Tips on how Skinny Guys can gain Muscles| Gain Weight in 30 Days


Building Muscles| Gain Weight 

Gaining muscles is nearly a dream for every guy whether a skinny one or a fat one. It has became a trend to build up muscles and have a nice and toned body. Not only for boys but also the case of girls it became an important part of their life. 

Everyone in this world is running in the race of making themselves the best in every field whether it’s a field of bodybuilding in case of studies.

 Do you feel like a hanger when you see yourself in a mirror?

 Then these tips are for you to build muscles-

We all have a habit to drink tea/coffee and smoke segregate and consider it as our breakfast. Or most of us take a lite breakfast and feel like its done.

But the scenario is different, one must take a sufficient amount of breakfast as it’s the initial energy source which we are providing to our body while beginning our day. A heavy breakfast keeps you energized for about 4 to 6 hrs.

One should make a definite time to consume his/her breakfast which should be in the morning between 8-10 Am, this regularity should be maintained to gain some weight.

The lunch is one of the most important meal to gain muscles, as we all eat noodles or burgers or pizzas in our lunch and complain that we aren’t gaining muscles.

So it must know what should be your diet for lunch because noodles are not going to get you a muscular body.

Keep it a proper meal so the body can get the proper energy and extra to boost up the muscle growth. As it’s the most important time for eating as the body has to keep working and loosing energy for the whole day till night. It’s the longest time for which your body isn’t at rest and not getting any source of energy.

 If you feel that you are eating a sufficient amount of food as stated above then you should monitor your daily meal. Start adding milk, groundnuts, meat, eggs, and more so to get the sufficient amount of protein, calcium and other nutrients.

Because you are somewhere lagging to gain a sufficient amount of nutrients.

Fats are must-

You all think that fats should be avoided they are not good for muscle building and having a carved body but that’s wrong. Fats are the most needed nutrient for gaining muscles in your body. If you won’t be having fat then your muscles will not develop and grow up. You must eat eggs and dry fruits to gain fats.

Workouts programs should be followed for a proper duration to gain good muscles.

We all think that going to the gym and doing workout on the machines will get us a super perfect body. But that’s just a myth, a proper workout will only get you a nice and toned body. Sometimes we use to do a set of workouts on a machine but don’t get the desired results and feel like it is not working. The reason behind this is that every workout has its technique and sequence of doing. If you will follow a wrong sequence then the results may not be visible. Even the workout have their time duration that must be followed.

If you feel still it is not working then try to change the workout process.

Calories required by our body-

We all have a habit of eating only a limited amount of food, we cant exceed much from that. But if you want to increase your weight then you must need to eat more and this is known to all. But how it is possible if you are not hungry how can you eat more than your hunger.

So here is the solution we all know we cant eat more but we can drink, right?

Because our body just needs more calories to increase weight and that calories can be fulfilled by drinking. Use liquid calorie like milkshakes having bananas, honey, peanut butter, etc. This all adds up making nearly 500 calories. So by taking it regularly you could gain about 1 or 2 kg of weight at the end of the month.

Proper Sleep –

 This is the most important of all. If you keep your diet good, eat sufficient amount of food, keep doing regular workout but not having a proper sleep then my friend this is all a waste. If you want these all to work for you then you must have a proper sleep of about 6 to 8 hrs.

One more tip us that make a habit of drinking glucose always after doing a workout.

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