Food you have been eating in the wrong way


No matter how good a portion of food looks on paper and through its contents. Eating it in the wrong way will do more harm than good.

It is shocking to know that there are so many unique foods that a majority of us are eating the wrong way.
This is the reason that causes the digestive problem, skin problems, hair fall, and various chronic issues like diabetes, PCOD, obesity, etc.

Here is the list of food that you have been eating the wrong way the whole time and. the ways to fix this so you could get best out of them-


Garlic is one of the most misunderstood food that people eat. It is a powerful herb, and in ayurvedic scriptures, it has been considered more than just-food.
It can treat the major disorders of the body but it should not be consumed daily.
Yes, the way it is used in food for tempering purposes in daily food is alarming. We must understand that garlic is a powerful stimulant. It tremendously impacts our nervous system.
It also contains some sulfur compounds like sulphone hydroxyl ion that penetrates the blood barrier.


If garlic eaten on a daily basis kills the good bacteria in the gut.
People who are looking forward to growing spiritually should definitely avoid garlic. This message has been conveyed in Hindu, Turkish, Chinese and Roman scriptures.

But nowadays it is trending o the internet that eating raw garlic has many benefits but in reality. It can severely damage your nervous system. According to Ayurveda garlic only should be consumed to treat diseases and in a particular manner.
Eating garlic daily will indeed have a negative impact on your brain and body.


Loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, fiber, complex carbs sweet potatoes are the best source of carbohydrates. Which when consumed provide us energy for a very long time.

Many dietitians suggest boiled sweet potatoes for fat-loss. Some will tell you to avoid them altogether thinking that they will only gain weight.

But in fact, this starchy, root vegetable can be used for both weight loss as well as for weight gain. Jus the way to the recipe is different.

Ayurvedic texts suggest that if a person wants to gain muscle mass. He or she should eat boiled potatoes most of the time.
This is primarily because the high water content in the sweet potato actually helps to increase weight.

On the contrary, if your goal is to shed a few pounds of fat you should avoid the above method.
Instead, you should eat them baked, dry roasted, or even roasted with a little bit of cold-pressed oil. It will further support fat loss if you can wear them without peeling.

Add some black pepper, sprinkle some lemon juice, and keep rock salt to a minimum to get the most for your fat loss goals.


Basil or tulsi due to its miraculous therapeutic properties is revered as godly not just in ancient Indian culture but throughout the world. These leaves are capable of killing cancer cells, work as an anti-depressant, can treat diabetes, are anti-inflammatory, heals liver damage, cures stomach ulcers and also serves as a tonic for the heart.
However many Indian homes are using this healing herb in such a way that it is harming their body.


The reason is tulsi tea. Yes, the ayurvedic scriptures clearly mention that tulsi and milk are incompatible foods and consuming them in any way will produce toxins in the body.
Tulsi leaves should never be chewed. These days the tulsi leaves are been used in various cuisines throughout the world without taking into account how chewing them can actually be detrimental.
Yes, basil leaves have poisonous pigment in them which if accidentally remained stuck in your mouth can seriously damage your teeth.

To get maximum benefits of the basil leaves. You should simply swallow them. These leaves should be consumed only 3-4 days a week. So that your system doesn’t get used to it.


Food can be prefixed with the word super when sprouted. That’s the level of life for nodes possess. Being one of the most concentrated forms of living foods they can easily replace your multivitamin pills.
However, as they are living they are susceptible food and utmost care should be taken when consuming them. Else you could suffer digestive issues.


First of all, sprouts should never be boiled, cooked, or heated.
Heating them over the flame even for a few seconds can make them lose all their nutrients. So if you are eating the boiled or cooked sprouts then you are getting nothing more than the fiber from them.
Sprouts are cold nature foods which are not so easy to digest. So make sure you do not go overboard with them. Just a small bowl in one serving is good enough to properly assimilate all the nutrients that it has.
Sprout should be considered as salads that means they should be eaten only before the meals not after. Neither they should be combined with the cooked food either.
Although you can mix them with raw vegetables and fruits.
As they are cold and hard to digest, avoid eating them post at 5 P.M.

It’s best to eat the sprouts when the sun is at the top.
These are not just the source of vegetarian protein but have fiber antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. All you need to know it the right way of eating them.



Foods like radish, cucumber, curd, and banana are some food that should never be eaten after sunset.
Dry fruits like almonds should always be soaked prior 4-6 hours and then the skin should be peeled off before consuming.
If you want to eat almonds at night better go for 100% edible almond oil mixed in milk instead

These were those 5 unique daily foods that I felt a majority of us are eating the wrong way.
Knowing the health benefits of food is one thing but eating it the way it is meant to be worn is what really matters. And that’s what Ayurveda always presses on.

Peace out.