American Cuisine – Top 14 greatest American dishes that are a must try

American cuisine

American cuisine – How did it originate?

The United States has a long tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world. This is reflected in their food, including ingredients, holidays, food, and culture. We are often told about family meals and favorite foods. But their favorite food cooking traditions have been brought to our people. When they emigrated and settled in different parts of the world. By the time America could be mapped on a map, its cuisine had been imported and grafted onto the native rootstock. Many immigrants from other countries settled in America. They used locally available ingredients, and this gave rise to the country’s regional cuisine.

American cuisine

There are a number of well-known dishes from around the world with global influences that help inspire popular American cuisine. The definition of “American cuisine” is easier said than done, as it is often just one of many cuisines brought to the shores of these countries by immigrants from all over the world. The ancestry may not be the same as their homeland, but they are an important part of America today. American dishes, and in many of them you will be able to recognize ingredients that originate in your home countries or other parts of the world.

American Cuisine – Diverse yet United

The cuisine represents the diversity of the country, the people, and history. It does so by mixing different flavors and foreign staples into our meals. What sets him apart is his ability to blend cooking techniques from other countries into a unique culinary experience. Whether it’s a combination of words from different languages, America’s food is inspired by some of the world’s greatest flavors.

So we can say that American cuisine consists of a lot of diverse dishes from all around the world. You will get almost anything you would want to eat in the United States but what if you wanted to try some real American food? Let’s have a look at some real American staple that you can enjoy on your next visit

1. Barbeque Ribs (American cuisine)

American cuisine

This is probably the one that you see on TV all the time. Be it pork or beef, the juice dripping out of the well-cooked meat makes everyone drool. There are a lot of ways to eat this meaty goodness, smoked or slathered. So you might have a question, where can I grab a bite of this fantastic delicacy? The best place to get this is to follow the sound of the grinning pigs and head South. Texas also is known as the Smokin capital offers some of the best smoked ribs. There is a tradition to gather for a barbecue in Texas ever since the civil war. So one can expect to get the finest meat cuts in Texas. There are also countrywide cook-offs where you can grab a bite of this mouthwatering delicacy.

2. Key Lime Pie (American cuisine)

American cuisine

When life gives you limes why not make a key lime pie? What better than a sweet treat after a heavy meaty meal? A sweet pie made up of a rather unsweet ingredient lemon. This pie can be found in the sunny state of Florida. Aunt Sally gets the full credit for inventing this mouthwatering delicacy. The pie is made up of key lime juice, condensed milk, and egg yolks. The reaction between the three gives rise to a nice and thick pie. The pie is so easy and favorable to make which is a reason why it is famous within the fishermen of Florida. Do try this one whenever you visit the state of Florida.

3. Tater Tots (American cuisine)

American cuisine

Do you feel like eating fried potatoes but not french fries? More like hashbrowns but a smaller and more fried version? If you do then Tater Tots is the perfect snack for you. This snack is something you can find all over Murcia. Be it drive-throughs or school cafeterias. This snack is actually the trademark snack of Ore-Ida which became so famous that it took the country by storm. It is made up of leftover cuts of potato which are smashed down to a paste. This paste is then modeled into small cylinders which are then rolled in a batter and deep-fried.

4. Pot Roast (American cuisine)

American cuisine

Most Americans count this dish in their childhood memories. They remember how they used to sit at the dinner table with their family members for a nice pot roast along with the family chit-chats. This is considered as one of the best comfort foods of America. In this dish, a beef brisket along with potatoes, carrots onions, and some random vegetables are boiled in a pot. The dish is then covered and cooked in an oven so that the beef and the vegetables can cook in their own juices. This is a great dish to get-together with friends over a glass of red wine or a bottle of Beer.

5. Twinkies (American cuisine)

American cuisine

This sugary treat has been going strong since 1930. Twinkies were invented by James Dewar back in 1930 at the Continental Baking Company in Schiller Park, Illinois. This snack or treat has a vanilla filling inside a deep-fried layer of the sugary layer. Twinkies originally had a banana filling which was replaced by Vanilla in the World War 2 era due to the Banana shortage. One can eat this straight out of the packaging or dump it in hot oil. This sugary goodness is available widely in the United States and can be enjoyed on the go.


American cuisine

Judging by the looks, this may not look appetizing at all but trust me it is. Jerky is basically dried, dehydrated meat full of flavors. Jerky is made up of many types of meats such as beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, alligator, etc. It is a go-to snack for travelers, backpackers, and snackers. It can be smoked, barbequed, or peppered with various dressings such as teriyaki, jalapeno, lemon pepper, and chili. This means that it is available in various flavors as per your taste. If you are backpacking across the states or takin a road trip in the States, add this to your list as Jerky is a protein-rich tasty snack that will keep you going.

