How To Keep Clean Nails: Necessity For Good Health And Fashion


We should keep our every body part neat and clean. This is not only good for your health but also for your impression. If you remain hygiene, you will remain healthy. Dirty body is a home to different types of bacteria and virus. If these microorganisms stay on your body for a long time, than it can be very harmful to you. People do not take hygiene seriously. They think, what can happen at max, fever or cold? But this is not the case. Your little unawareness can do a big damage. You should specially take care of small parts such as teeth, nails, ears, nose and others. These parts may seem too small, but they are the biggest house of germs. We take care of large body parts, thinking that these parts are healthy then we are healthy, but this not the case. Every big problem starts from we a small mistake. You not even know that these small parts may be the home of millions of germs. We have discussed about teeth previously. For any information regarding teeth you can visit our blog:-/ to make your teeth white/.

How Germs Enter Our Nails?


We have made clear about teeth, how the are important, and how to keep them clean and other information. Now, we will discuss about nails. Nails are consider one of the most common home to germs. They contain number of bacteria and viruses, than can even cause death if not taken care properly. You must be thinking that form were these microorganisms come form? Its Simple. You touch number of things in your whole day work. Every thing contains some kind of microorganism. Big nails are the best place to store these germs. You scratch something with your nails, the germs there come into your nails. You some times have itching in your body parts. That itching is due to some kind small particles, may be bacteria. To get rid of this itching you start scratching that part with your nails. Those small particles get transfer into your nails. This is the reason why we are said to keep our nails short.


How These Germs In Our Nails, Are Harmful To Us?

When eat without washing our hands, then the germs in our nails get into our food. From food they reach to our stomach. This can cause severe problem. Stomach ache is the first symptom of this. Your stomach starts paining badly. Should concern to the doctor immediately, because not taken care, it will affect other internal parts of your body. This can cause death also. Bacteria are very harmful if they grow in large quantity. You not only pickup germs from your body parts with the help of your nails but sometimes transfer also.


When your any body part is paining or your are feeling stressful, you rub your hands slowly around that part. Due to this, microorganisms are transferred from your nails to your skin. This can cause various skin diseases. There are number of other ways by which these germs can be harmful to us. So, always keep your nails clean and wash your hands throughly before eating. These bacteria get easily transferred from one body to another body when you come in contact with someone. That’s the reason why people are asked to wash their hands before touching small babies. Because these babies have a very weak body and germs are more effective on weak body. So, be careful before touching or coming in contact with someone.


How To Keep Them Clean To Avoid Diseases?


You can keep your nails clean easily. Wash them properly, this the easiest way you all know this very well. Wash your hand after every work which contains dust particles and other small particles. This will clean your nails and keep you healthy. This is a mandatory thing for maintenance of your health. Keep your nails neat and clean and stay healthy. Maintain hygiene and improve your lifestyle.


How To Keep Them Clean For Fashion?

Apart from hygiene you can also keep them clean for fashion. If you want them to look pretty good and pure white in colour, then you can follow these steps. You need some salt, lemon and toothpaste for this. Take some water in the bowl and add one spoon of salt in it. Then cut lemon into small pieces and keep in that mixture. Wash your nails with this water and rub lemon on your them. This will surely make your them white in colour. You can also use toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on them and rub it for sometimes and wash your hands. This can also help you to keep nails clean. Practice these methods for two times a week and the change.


The above tips are home remedy. Now I will suggest you some cosmetic ideas to keep your it clean. Firstly, keep your nails in warm water for five minutes to apply this remedy. After they get properly soaked up, take them out of water. This softens the cells, due to which the cosmetic things can work properly. Then apply some cuticle remover, which will soften then nails for better cleaning. Cuticle is a the tissue that overlaps the plate and rims the base of the nail. So, before doing any thing we have to make sure that cuticle has been soften. Now, rub your nails with cotton to remove cuticle remover. Now, apply to cuticle oil to restore moisture and do not allow cuticle from drying. If cuticle gets dried then it can harmful for your nails. Now, wash your hands properly and experience the change. Apply any of the above method and your nails will surely glow with whitening.