Visiting the big apple city – New York


New York – The city that never sleeps


New York, also known as the big apple city, is known for its rich heritage and culture. Almost every traveler has dreamt of visiting this city. The hustle-bustle and the high rise buildings, give this place a different ambiance. An ambiance that is unique to this city only. The city is split into 3 islands but in those 3 islands, one can get a taste of the whole world. There are different squares in the whole of New York where one can experience different cultures ranging from Chinese to Jamaican. About 3 years ago, I got a chance to visit this beautiful city. Trust me you need to plan a long visit to explore the whole city. New York offers so much diversity that one can either splurge or choose to explore on a budget.

It was my first time when I stepped foot in a country other than my own. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to visit arguably the best city in the whole of the USA. As soon as I stepped out of the Kennedy International Terminal, I immediately fell in love with the city. I don’t know if it’s only me but I even loved the hustle-bustle of this city. Let me take you guys on a virtual tour of the city that never sleeps.

Journey to New York –



My journey began in my hometown Ranchi in India. I first took a flight to Delhi. Since this was my first international trip, everything was quite new and interesting to me. After clearing immigration I went straight to my gate and waited eagerly to board the flight. I chose the Air India economy as it was a direct flight to New York and I got a good deal. Being an Aviation fan as well, it was my first time to fly onboard a wide-body jet. Boarding finally started and I boarded as soon as possible.

I chose an aisle seat for the journey so that I could easily move around when needed. Soon we were lined up on the runway and ready for takeoff. After about 2 minutes, the GE 90 engines of the Boeing 777 roared to life and we were airborne in no time. The flight was a long one ( about 14 hours) and was better than expected. There was enough content on the inflight entertainment system to keep me occupied. The food offered was nice and hot. I slept most of the time to avoid getting jetlagged. After about 14 hours, we landed at the John F Kennedy international airport. This airport is a hub for most important airlines has more than 500 planes landing there every day.

After clearing immigration and collecting my luggage, I finally stepped foot in the USA. Visiting America is a feeling in itself but visiting New York just magnifies it.

Shuttle and Accommodation in New York-


Staying in New York can be quite expensive so it is always better to book your hotel well in advance. There are numerous options depending on where you want to stay and how much is your budget. Since I was traveling with my parents, we booked a hotel owned by the Marriot chain in the Times Square Area. Times Square is located in the Manhattan area which is quite far away from the airport.

Being new to this city, we expected that transit to be a difficult one but it turned out to be a cakewalk. There are a number of options available ranging from the subway to cabs but I would recommend you to take a bus. The bus journey was quite cheap and it took us a while to reach Manhattan. The long journey was absolutely worth it as the journey offered us the scenic beauty of the city.

The city is basically full of roads, buildings, and industries. You can see a dozen planes flying in the air and a bunch of cars and trucks on the highway. The city is a concrete jungle but it does make you dream about the ultimate American dream. The city is clean and very lively. As soon as we reached Times Square, I had a huge smile on my face which I could not hide. The area was full of high rise buildings and huge signboards. We got down at the stop and walked to our hotel.

Places to visit in New York –

This hustling, bustling city has a lot to offer in terms of tourism.

The Times Square –


For me, choosing a hotel in the time’s square area was the best decision. The area has a lot to offer in terms of everything. One can start walking from one point and keep discovering new things. The times’ square area has everything from offices to stores. The area has one of the best street performances you can see in the whole world. One can find Halal food stalls everywhere. The area is best known for chocolate stores and shopping malls. The area has the world’s largest Macy store and it also has a whole store dedicated to M&M. You can never get bored here as the city offers a wide range of theatre shows and festivals. The times’ square area also houses the famous The New York Times headquarters. One can also visit the Apple store to grab the latest and greatest Apple has to offer.

The area also offers the most beautiful view at night with its hundreds of signboards all lit up. One can also visit Madame Tussaud’s and Ripley’s believe it or not. Or you could just visit the different buildings such as the Bank Of America and President Trump’s Hotel. The times’ square area is not a good place to stay if you want a peaceful night’s sleep as you can hear sirens all night long.

Museums and Theaters –


New York offers a lot to the people who appreciate literature and art. The city houses different types of museums ranging from American History to Naval history. The most interesting museum to visit there is the USS Enterprise museum. The decommissioned aircraft carrier which was featured in numerous films has been anchored here. One can get an idea about the US Navy by visiting this ship. It also has numerous fighter aircraft on its top deck which is an added bonus for aviation geeks. The city also has numerous theatres where tourists can choose from a wide option of performances. When I was there, Charlie and the Chocolate factory was on offer. Similarly, there are a number of theaters in the Manhattan area where tourists can enjoy shows from their childhood storybooks to Shakspearean literature.

The Empire State building and The Manhattan Bridge –



These two are the timeless classics that signify New York. These are the engineering marvels that people from all over the world come to visit. The beauty of the Empire State building is worth admiring. The architecture of this is way ahead of its time. I could not get a chance to check out the interior of this building as I was on an open-air bus exploring the city, but if you have the time then go for it.

The Manhattan Bridge, on the other hand, is a must-visit due to the amazing landscape view of the city it offers. A number of films have been shot at this particular location. Taking a walk on this bridge during a cold evening is the best option to enjoy the city lights. This is a must-visit location for movie-buffs.

9/11 memorial and One World Trade Centre –


Not too far from the wall street is the place that changed the face of this city almost 20 years back. A gruesome terrorist attack due to which numerous people lost their lives. The site where once the two towers used to stand tall has now been converted to a memorial. The memorial has an artificial water fountain surrounded by granite structures. The Granite slabs have the names of all the brave souls that lost their lives on that fateful day. This place will surely bring tears to your eyes but the One World Trade Center will remind you of the unity of the citizens during that harsh phase.

Wall Street Bull and the Statue Of Liberty –


The wall street area is surrounded by high rise buildings. These buildings house the headquarters of some of the Fortune 500 companies. This is where all the economic actions of the world take place. The wall street bull reminds people about how the economy of a country is one of the strongest factors in its functioning. Not too far from there is the dock from where you can take a ferry to Staten Island to see Lady Liberty in all her glory. On the way, you can enjoy the city landscape and enjoy the amazing architecture of the city buildings.

Getting around and Must-try delicacies –

Since I was there for only 3 days, I wanted to explore the city to its fullest. I chose a sightseeing bus tour package which also included the Staten Island Ferry. The buses have two decks with an open one on the top. One can enjoy the city properly from the top deck. You can also rent a city bike or if you have enough time then just walk.


The city offers every cuisine imaginable but chose a place wisely. I would recommend looking at the reviews first as some places can be expensive but substandard. The most recommended food item to try is the dollar slice pizza and breakfast bagels. You won’t face any problems with regard to food as the city offers everything you would want.

Conclusion –


This city is my favorite and has always been my favorite. I would surely go here again given a chance. If you have the time and money, then do include this in your bucket list.