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Hangover Headache

Is hangover headache serious?

If you think hangover is fun then you are wrong. Hangover headaches are no fun. It’s well known that the next day you have to go through a lot of symptoms after drinking too much. Hangover headache is very common for them.

Headaches can be very severe and cause you a lot of body pain also. The best way to avoid such cases is only to limit alcohol consumption. Still, I have got some tips for you guys to help you out with the hangover.


Causes of the hangover headache

Alcohol contains a chemical called ethanol. It causes hangover for the following reasons:

1) Dehydration-

Alcohol is a diuretic. It makes a person urinate more which can lead to thirst, lightheadedness and other symptoms of dehydration.

2) Immune system response-

Alcohol triggers an inflammatory response from the immune system and this can affect appetite, concentration, and memory.

3) Stomach irritation-

Alcohol increases the production of stomach acids and shows the rate at which stomach empties.

4) Decrease of blood sugar-

After drinking, the blood sugar level of a person decreases. This results in fatigue and general weakness.

5) Poor quality of sleep-

Alcohol can cause sleep to be broken which intensifies hangover symptoms. This can lead to fatigue and low mood.

6) Toxic by-products-

When the body digests alcohol, this produces toxins that can cause many hangover symptoms.
The body takes time to process alcohol. Drinking more alcohol before the body has been able to digest the alcohol already present will damage your body.


Remedies of the Hangover headache

There are some of the remedies to help you guys out with the next-day hangover.

1) Take vitamin B6

Let me tell you guys that vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient. It can be found in all types of common food such as poultry, potatoes, and fruits.

Alcohol reduces your levels of vitamin B. It makes harder for your body to metabolize and eliminate alcohol from your body.

2) Take Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

These drugs help to decrease inflammation in your body associated with drinking. It blocks the production of enzymes that lead to headaches and migraines. A small dose of this medicine can help you to get over the hangover headache.

Just take it in a very small amount. And avoid taking it with alcohol. The mixture of this drug and medicine can cause internal stomach bleeding. It can also damage your liver so better take it in a small amount just to get over the headache.

3) Take fitness drinks

Alcohol has a tendency to drain out all the electrolytes and minerals out of the body. It makes your body dehydrate. So hydration is a must after consuming alcohol. So drink a beverage that is already packed with additional electrolytes. It will help you to restore your electrolyte balance and make you feel hydrated. But avoid those drinks which contain a lot of sugar. Excess sugar can make your hangover symptoms worse.

4) You can also use amino-acid

Natural amino acids help your body to fight against the toxic effects of acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a chemical compound that causes hangover symptoms including headaches.


As the acetaldehyde level rises your body, it damages your liver. So take N-acetyl-cysteine at least an hour before you start drinking. It reduces the impact of acetaldehyde on your liver and reduces your hangover.

5) Do some exercises

Generally exercising the day after your drink is not recommended. But light exercise helps your body in increasing metabolic processes. It drives out the excess effect of alcohol and toxins more quickly. You can walk in the fresh air which will reduce your headache.


How can you ease your pain?

Despite all this, if your headache is not getting better then I am here with some tips. So that it can help you to ease your pain.

1) Make sure that you must eat some food

You must take some foodstuff during and after consuming alcohol. I am saying this because it really works and it has some reasons.

i) Eating helps to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Low blood sugar makes your hangover worse.

ii) Keeping your sugar level balanced limits the amount of acid building up in your blood. This will prevent headaches as well as other symptoms.

iii) Drinking alcohol causes a loss of vitamins that leads to hangover symptoms. Eating will again balance your vitamin content in the blood.


2) Most importantly drink enough water

Get ready with a glass of water and take it after every drink. It will make your body to stay hydrated and minimize hangover headaches.

Alcohol makes you lose fluids and electrolytes at a faster rate. So water will prevent this dehydration situation.


3) Know your capacity that how much your body can digest

Don’t feel pressured to drink more than you are comfortable with. You guys generally drink a lot seeing your friends with more capacity or under peer pressure. Everyone doesn’t have the same capacity so everybody has a different capability to digest it.

If you are feeling dizzy and lightheaded in just one or two drinks then stop there only. Don’t take more drinks or it will make you feel worse the next day. Listen to your body first that will always remain with you if you keep it healthy.


4) Limit yourself

Limit yourself with little drinks. Don’t drink in excess amount. This will don’t damage your body that much.

5) Don’t take the food that increases your headache

Don’t listen to any stupid food recipes that are purported to cure the hangover. Ingredients like raw eggs, spices and numerous preservatives used in food can make symptoms worse.

Only stick with basic and vitamin-rich foods like:

i) bananas
ii) eggs
iii) nuts
iv) spinach



While there is actually no cure for a hangover, but there are many ways to reduce or ease the pain.
It is important to stay hydrated, eat nutritious food and get plenty of rest. Most hangovers pass within 24 hours.

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