2020s Biggest Technology Trends | Everyone Must Get Ready For


The world is changing rapidly. The technology is advancing day by day. Impacting our lives as well as the business. In today’s world technology plays a major role in the world business. These technology trends shifts from year to year.

2010’s decade the technology trend was majorly toward automobile innovations and smartphone advancements. But what lies in the future.


Here is the list of some of the future technology trends.


The first trend is artificial intelligence as a service. Companies are starting to apply this technology and is starting to change our businesses. However, what I see is that lots of businesses still developing their own AI infrastructure as a really expensive proposition. So what is happening now is that more and more organisation using AI as a service?

This basically means I can now go to companies like google, amazon etc. and I would simply say that I would like to apply artificial intelligence to my processors. I have got some data that I can use to train my machine learning algorithms and they can then supply the infrastructure. And you simply pay as a service.
And this is a massive trend and one that is going to get bigger into the near future.

So in general artificial intelligence will make a big impact on businesses. We will have to get used to working alongside AIs. But in particular, the AI as a service offering will make a really big difference to companies.


Trend no. 2 is the 5G. this is basically the 5 the generation of mobile networks. So this means we have seen the evolution from 3G to 4G. basically has given us fast connectivity on our mobile phones on 4G you can now easily watch videos. What 5G will do is it will accelerate this. It will give us speeds that are similar to what we have In terms high-speed internet connections into our homes .and into our businesses it will reduce the latency so everything would be a lot faster and it would make those connections more reliable.

This has huge implications not only that we will have mobile phones that are 5G enabled. That can we easily stream music and videos. But for business especially connecting machinery for self-driving all of these devices.

All of these internets of things smart devices need reliable fast connectivity to push data forward and backwards from the cloud. And this 5G is going to make a massive difference with all of this. what we are currently seeing is that this is starting to be rolled out.

So we see this in inner cities .major capitals we see this in confined areas but in 2020 we will see much wider coverage. And we will see the cost of 5G connectivity going down. So we will have not only better-connected mobiles, less relied will become much less reliant on fibre connections into our offices and homes.

5G will have amazingly fast and reliable internet connectivity everywhere. And will be able to transfer data everywhere and so what a business futurist do is to help businesses understand what this means. 5G is one area that we’re looking at very intensively with lots of businesses helping them to understand what this means form offering completely new product and services.

3>Autonomous Driving technology-

The third technology trend to look at is the autonomous driving. The future of transport and autonomous driving Elon musk.

The CEO of Tesla has basically said he will have his all tesla cars will be completely autonomous and hopefully. we will see those cars on the road soon.

Currently, we still are seeing lots of issues around regulations. Lots of issues around infrastructure. But if 5G comes along we won’t have those infrastructure issues anymore and I can see self-driving cars everywhere. When I talk about the autonomous driving. It’s not only the completely self-driving cars as also that we’ve seen an evolution towards that so steps taken.

For example, we now lane assistance so they will watch where you are driving and help you to switch lanes and cars that will brake automatically and detect hazards. So this is going to happen more and more.

Again it’s not just the cars. We now have self-driving ships, self-flying drones and robot delivery.

So we will see autonomous driving as a massive trend in the 2020s.

4> Predective and precesion medicine-

My fourth trend for the 2020s is predictive and precision medicine. We are currently seeing this complete transformation of healthcare and medicine where technology is making a really big difference .so recent advancements in the internet of things technology so smarter devices in addition to artificial intelligence and some real breakthrough in genomics. Means it can have much more predictive capabilities.

Just think about things like the apple watch could potentially extend someone’s life by two years. Because it can monitor your heart conditions. It can give you a warning and this is going to happen more and more. That we will have more smart devices helping to monitor us.

and we will have the development in the genomics that help us to target treatments.
Specifically to you so the healthcare system doctors will be able to detect what your genetic makeup is .and then they can find treatments that will work best for you deliver the best outcomes for you as an individual. and we see massive advances.

5> Computer vision technology-

We are seeing an acceleration in this at the moment where we now have amazing capabilities of machines that are able to recognize what is on a photograph, they can recognise things in video footage and obviously. We have face recognition capability.

In terms of security, we’ll see massively new advances. We have seen this recently in companies that operate in security purposes and billing purposes. We have seen this and amazon’s trails stores where they use face recognition technology to monitor what you who you are and then what you are buying so you .they want cameras will watch what you are buying and putting into your shopping bags.

And you simply walk out and the system will you appropriately. So this is the technology that will evolve very fast in the 2020s and is something every company needs to watch out for.



The 6th technology trend will be an extended reality. Basically what we see is three different types. We see a virtual reality where we completely immerse ourselves into the digital world using headsets. Or we have augmented reality that will be overlay things onto the real world using computer screens or glasses .and we have mixed reality will be overlaid digital object into the real world like a hologram.

and we are able to interact with this. what we have recently seen is that technology is evolving so fast in this space. So Microsoft has just released their latest halolens a mixed reality headset. That is probably the leading-edge. We are seeing augmented reality being used by companies to try things out.

Companies like Rolex are allowing you to use your phone to screen to basically try out Rolex watches using augmented reality. That how this is the whole idea of try before you buy will make a big impact and will definitely go mainstream in the 2020s.


The 7th technology trend will be the blockchain.
We hear a lot about the bitcoin and its price going up and down. when I talk about blockchain I don’t necessarily talk about the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
My point here is for the business applications of blockchain and lots of those are not the traditional blockchain. They’re more I call distributed ledger’s so they’re not completely distributed but they’re run by several companies so we have the benefits of the blockchain technology.

But not necessarily some of the downsides and what we have seen this year is that companies like FedEx and Walmart and master card are heavily investing into blockchain technology than of course in 2020 . and we will see the launch of facebook’s libre cryptocurrency coin again a collaboration with other organisations like Uber and Spotify. That will all be part of this. So we will see blockchain as a major technology trend in 2020.

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