7. Biscuits and Gravy

American cuisine

Now you may feel why this cliched dish is on our list but let me tell you this is one of the cheapest and delicious things money can buy. Mainly popular in the South, biscuits, and gravy is a staple for sharecroppers and farmers after a tough day at fields. The biscuits are made up of butter or lard and buttermilk. The gravy is made from milk and has chunks of meat, sausage, and black pepper. The gravy has a lot of variations and you can choose the one suitable for you. This dish is available throughout the country at various restaurants, fast-food chains, and eateries.

8. Mac & Cheese

American cuisine

Mac and Cheese is easily the best American comfort food. No matter how your day is just crack open a pack of Kraft Mac & Cheese and enjoy. There’s not a lot to say about this one. Its just macaroni with tons of cheese and cheese makes everyone happy. If you are a traveler with a tight budget staying in an air b&b, make yourself one for dinner. Fancy something exotic? You can always try a chef made mac and cheese at any restaurant.

9. Lobster Rolls

American cuisine

These are a delicacy in places like San Fransisco and Maine. Maine provides about 80 percent of the country’s lobsters which is why lobster shacks and lobster bakes are considered culinary institutions there. The most simple way to enjoy this sweetmeat is by putting this in a finger snack. Lobster rolls are the perfect snack for that purpose. Take some meat from any section of the lobster, be it the tail, claw, or the knuckle. Put that meat on a buttered hot-dog bun and drizzle simple dressing like mayo and lemon juice or maybe both. The best time to visit Maine to enjoy delicious lobster meat is August as it hosts its annual lobster festival.

10. Buffalo Wings

American cuisine

Buffalo wings, the world-famous chicken wings loved by most people originated in Buffalo, New York back in 1964. Teressa Bellissimo, the owner of the Anchor Bar tossed some chicken wings in Cayenne Pepper, Hot sauce, and butter. People absolutely went bonkers for it and ever since then, this has been an American favorite. Juicy fried chicken along with red hot sauce is an absolute treat while watching a football game. The best time to grab a bite is well any time of the year but if you really want to dig deep in then book a flight to Buffalo during Labours day week. Buffalo organizes Buffalo chicken wing festival at this time of the year where there are tons and tons of varieties to try.

11. Hot dogs

American cuisine

Enjoying a baseball match with your boys? Make it more enjoyable by getting some hot dogs. Hot dogs are the snack to eat during a baseball match. They are simple yet delicious. Hot dogs aren’t really American origin but back in 1916, Nathan Handwerker set up a stall at Coney island and turned this simple recipe into an icon. A classic hotdog consists of a sausage sitting inside a log bun along with some pickles, ketchup, and mustard sauce. This snack is one of the cheapest in America as one can get this for a dollar or less. Every year on the 4th of July, the very same Coney island Nathan organizes the International Hotdog eating competition. If you are a sausage lover and think you have it in you to gobble down dozens of hot dogs, visit Coney island during the month of July.

12. Cheeseburger

American cuisine

Believe it or not, this popular food was made by mistake. In the late 1920s, a young chef at The Rite Spot accidentally burned a burger patty. To hide his mistake, he slapped on a piece of cheese on the patty and created this amazing cheesy goodness called cheeseburger. Ever since this incident, a number of burger joints have popped up in America and are going strong to date. This is simply because of the love for burgers by Americans. Lunch counter, traditional, gourmet, sliders, Kobe. White Castle, Whataburger, Burger King, In-N-Out, McDonald’s, Steak N’ Shake, Five Guys, The Heart Attack Grill. It is hard to believe that these joints exist now due to a simple mistake by a young lad.

Well, I hope he got a raise for that one. If you ever visit the states don’t forget to try this amazing delicacy. Vegetables and meat stacked on top of each other with layers of cheese on the patty. This one will make you drool for sure and the first bite will definitely make you happy.

13. Dollar slice pizza

American cuisine

Yes, I know pizza is Italian but the pizza that you get in America is different. Yes, I am talking about the ones in New York. The pizza you get in New York is cheap yet tasty. Casually take a stroll on the streets of New York and you will find a pizzeria at every corner of the street. These places sell a slice for a dollar and are in demand all the time. The busy New York life demands food that is portable and can be eaten on the go, so this is the best high-calorie meal although not recommended on a regular basis. These places also offer combos like 2 slices and a can of soda for $3.

If you are willing to spend some more then you can also get a pepperoni slice for 2 dollars. New York is a huge city and walking is the best way to explore so I would recommend you try this Pizza whenever you spot a pizzeria.

14. Deep Dish pizza

American cuisine

Are you looking for a pizza but not those thin and cheap ones? You want something a bit more let’s just say gourmet and heavy? Chicago’s deep-dish pizza is the one to try. Chicago is the only place that is known to make deep dish pizzas. Since the dish is deep, the crust rises higher than standard pizzas which give more room to shove in artery chocking sauce and cheese. Make sure you don’t wear any light-colored clothes when you have this and keep a huge napkin with you because the sauce and the cheez ooze out as soon as you take a bite. Sugary soda is a must-have with this one.

Best place to try? – The inventors i.e UNO pizzeria

So these were some of the many authentic American foods that you should try. Now is not a good time because of the sodding Coronavirus but I hope it gets normal soon so that you can try these out.







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