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Heart, the most sensitive and important organ of our body. It supplies blood to our whole body. Heart supplies oxygen, nutrients and other important things needed by our body to survive. It is the most important part and organ because of the usage, it supplies blood, which is necessary for a human body to survive. Oxygen is the need of many important organs so that they can function properly. Nutrients is needed by our body to keep and maintain our health. If the heart stops functioning, then it takes only few seconds for a person to die.

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Heart is the only organ that functions for full twenty-four hours continuously, that is our whole life time. Though other organs have their time to work, and are rest at other time, but heart functions each and every seconds. Many heart problems are caused in our body, like heart failure, heart attack and many more. These problems and diseases can also cause dead. Any problem in our heart is too dangerous for us and our body.

A little problem can lead you to hospital and can you lay you down there, for months, or for whole life, depending on the problem, how big and dangerous it is? So, it is very important to keep your heart healthy for better and long life, and to keep yourself away from various problems and diseases, hospital, and medication. Here are some simple tips that can help you to keep your heart healthy and your body fit. Follow these tips so that you remain away from any kind of danger related to heart and cure them.

1. Be active physically to keep heart healthy

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Physical health is very important to keep each and every parts, and organs of our body, healthy. Physical health to keep our body health and fit. And fit and healthy body is the necessity of time and changing environment. The changes in environment from past few years, are demanding a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. Without these two things, you cannot survive in the environment, and your body can be the prey to many dangerous diseases and health problems that can even lead to dead.

Now, what about internal parts? You should remain physically active to keep your internal organs and body to function properly. Heart is also the part of these organs. It is very important that you remain active and work physically. And to remain physically active you should have good physical health to move faster and do work faster. You should have also active mind to remain active physically. So, make your mind active, and increase your thinking power. Active mind keeps your body health, hence keeping your heart healthy.

2. Keep blood cholesterol and blood pressure in control to keep healthy heart

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For a healthy heart, the most vital thing is to maintain your blood cholesterol and blood pressure. It is very necessary to keep these two things in control, to maintain a good healthy heart. Maintain of blood pressure is important to keep your mind in control and fit. High blood pleasure can make you angry in small small things, can increase tension and stress on your mind. You start sweating badly, even if you are sitting in a very cool place.

This can affect many types of veins in our brain, and can also cause serious attacks in veins and in your mind. This can lead you to hospital and can even cause dead in serious situation. And you know that for healthy heart you should have health mind. Not only high, but low blood pressure can also be a great danger. It can cause sudden attacks in body and in heart, and you are unable to move your body. So, blood pressure is very dangerous, whether it is high or it is low. It is important that you control and maintain it. Concern your doctor, if you are feeling any symptoms of disturbance in blood pressure.

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Blood cholesterol, another danger thing for heart health. Every thing is necessary to have and to do but in a limited quantity and way. Blood cholesterol is also like that. It is a fatty substance that blood carriers in our whole body. It is necessary for our body, and important to maintain body health. But its excess can be a very danger thing for your body.

The imbalance in cholesterol can be the cause of heart attack or stroke in our heart. This makes you inactive and your body does not move with a normal speed it should be. Imbalance in cholesterol makes you lazy, sleepy and old by body before respected age of being old. It is totally dangerous for your body, for health, for heart and other parts. So, please remember to take cholesterol in a controlled way, before it does harm to you.

3. Maintain diabetes and stop smoking

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Diabetes is a very common disease now-a-days. Every third person is suffering from diabetes. It is not that much harmful but if it is under control. If diabetes goes out of control, than it becomes one of the most dangerous disease in the world. If it becomes out of control, than it can cause many serious problems, that can also cause death. Failure of control of diabetes can cause heart attacks. Heart attacks can cause death. Failure can also cause stroke in heart, which restrict the moments of our body. So, diabetes is very dangerous for heart.

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There is sudden limit under which the diabetes should be maintained. Higher or lower than that limit can be dangerous for heart and hence for your body. So, do a regular check up if you are having diabetes and maintain it. Smoking, we all know very well about it. Smoking is injurious to health, we have often read this. Quit smoking, if you are doing it. It is most dangerous habit of human that cause death, and if not death, than too it weakens the body from inside, and in extreme cases, you can also be admitted in the hospital for your rest of your life.

Smoking causes lung cancer, that is the most major problem caused by it. It totally damages the lungs, and can make them useless. This degrades our mental, physical and internal health. It makes our body emptily from inside. Smoking has number of degrades, in which heart is also the part. It affects our heart, hence making it weak, and degrades its health. Please quit smoking if you want to remain health and fit.

4. Maintain healthy weight and maintain your diet

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Maintaining a suitable weight is very necessary for our body. Keep your body weight under control. Excess body weight can be dangerous for your health. It can cause many diseases, and can make your body home to number of diseases. Body weight more than the limit can cause heart disease and other serious problems.

Exercise daily, do workouts, and maintain your body. Remain fit to be healthy and disease free. Healthy weight is also good for show off, you can also do exercise with that reason, if bored enough to do it. Doing jogging daily in early morning, or doing workout at gym or at home, can help you to maintain healthy weight. You can also practice yoga, it is also very much effective and can be of great help to you. So, maintain healthy weight to maintain your heart and your body, and to live a longer life.

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Then comes the maintenance of your diet. Maintaining diet is the most important thing, and all in one solution of every problem. Eat healthy food, maintain your diet, eat in a limited quantity and only that much which you need. Eating extra then the required, increases body weight and make us unhealthy, and do nothing instead of this. Eat fruits and green vegetables instead of oily and fast foods.

Oily and fast food increase unnecessary fat in body that affects your heart and other internal organs. So, stop taking unnecessary diet and food just to taste or in fun. And maintain diet chart of your daily routine. Eat only in a limited quantity, that is necessary for your body to work. Your body need a very limited food for daily work. Maximum people take diet more than their needs or recommend. Stop, doing this, it can cause serious problem.


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Health is wealth, we have all listen to this quote. So, maintain of health is very necessary, whether it is mental health, physical health, heart health or any other type. It is important that you maintain it for your longer life. Follow the above tips that will help you out in health maintenance. Practice the habits given and make your body free from any health danger. More healthy you remain, more work you can do in your daily life. Good health makes you active, and you can do your office work with full enthusiasm. This maintain the relationship with your family, your office workers, friends and others. So, follow the tips and remain healthy.