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So the new spider-man anti-hero movie trailer is out MORBIUS. Morbius in the movies is portrayed by Jared Leto. Morbius ‘the living vampire’ appears to be the Venom’s corner of the spider-verse. But there are some Easter eggs that connect Morbius back to the MCU.

So here is the Shot by the Shot breakdown of the trailer::


But first of all SPOILER WARNING in case of predictions



So in the first shot introduces to the young Michael Morbius.

A kid with a rare blood disorder that makes him walk using crutches.

In comics, Micheal looked more beast-like because of the disease, but in the movie, he is a bit more humanized.


He appears to attend a Greek orthodox school if you noticed the priest near the school and name of the school written in Greek.

And in comic Morbius comes from Greece and it is at this school he meets his mentor here portrayed by Jared Harris.


And the music that literally gave the chills and intensified the trailer, as well as the character of Morbius, was Beethoven composition of Beethoven-fur Elise. This composition of Beethoven was released 40 years of his death with the identity of this Elise lover remaining a mystery, could reflect Morbius’ love of his life, Martine, the one who was dead and resurrected multiple times making her a Vampire. Tell us your thought about song choice.


As young Micheal recovers in hospital ward he has shown his genius by playing chess(quite obvious) against no one.


We See an Elder Dr.Morbius to walk on a stage receiving his Nobel prize though he doesn’t look fully satisfied or I should say desperate as he has not yet found the cure for his own illness and he might think he does not deserve it.

Disney-sony Deal-

If you notice the title card in the specific wording the in association with marvel due to the new deal Between Disney and Sony. But this does not make them a proper part of the Marvel Cinematic universe.


But Morbius do share the space with venom and spiderman live-action films.

Further in the trailer-

Morbius works in a medical research facility where he treats some sick children but also is trying to find a cure for himself too.

Micheal does his research with assistant and fiance Martina.

In comic Morbius attempts to cure his disease by experimenting on Vampire bats and several other Processes converting himself into a living Vampire. Living because he became a vampire using science, not by the supernatural method.


One interesting theory I would like to discuss is in comics a Bite from Morbius allowed the blade to live with the power of the vampire and none of the weakness. So, this can be a path to introduce blade later in MCU.

In one shot we see Morbius visit an Exotic cave and cuts his palm place it on the glass of cage and the swarm of Vampire bats rushes towards him.


In next shot we can see the effects on Morbius, trying to break the cage, totally disturbed and existed. And then We hear Morbius saying “ I am not dying I am feeling more alive than ever”.

Then we are introduced to his powers, which for the beginning are increased speed, super strength, heightened senses. Then he saying the ability to use Echolocation. A technique used by bats to catch prey.


We also see Morbius in an orange prison jumpsuit maybe he was caught off guard and did you noticed in the back. Yes, there was a painting of spidey with ‘murderer’ written over it.

So, my theory for this is, the one responsible is J.Jonah Jameson. Yes, remember in the post-credit scenes of spider-man homecoming we can see Daily bugle revealing Spiderman’s identity and telling him as a murderer, as Mysterio record a fake clip.


So the people are deceived by this and now thinking that spidey has killed Mysterio and are now hating him. May be there a chance of cameo by tom holland? What do you think? I am keeping my expectations to the lowest. And I also have another clue that this movie van be connected to spiderman (MCU). you will know about it later on. And yes the painting of spiderman is copied from the Ps4 spiderman.

We see Tyrese Gibbson as CIA agent Simon stroud. In the comics, Simon was the agent who was after Morbius.


Another shot in the subway station shows Matt smith who will be playing the character hunger. He is the Friend of Morbius with the same rare disease as of Morbius.


Then we see the First Appearance of the Living vampire which is quite horrifying.


So the story of the movie might be:

Morbius’ friend asks for the same cure which he used for himself to overcome the disease but Morbius rejects and Hunger somehow steals it, modifies it and changes himself to the counterpart of Morbius ‘Hunger’ who has the everlasting hunger for blood. And now its Morbius’ job to stop hunger.


Looks like Sony has adapted the technique after venom to battle the two bad guys with similar powers, making one less bad and other more.

THE FINAL REVEAL In Morbius trailer-

And remember I told you about the final revel or clue to link this movie with MCU spidey. We See Micheal Keaton in the last shot talking to Distressed Morbius. Yes, you might think that this is the same Actor playing a different role in a different movie. but, but I will stop you there and make you remember the post-credit scene where we can see vulture(Keaton) in the same jail costume he was wearing in Morbius trailer. But it is just a theory. But this can be the beginning for the spiderman’ 3rd MCU solo movie as Vulture. venom and Morbius be the sinister six’s, first three members

Let’s wait and see what the future hold for spidey and sinister six.


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