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MARVEL movies order studios doctor strange 2 upcoming

The wait MARVEL fan’s is over now …. Marvel has revealed what we all were waiting for!

We all know what happened in Avengers Endgame and also that it has defeated “Avatar” globally and become the highest-grossing movie in the world.

But this doesn’t mean that MUC is not going to make more new movies…

MCU has officially announced its upcoming list of movies and their release dates too.

MCU has revealed its plan for the Phase-4 and started working on it.

It has a series of films like Black Widow, Doctor Strange-2 and so on…


MARVEL movie list:

*On the MCUs list, 1st there is Black Widow’s upcoming movie which is titled as “Black Widow”

This is going to be the story of Black Widow(Natasha Romanova) related to her past life.

It would be having a storyline of the time before Avengers-1 of 2012.

As in Avengers Endgame we have seen that Black Widow died but she couldn’t get a proper funeral

so it’s going to be a perfect farewell for the character “Black Widow”.

Even the shouting for this movie was started before its announcement.

It’s the next movie after Spiderman Far From Home. This movie is going to release on 2020 May 1st.


MARVEL movies order studios doctor strange 2 upcoming

*Now the next on the list of phase-4 MCU movies is the one which had most of the speculations regarding its contents.

The “ETERNALS” which is going to release on 2020 Nov 6th . The most impressive and interesting thing about the movie is going to be its diverse casting.

*Now on moving forward on our list MCU has an interesting movie for us about which many fan stories were rumored in the market.

But finally, MARVEL has officially announced its name “SHANG-CHI and the Legend OF The Rings” which is going to release on 12th Feb 2021.

Most importantly after seeing the title of the movie comic experts might have got to know that this movie is going have  Mandarin’s (the real one) character.

This is going to be the first movie of MCU in which an Asian superhero is in the main lead role.

MARVEL movies order studios doctor strange 2 upcoming


*And now comes the big movie of MCU that is Doctor Strange’s next movie Doctor Strange-2, which is titled as “DOCTOR STRANGE in the Multiverse Of Madness”.

 Villains of the movie are still not reviled but its officially confirmed that the movie is will have “Wanda” as a lead character and seeing most of the fan theories it is expected that Wanda is the MADNESS of this movie. Even the storyline of the series of Wanda-Vision is also going to affect the storyline of this movie which means that you wanna understand this movie perfectly then you must go through the Wanda-Vision series.  7th May 2021.

MARVEL movies order studios doctor strange 2 upcoming


*Now the exciting announcement of MCU was that the next movie is Thor’s new movie “THOR-Love & Thunder” which is going to release on 5th Nov 2021.

The surprising fact of this movie is that we are again going to see the character of Jane Foster. Which was played by Natalia Portman in Thor-1 and Thor-2. And there is also the information that she is going to lift Mjolnir. And its also expected that the movie is going to surround more towards Jane Foster instead of Thor.

MARVEL list ends up here, this includes all the announced till now. There are various more movies in phase-4. But MCU has not announced as not more work has been done on them.

MARVEL movies order studios doctor strange 2 upcoming

So MCU has only announced the movies coming in the next 2 years.

But don’t worry as Kevin Feige has announced that there are more movies in the queue like

Captain Marvel-2, Black Panther-2, Fantastic-4, and one more on mutants.

Marvel has also announced its different shows. MCU is so clever that they know that if you are a Marvel fan,then you are definitely going to watch these shows.

The first series which is coming is “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. We will get in the end of 2020 and as the name says we are going to watch Falcon, Winter soldier and the villain of the movie Captain America The Civil War-zimo which MCU officials has officially announced.

Most importantly the characters of these series are going to be the same. Their is no change among the series actors or the movie actors. The nest movie is Wanda-Vision. In which we will see a love connection between them. And then comes the most awaited series that is “Loki”. This will come in 2021. In which we will get to know about the Loki of avengers endgame,who stole the tesseract and what happened to him after that all.

Even we are going to have a series on Hawkeye which will come at the end of 2021. In which he is going to train someone to be a superhero without having any superpowers.


One more series is in the queue that is “What if…” series about which we are still unknown.

MARVEL movies order studios doctor strange 2 upcoming


The coming phase-4 of MCU is going to be an exciting phase which is worth waiting for!

So stay tuned and updated with us for more new and interesting facts. 




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