How to stop hair fall in teenage male.


Grow hairs instantly.

how to stop hair fall

So here is one of the most common and disturbing problem for the youngsters of this era. They are losing their hair at a very young age and getting depressed and tensed. So,  we will see here how to stop hair fall.
Some common causes of hair fall are-


1.How to stop hair fall by not taking hot water bath

The hot water is not good for your skin and strands, it causes dehydration of the hair strands and causing them to become dry and brittle. It washes the protective oil from the scalp and opens the root holes of the scalp.


2.How to stop hair fall by not having a crash diet.

It causes the thinning of hairs and damaging them as the proper nutrients doesn’t reach to the hairs. It gets a deficiency in protein and the strands become weak. This can be prevented by taking a proper balanced diet.


3.Using styling products.

how to stop hair fall

The long-lasting styling products cause damage to the hairs as they contain a lot of chemicals. Typically, such products have higher alcohol levels than dry out the hairs, making them weak and brittle.


4.Itchy scalp conditions.

Dandruff, itchy scalp and flaky scalp conditions causes itching in the scalp that results in hair loss due to scratching hair induced damage. Scratching your scalp using your fingers causes hair fall. And dirty scalp with dust and pollution causes it ho make the hairs fall quickly.

These were some of the reasons for normal hair loss in the youngsters. And now we will tell you how to get over these problems and solve your issue regarding hair loss.

how to stop hair fall

Some tips for the prevention of hair loss-


*Switch to sulfate-free compositions.

The regular use of shampoos irritates the scalp as they contain sodium lauryl sulfate that damages and burns the hair follicles. It is recommended to use sulfate-free formulations to protect your hairs from heavy damage and making them weaker. To avoid this you must try washing your scalp with shampoo for just 3 to 4 days in a week or instead of using shampoos containing harmful chemicals, you must use natural products like “Aloe Vera Gel” or herbal products.

how to stop hair fall


*Change your diet.

One of the most important reasons for hair loss is your diet pattern and the supplements that you intake regularly. In our body, 85% of the hairs are made of protein, which makes it essential for us to intake a lot of protein in our daily diet like meat, egg, cottage cheese, curd for the stronger and thinking of the hair strands. Also, make sure that you take a proper amount of iron as it helps in hair growth. Once an inappropriate diet leads to these problems.


*Take Supplements.

Sometimes a healthy diet is not sufficient. For some long-term results, one must try raking some of the hair supplements like vitamin B12, vitaminD3, copper, biotin, zinc, etc.
The intake of these supplements makes our hair rich in nutrients and make them stronger and helps in growth.

how to stop hair fall


*Reduce your stress level.

Sometimes we just need to de-stress ourselves to prevent us from hair falls. As they are one of the major reasons. Stress is one of the most affecting things for our hairs, taking stress leads to hair loss. The stress hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol interfere in the natural hair growth causing hair falls.
To destress yourself try to do Zumba classes, jogging and meditating for sometimes. You can spend time with your friends and family to stay happy and make yourself calm. Overuse of phones or gadgets can cause stress and problems.


*Rub green tea on your hairs.

Rubbing the green tea in your hairs can help to stop hair loss and the nutrients in the tea are absorbed by the hairs. You should take two bags of green tea and brew them in a cup of water and then leave it to cool and then apply it on your hair and wash it after 1 hour and regularly practice this for a week or more and you will see the result.


*Stop Smoking.

If you are suffering from hair falls then you must avoid smoking as it reduces the blood flow to the scalp and causing the hairs getting less nutrients and oxygen. At the end they start to fall.

how to stop hair fall


*, Do some physical exercises every day.

Bike, walk, swim, etc to regulate the release of your hormones which helps in the growth of hairs.
This also helps to lower the stress level and strengthening the hair strands.
*Avoid the use of constant heating and drying.
Heating and drying the hair strands causes thinning of the hairs and making them weak. Heat causes hair damage. We all have a habit of using driers to dry-up our hairs after bathing or washing, but this causes the loss of moisture from the hairs. Our hair and scalp get dehydrated and become rough and if we touch or comb our hairs in that situating it causes them to fall.

The ultimate solution.
3 spoon Black cumin (black caraway) seeds.
2 spoon Phyllanthus powder.
½ cup mustard oil.
Mix them all and then heat on a low flame for some time and then apply this serum on your hairs for some time. Then wash your hair after an hour or more. Use this technique for 2-3 weeks and you will surely see the positive results.

And these were some of the ways by which you can prevent and regrow your hairs. to control anger in just few month!/


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