Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid



Barcelona captain Lionel Messi cursed his side’s careless errors in their 3-2 defeat by Atletico Madrid on Thursday as they crashed out of the …ing on. Every team is trying to beat each other. Winning one match, losing another and the journey goes on. Many team have tried to beat every one and to come first in this journey. But as we know the winner is only one and the other team pack up with defeat and some lessons.


So, after covering this long journey, final the semifinals came. So, semifinals are going on. On nine of january, there was semifinal between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The semifinal was to interesting to watch. Both the team gave there best. It was too difficult to guess before the match that which team will win.


So, finally Atletico Madrid won over Barcelona. It was really tough match. And you will be amaze to know that in first forty-five minutes Barcelona was on lead. But at last Barcelona lost. Say, it a bad luck or any thing as. But even after hard efforts, Barcelona lost.Barcelona lost by one point. The score was three is to two, so close. Atletico Madrid scored three points and Barcelona scored two points. It was real very much disappointing of losing the match by so close. Barcelona really felt very bad on this.


The captain of Barcelona, Lionel Messi speaks in public that Barcelona lost due to some silly mistakes. Not only he blames the team but also himself. He says that was some foolish mistakes that he has done due to which his team lost. He also says that, team had did little well then his team would have won. It was really very much embarrassing for Messi to loss in this way. His team can have easily won, Messi says by himself. But due to some silly mistakes they finally lost.


The match held on nine of january. The location of the match was Jeddah and venue was King Abdullah Sports City. The referee were Jose Luis Gonzalez of Spain. The match was started in the evening at seven o’clock.




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