Coffee: Most Famous Coffee types And How To Make Them

Most Famous Coffee types


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You are tired of doing work, and want to take break. You want something that refreshes your mood. What about a cup of coffee? Yes, it is the great idea. Coffee works as energetic drink for many people, who get tired of doing work. Coffee gives you an instant energy, and refreshment that makes your mood and body filled with new enthusiasm. It built new enthusiasm in us, that helps you to work, even if you are doing that work from hours creating stress and tension in your mind.

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By my side, a coffee break is the great idea to get energetic after a long duration of work. But in this case, you use simple coffee that gets ready in a minute. But what if you love to make coffee, and taste different varieties of it? Some people make coffee to have fun, to enjoy and to taste their variety. So, their are number of varieties of it. It can be made in various types, in various ways, can vary in taste and can be from different countries. Different coffees have different origins. They and their way of making were discovered in different corners of world. This makes coffee famous world wide.

Their are number of famous coffee that people love to make or drink. Here, is the list of some most famous coffees and their way of making. Hope, this idea can provide you a little bit of help in the making of various coffee and taste it, if you have interest in it. If you do not have any interest, then also try, I am sure that you will love it. There are number of types of coffee, the list can be too long, but here some most famous ones.

1. Filter Coffee

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As the name suggests, it is made by filtering. We have to steep the coffee beans, in cold or hot water and filter them from water after they get steeped. After that are liquid with the taste of that beans is left behind. You can drink this directly, or mix it with some milk, in which way you are suitable to. The value of filter coffee was fallen down in between, but now it is again in trend. This coffee is less bitter in taste as compare to others. Try this at your home, at it will surely a great enjoyment for you.

2. Instant Coffee

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No matter how many types of coffees come in market, instant will always have its importance in the world of coffee. This is because of the speed of it to get ready quickly, gives a refreshing sensation, and can be made any where, at any time. It is very simple to prepare instant. Just boil the beans in the water, and add some milk if you want, and your coffee is ready in a minute. You can take instant at the office hours or the time of working, when you are out on travel, or also at home just to refresh your mood. In every way, it gives a refreshing mood, and fill our body with energy.

3. Irish Coffee

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This type of coffee is more famous in the areas, where the alcoholic drinks are easily available, and alcoholic drinks are common thing in that area. This is because of the ingredients used to make Irish. This can also be the reason for the avalability of this coffee at cafes, instead of making at home. It is a little bit difficult to make Irish.

The ingredients of this includes sugar, cream and as I told, an Irish whiskey. You just have to crush the beans, mixed with whiskey, and water if you like. Add sugar with a thick layer of cream from above. But you do not have to worry about how to make it, because it is more suitable to drink Irish in cafes. At home, it is really difficult to make a perfect cup of Irish, until you are not a master in making coffee. So, it is better to have it in cafe than at home.

4. Cappuccino

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No doubt, cappuccino is the most famous coffee world wide. This is the most recommended at cafes then any other coffee. You have also seen by yourself, when you visit cafe. People with family memeber, or someone at date, mostly recommend cappuccino. The popularity of this is due to the way of its making, beautifully decorated, and refreshing taste. It consist of three layers, each layer with ingredient, and fantastic taste. First layer consist of espresso that is too refreshing. Then comes a layer of thick milk, that gives you amazing taste. Then comes the final layer which consist of foamy milk, with some choclate from above. These various layers fill up your mouth with water. This is amazing coffee, and you must have it, if you did not had it till now.

5. Caffe Americano

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Has suggested by the name, the origin of this coffee is in America. This was basically made to last the beverages for longer period of time at the time of war or any emergency. But after that, it became one of the most famous coffee all around the world. It is really simple to make Caffe Americano. You have to do nothing, but simply add some quantity of hot water in espresso coffee. Way to make espresso is given below. Caffe Americano was discovered by American shoulders, at the time of world war III. At that time, they have done this due to their need, but now it has become famous world wide.

6. Espresso

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Espresso is very useful in making of many other coffees like Caffe Americano, Cappuccino and many others. The first layer of cappuccino is espresso, and caffe Americano is made by only adding hot water to espresso. So, to know the ingredients and way of making of Espresso is very important to make other coffees. So, how to make Espresso? You need only two things to make it, water and coffee beans. Just you have to boil the water at high pressure, with some beans in it. After it get boiled up properly, pure it into your cup and enjoy. It is quite simple, and is little bit similar to Instant in preparing.

7. Long Black

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It is also prepared with the help of espresso. Long Black is made made when, two shots of espresso is poured in a cup of hot water. It gets it name because of the color we get after the mixture. The interesting part of long black is that, if you reverse the way of making long black, it results in Caffe Americano, interesting, isn’t it? But remember it is very strong with harsh taste. Though it looks similar to caffe Americano, it is more stronger than it. This is very helpful to pick up and give instant refreshment to your mood from a sleep, or if you get tired after doing work for long time. This is because of the strong taste of it.

8. Flat white

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It sounds just opposite of long black, isn’t it? Actually it is almost similar to long black, and both of them origin from the same place. It is made by pouring espresso in hot creamy milk, just like long black, the only difference is of water and milk. And also it is not that much strong as long black. But it is a good choice to wake you awake. If you want to stay awake at night or at any time, when you are feeling sleepy, this could be a good option to help. It will help you to remain awake and do your work with full energy.

Dalgona Coffee: The Most Trending One

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There are varieties of coffee, the counting can also cross hundred. But here some of the most famous one, and how the method to make them. Dalgona coffee, one of the most trending one. It is not as famous as the other types of coffee given above. There are many more types, which are more famous than dalgona. But in spite of this, dalgona is in trend now-a-days. This can be prepared easily at home, with some specific ingredients.

The ingredients are the simple one, which are easily available in anyone’s home. You just need some sugar, instant coffee, that is packed one, some ice, to make it awesome, cold water and at last, the most important, milk. You have got all these, now how to make it? Its simple. Take a small bowl, and add a table spoon of sugar, instant coffee and cold water. Then mix all the things. Mix the mixture until it becomes silky smooth and shiny. Mix it until it gets thick, and take a foamy shape. Now, take your coffee cup, and put ice and milk in it, a little bit more than the half of cup. Now pour the mixture from above, and your coffee is ready. It was too simple. You can also mix the mixture with ice and milk, if desire. Drink it any way you are suitable in.