded with the female hosts. To fight supernatural evil. While there have been a number of Witchblade, the most famous was the new york homicide detective Sara pezzini. Imbued with fantastic abilities and supernatural powers. Sara fights against the dark forces of the world. Most of the time their strings being pulled by the nefarious Kenneth IRons while. While some fanboys may like the Witchblade for her outfits but she is also loved for her strong female protagonist.

  1. Judge Dredd-

The breakout character of the post-apocalyptic science fiction comic series 2000ad. Dredd act as judge, jury and executioner in crime-ridden mega city one scene is both a symbol of justice due to his uncompromising and strict adherence to the law judge Dredd can be seen as heroic badass and horrifying all at once.

Much of his allure has to do with the character stoicism and the simple fact that he never removes his helmet giving him a detached personality. HE’S even been adapted to film twice

While 1995s judge Dredd was a major disappointment. The 2012 reboot simply called Dredd proved to be film fans had been waiting for.


  1. Teenage mutant ninja turtles –

These sewer-dwelling, pizza-loving amphibians that protect new york city using ninjutsu became a humongous phenomenon in the 80s and 90s. and their popularity continues to this day.

The turtle has been adapted to film and tv.

While many adaptations keep the turtle’s personalities which both parodies and pays homage to the daredevil and comics at the time. Has been toned down for the mainstream audience. With the series four distinct characters, everyone has a favourite turtle. Mine is Raphael.


  1. The Mask-


The mask is surly super but not a hero. The mask was first to both the physical object itself as well as the character who puts it on. The wearer of the mask receives limitless powers. And a total loss of all inhibitions. In addition to a green skin tone.

While the film adaptation starring Jim carry as well as its less than amazing sequel had a somewhat light-hearted tone the original comic was decidedly darker.


The original intent while transformed into the mask. Characters become incredibly chaotic and violent and act as an anti-hero. Or in some cases just plain villains.


  1. Hellboy-


After spending years as one of the best anchors in the business. Mike manola created his own superhero. The unconventional HELLBOY.

As Hellboy was the creator-owned character. Manola had creative control over the hero. Allowing him to fully realize his vision of a literal demon struggling to be a force for good in the world. First appearing in the 90s Hellboy’s quick and sarcastic wit, unique plots and civilians, brilliant art style made the superhero stand out in a time when the big two were struggling to put out the compelling stories.



There are many more interesting superheroes outside of the dc and marvel universe.if you know more interesting superheroes name them in the comment section.



Peace out.