5 Characters DC Copied From Marvel |Copy cats.


The two legends of the comic industry that rule the comic world for a long are Marvel and DC comics. The competition among them for the best is always in the air. They both have created wonderful characters that made our childhood great. Both of them has told the story of those supreme heroes that steal our heart. Some of those greatest creations are –
DC- Superman, Wonder women, Bumblebee, Aquaman, Atomic Skull, etc
Marvel- Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, etc.
Without DC and Marvel, the comic or cinematic would not be the same as its today. In the last few years, the craze for the superheroes has reached at the top. These superheroes characters has gone mainstream and have a huge fan base.
So overtimes it’s not that surprising that the two companies nd up taking ideas from each other’s characters or maybe sometimes creating an exactly similar character for their comics or movies.

So here is the list of some characters when DC copied Marvel.

! Aquaman and Namor –

The well known and a hike character Aquaman of DC comics and the DC cinematic world is a copied character from the Marvel universe.
Aquaman the King of Atlantis a DC character who is a king a wields the power of seas and oceans. He can swim faster than any of the aquatic creature as well as he can live on the ground. He has huge muscular strength and can even surf over the sea and talk to the sea creatures.
At the same place Namor a character that appeared in the Marvel comic books.

Namor is a tremendously strong villain he appeared in the fantastic four with the power to control oceans. He was also called as Namor the Sub-mariner. Namor appeared in 1939 and Aquaman appeared two years after Namor in 1941.

Power Comparision –


Namor has aquatic adaptation and a superhuman strength. He has a high responsive senses much more than a common human. he can control the sea creatures with his telepathic powers. He can copy the power of oceanic life forms in his body and adapt those powers.


Aquaman has the ability to breathe in both air and water. HE has super strength and an extremely durable body. He has some inheritance magical abilities from his mother the queen of Atlantis. Aquaman has the ability to talk with the sea creatures as well as have psychic abilities that give him a connecting power to the Life Force.

! Rocket Red and Iron Man-

Again DC copied a Marvel character but this time unlike Aquaman this character didn’t get that famous. It’s a bad copy of Iron Man.
In 1963 Marvel created a gold mine that becomes one of the most famous and loved(Love You 3000) character in the comic as well as the cinematic world.
After the creation of Iron Man, 20 years DC launched a character similar to Stark(Iron Man).

Powers comparison between Rocket Red and Iron Man.

Rocket Red-

The powers of Rocket Red is totally based on the metal suit.
It has the ability to have a rocket-powered flight. The ability to control the machines by his technologies. It has super strength and invulnerability.

Iron Man-

One of the most loved character that made people cry after his last scene in the movie End Games where he saved the universe from Thanos.
The powers of Iron man is also in his suit only but at the same time, he is a multibillionaire which is a great plus point for him.
His armour suit has a super strength and the ability to fly using the power boosters.

The suit caries number of weapons in it has is very durable. Iron Man has the ability to shoot rays from his palms of the suit.
One of the most important powers of Iron Man is his intelligence.

! Atomic Skull Copied Ghost Rider-

Most of you are aware of the character of ghost rider but I am pretty sure that many of you don’t even know about the Atomic Skull. Atomic Skull is a DC character that they nearly copied from Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider first appeared in August 1972 and Atomic Skull first appeared in 1976.
Atomic Skull is not that famous as was not a prime character of DC comics. But Ghost Rider was one of the greatest creations of Marvel.

Powers of Atomic Skull and Ghost Rider-

Atomic Skull-

He was a brilliant scientist with great intelligence and superhuman strength. He has the ability of Brain Blast, agility and Atomic blasts

Ghost Rider-

One of the most famous character among youngsters with the powers of death. He has the ability to generate, control and project fire. He has the ability to transform and design the machines according to his will by the help of the fire of hell. Ghost Rider wields the power of Hellfire. Hellfire is basically the eternal fire that can burn the soul and is a supernatural that can even burn the physical bodies.

He gets a superhuman strength when he becomes Ghost Rider.

! Guardian(DC) copied Captain Americ(Marvel)-

Captain America is one of the most loved classic characters of the Marvel universe. He is also a WW2 hero and he is the one who always reflect his patriotism towards his country. As there’s no comparison for the character of Captain America but still after only one year of Captain’s debut. DC revealed its comic hero Guardian.
Captain America first appeared in 1941 and DC’s Guardian first appeared in 1942. Initially, the copy was so similar that the Guardian also had a similar shield and wore a similar suit like that of Captain America.

Power Comparision between Guardian and Captain America-


Guardian had amazing combat and tactical skills for fighting. He had the training to fight in many forms. His abilities to think and move was pretty nice and he had an excellent gymnast skills. He carries a shield as his weapon.

Captain America-

At first, he was a pure soul and after a secret experiment on him, he got the superhuman powers. He has the ability like agility, super strength and super speed.
His endurance and reaction time was much more than an athlete. The super-soldier serum that was injected into his body gave him 10 times more strength than a normal human.
He is also worthy and had an ability to wield the Thors hammer Mjolnir.

Our findings on this matter of DC copied Marvel –

Aquaman(DC) and Thor(Marvel) –

Yes, we are comparing the 2 legendary characters of both the companies Thor and Aquaman. You there are similarities you can find now. As one of them is a King of Atlantis and the other is a God of thunder the king of Asguard. But on making a detailed study about both the characters we found that –
Aquaman is pretty similar to the character of Thor.
You can see that both of them have godly powers. Both of them left their own world and came to the human world. They both are the Kings of their own places. They both had to fight their brothers to get the throne.
Both of them wield a weapon that is of their ancestors and has the abilities of a god. The one who can wield the weapon should be worthy for it else they can’t even lift the weapon. Aquaman’s Trident can control the oceans and sea creatures at the same place Thor’s Mjolnir can control the thunder and rain.
Thor, as well as Aquaman both of them, have a pretty similar nature – arrogant and funny at the same time. Even in the first cinematic movie of both of them, the villain is their own brother.

Powers of Aquaman and Thor.


Aquaman has the ability to breathe in both air and water. HE has super strength and an extremely durable body. He has some inheritance magical abilities from his mother the queen of Atlantis. Aquaman has the ability to talk with the sea creatures as well as have psychic abilities that give him a connecting power to the Life Force. He wields the Trident of Neptune which has a full control over the 7 oceans of the earth.

Thor –

The Mighty Thor is one of the strongest comic character ever made. He wields an enchanted Mjolnir which is made of Uru metal which is a hammer. He is the god of thunder and lightning and has full control over it. Thor’s abilities are – he has superhuman strength, ability to fly, lightning-like speed. His endurance and resistance to injury is a plus point for him. Thor also has one more weapon called Storm-breaker the strongest ever weapon in the comic world.
Thor is a God and has some of the other godly powers that he can use to protect the universe.

So this was all about the characters that seem to be copied by DC from Marvel. Some of them became popular but most of them are even unknown to us. 
As they both are big companies, the exchange and clashing of ideas is a common thing for them.
Are there any more copy cats between Marvel and DC? Let us know in the comment below!