Movies to watch during the Quarantine days.


Movies to watch during the quarantine days.


Yup, it is a bad time for all of us ad the globe is facing a big problem of coronavirus. the virus has spread over the globe causing a huge loss of life and wealth. The situations are not in the favor. The world is facing various problems, humans are arrested inside their houses. Compelled to stay at home not to move or meet anyone. The mother earth is in a state of Quarantine. This is a hard time for us.

Staying at home for a month is a boring and tiring work for most of us. Being at your home not allowed to move out make you a little frustrated or irritated. So we are here for you with the list of top 5 movies that you can watch during this quarantine days. These movies are the one which will make your quarantine a little fun and easy for you to spend.

The TOP 5 Movies For Quarantine DAYS-

!That Thing You Do-  

A 1996 movie which is the first film written and directed by Tom Hanks. It is a light, sweet and entertaining movie. This movie is about a small-town band that struggles to achieve a huge success. The movie had received a 6.9 rating by IMDb but the movie deserves much more than that. 

The cast of the movie is – Tom Everet Scot (Guy Patterson), Liv Tyler(Faye Dolan), Johnathon Schaech(Jimmy), Steve Zahn(Lenny), Ethan Embry(The Bass Player), Tom Hanks(Mr White), etc.

This movie was nominated for 1 oscar and Has won another 3 awards and was nominated for 7 more other awards. 

Story Line- 

The storyline of the movie moves around a Band group which is a small town band group helped by Mr White to achieve the height of success when they release a battle song. Their band becomes a sensation when their drummer breaks his arm and is replaced by Jazz Enthusiast, Guy Patterson who adds up a magic to their music. the store is all about the struggles and achievements done by a Music Band by the help of some people.


!The King’s Speech –

This is one of the best movies you would ever see. Yup, it doesn’t top our list of top 5 movies to be watched, but its a never regrating movie for you. The performances of the characters are amazing in the movie. They had played their role very well. The storyline of the story is about a King telling a story to his daughter. A tail which is not just meant for them but also the audience watching the movie. In the Kings speech, the king tells his daughter it is difficult for him to attend his duties as a member of the royal family. 

It is an interesting movie to watch which at the end gives you a good lesson of life.

!Catch if you can –

The concept of the movie is very intresting. In the movie, the protagonist is a Kon Artist or you can say a fraud man. In the movie, the protagonist uses to make fake cheques to steal money from banks. His cheques making talent is so realistic and good that everyone gets fooled by him bring the police to think about how to catch him? So basically it’s a cat and mouse movie. In which police tries to catch the Kon man but they fail to catch him every time they try. This is an amazing movie to be watched during this quarantine days. The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg. This is a must-watch movie and I highly recommend you to watch if you have not watched it yet.

The Cast of the movie- The protagonist of the movie is our all-time favourite, Leonardo DiCaprio(Frank Abagnale Jr. ), Tom Hanks (Carl Hanratty), Christoper Walken(Frank Abagnale), Martin Sheen(Roger Strong), Nathalie Bay(Paula Abagnale), Amy Admas(Brenda Strong), James Brolin(Jack Barnes), etc.


!Ready Player One-

How one can forget to add this movie in any of the must-watch movie list? This is an amazing and exciting movie. This movie was released on 29th March 2018. The story and the visual effects of the movie are tremendous. The story of the movie is of a future time of 2045. When the world has become a barren land. But there is one thing in which people of that time has a different life and that’s Virtual Reality(VR). A new and a virtual world which we call as an oasis. Where every on is in the search of a treasure and they all struggle to get it. This movie is also directed by Steven Spielberg. There’s a lot in this movie which makes it one of the must-watch movies for this quarantine days.

The Cast of the movie is –

Tye Sheridan (Parzival/ Wade), Olivia Cooke(Samantha), Ben Mendelson(Sorrento), Lena Waithe(Helen), T.J. Miller(I-R0k), etc.

The movie has received 7.5 IMDb rating.


!Contagion –

The best of all these movies that you can watch during your quarantine days if this the Contagion. You won’t be beliving but you would be able to relate this movie with the current situation. As of the coronavirus while watching. In the movie, there is a virus that comes in existence and causes instant deaths and loss of life on a large scale. This virus is pretty similar to that of CoronaVirus. In this, the death rate of the world keeps on increasing rapidly and a situation or tension is being created in the world to find the antidote of the virus.

I would definitely suggest you watch this movie. As it looks like the director of the movie had just predicted the pandemic of the coronavirus way before it came in his movie. And expressed all the situations in a film of the pandemic.

Its a must watch movie for you during these days. If you wish to watch this movie then you can legally watch it on Amazon Prime.




So this was all about the movies you should prefer to watch during the Quarantine days and stay at home to save yourself as well as the word from this pandemic situation.