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Today in the present time, and in the modern scenario, video games, mobile games & pc games has become a part of the life of youngsters. In modern days technologies have advanced a lot in many areas, and along with this gaming industry is also advancing. Nowadays, there are many games in the market with high-end specifications, and such games are addictive and destroyable too. Some of the dangerous but interesting games are like Pokemon Go, Blue Whale, Pubg, Fortnite etc.

We have heard in news about these games. We have heard in the news that how these games have spread so much chaos, and how they took hundreds and thousands of lives. Pubg is one of those games who took many lives but instead of looking at its side effects, it became among one of the most played games in the world. In the present time, nearly 80-90% of youth prefer to play third-person and first-person shooting games. Call Of Duty, Fortnite, IGI, Hitman, pubg and many more games exist in the category of first/third-person shooting game. But in our last blog, we have talked about pubg but in this game, we are going to talk about Fornite.

it is developed by epic gaming and can also be played online with your friends. there three types of gameplay available in this game. They share the same type of gameplay and game engine but have their craze. Let’s see about all these modes in details.

 Fortnite: Save the world


It is designed as player vs environment game. This consist of zombies attacking them and the village and players are supposed to save themselves and the village from those zombies. Rest of the people in the village are dead due to the sandstorm that vanished the whole world. There are also some missions in the game. Players are supposed to complete those missions. If they complete them they get the number of items in the game such as character, weapon, skins, dresses and many more.

 Fortnite: battle royale

it is a player versus player battle royale game in which 100 players altogether picked up from an island in an aeroplane. And they are taken to another island where they can choose their place to land on. They have to jump from the plane, at their chosen place and start collecting armours, helmets, guns, ammo, bombs, consumables, medicines and many other important items. After they have to fight with other players and try to survive as long as possible. The last one standing after everyone’s defeat, the last one standing wins the game. In all these processes a danger zone starts shrinking throughout the game at some time intervals. Players are supposed to stay inside the circle.

If they step outside the circle their health eventually starts decreasing. This force the players to come closer and encourages player’s encounter. It can be played either individually, in duo (two people) or squad( four people in a team). 

 Fortnite Creative


It is a sandbox game similar to that of these players are given the freedom to spawn everything in the game, build castles, build racecourses, etc and play in this.

In the first two modes, players can use their axes to break things in the game and get the resources required for the proper fortification. The strength and durability of the made thing depends on the items used in the building the materials and also from where they are extracted. In the mode save the world, players are supposed to build defensive buildings, tunnels, passage and many more so that they can get protected from the zombie husk and also vanish them. In battle royale mode also these things can be used to hide from the enemy and move through the map effectively and efficiently. Players have to be very creative to build their architectures and stay safe.


All modes of the fortnight is considered as early access, journalists have yet to provide comprehensive reviews of any mode. In August 2017 the save the world mode has achieved one million players before the release of battle royale. Battle royale became a significant financial success. 

It has also become a cultural online phenomena. the game was played by the several celebrities, many of the celebrities use the emotes of the game as their winning celebrations. In 2018, a notable streaming event took place with streamer ninja playing battle royale alongside with Drake, Travis Scott, Kim Dotcom, and Pittsburgh Steelers. The stream broke the viewership record. This stream led to the arrangement of epic Fortnite battle royale pro-amm with 50 pairs streamers and professional players. An organized esports competition developed by epic games around Fortnite battle royale. It is also a matter of concern about the teachers and parents as the children are distracted by the games as they tend to play the mobile version of this games restlessly.


In 2017 the game was nominated as “best co-op Game” by PC Gamer, and for “Best Spectator Game” by IGN. The best on-going game award was also won by the Fortnite which was given by the PC Gamer and IGN in 2018. latter it was also nominated for the “best Nintendo switch game”, “best mobile game” and “best action game”.