The well known two of the comic and movie producers DC and Marvel has become so famous that they are always nearly the highest-grossing movie producer. So, there is always marvel vs DC type air in hollywood.

Recently Marvel’s new launch “Avengers Endgame” has become the highest-grossing movie in the world. And DC’s latest movie “Joker” which was released on August 2019.

But the matter is which is better Marvel or DC.

Both Marvel and DC are similar both of them works on the similar type of topics like superhero comics and movies. Both are better in their aspects.


Top Characters of DC and Marvel:

DC Marvel

Superman Captain America

Batman Ironman

Wonder Women Hulk

Aquaman Deadpool

Cyborg Doctor Strange

Martian Manhunter Thor

Green Lantern Ghost Rider

Harley Queen Black Widow

Shazam Wanda

Flash Vision

Joker Thanos

…. ….




DC Marvel

Aquaman Avengers Endgame

Superman vs Batman Iron man(1,2,3)

Batman Captain America civil war

Joker Black Panther

Superman Hulk

Wonder women Thor the Ragnarök

…… ……..



Both the movie producing companies are one of the best movie producers in the world.

They give each other a tough competition in the field of movie production.

At the beginning of all these series DC was far more ahead from Marvel as they had 2 most popular superheroes -Superman and Batman but at the time Marvel only had Captain America.

But this faced a flip when Marvel launched their hero spiderman and its comics.

The comic series of spider man  started giving a tough competition to the DC giants.

But if we go on overall sell then Batman and Superman comics are far more away from any other comic series. If we go on considering the ranking based on sails then-

No1 is Superman of DC comics with a sell of 600 million copies.

No2 is again from DC comics and that is Batman with a sell of 460 million copies.

No3 is Marvel’s Spiderman with a sell of approximately 361 million copies.

No4 is Marvel’s X-Men, no5 is Avengers again from Marvel and no6 is also from Marvel and that is Captain America and all 3 have nearly a sell of more than 200 million copies.

But after 2011 to 2017 if we go on stats, we see that Marvel is in the lead from DC and this concludes that Marvel has a far better strategy than DC. By which Marvel earns much more profit than DC



Now coming to characters(Marvel vs DC):

The characters of Marvel comics are mainly those who were nearly like a normal human and fetched their powers from some kind of experiment like Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk… or some superheroes got their powers by some kind of accident or disaster. While DC creates superheroes who have their powers nearly by their birth or received due to some virtue, like Superman, Wonder Women, Green lantern, Shazam…

In Marvel comics or movies the characters first define their human life then show their superhero life like Spiderman first defines his life as Peter Parker and then as Spiderman.

But at the same time, the characters of DC first define their superhero form and then their normal human form like Superman.

This is why most of the Marvel heroes are more likely like a human and have some limited kind of powers but DC characters possess powers like a god and they have some of the unlimited power limits.

Like if we compare two of the hero’s – Quicksilver and Flash.

The max speed of QuickSilver is defined as 9151Mps which looks limited but the speed of Flash is more than the speed of light which is nearly 2,240,000Mps which is much more than QuickSilver.

This fact clarifies which comics create what type of character . DC mainly focuses on characters having god like abilities while marvel creates characters which are likely human. 



Storyline(Marvel vs DC):

If we  look over the events of DC and Marvel then we notice that all the events are fictional. Like all the storylines related to Batman happens in a city named Gotham but in reality, this city does not exist it is just a fictional city…and this shows that DC’s approach is mainly towards the fictional world.

While the events occurring in the Marvel universe are always related to a real-world scenario. You can notice that the events happening in Marvel movies include real cities like New York, Washington, etc…

And due to this real-world approach of Marvel, the movies look more relatable than DC movies because of its fictional approach.

But at present both Marvel and DC are giving us one of the finest contents.

So considering one as the best is too difficult so it is only up to you that what’s your point of view and how you enjoy these movies. It depends on you that what you prefer a fictional movie or a relatable one, a movie with super hero’s with the infinite level of power or heroes with some limited powers. 



So we can’t really determine what would happen if DC or MARVEL gets into a battle. There could be possibilities where DC would outscore marvel or the reverse could happen .If we look at the past records of both the universes , we find that both of them have maintained an astonishing and outstanding records when it comes to viewership.Both of the comics have got an equally impeccable characters,characters that leave glittering presence on screen.When it comes to marvel studios the production and detailing in each of their characters is very minute and precise thus caring about each and every possible detail and this is the reason why it amazes the audience.In comes DC which is a powerhouse of talent ranging from batman to superman ,wonder woman to flash all of them giving a powerful and cinematic vibes to their audience.



So in the end ,I would say that both of them are winners if they continue to delight their audience .




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