Coronavirus Update and Preventions


Corona virus Update and Preventions

COVID-19, one of the most deadly viruses of all time has taken the world by storm. Almost every country now has advised people to stay indoors and avoid traveling. To be honest there has also been unnecessary panic among people as most people race towards stocking up. From sanitizers to toilet papers, everything is almost gone. The government should put up a limit as to how much someone can buy but its too late now. So let’s say you visit your local supermarket and are unable to find sanitizers, what would you do? Will you buy them for triple the price from somewhere else or would just hope that you won’t have to use one? Well, let me tell you something. You don’t need to stock up on the exact thing that you need, you just need the raw materials. Because you never know till when you would need to store these things. Corona virus update is that the citizens of the countries that are currently facing lockdowns, this blog is for you. Let’s check out some life hacks to tackle this problem.

How to make your own sanitizer? –

The sanitizer has been one of the most demanded commodity during this time period. Almost all the stores have run out of sanitizers and people are facing a lot of problems. Even though a country has more than enough for all its citizens, stockpilers have been the main troublemakers. Due to the lack of regulations, people are purchasing a huge quantity of sanitizers and storing it or selling it for twice or thrice the retail price. While we can’t find these people and take those sanitizers back, we can make our own and not be troubled because of them.

So the process of making these is quite simple. One just needs two things –  90 percent isopropyl alcohol and Aloe Vera gel. If you don’t happen to get 90 percent alcohol then there is another way which I will tell you later on. So what you need to do is take quite a bit of aloe vera gel and pour it in a container. Now take some alcohol and pour that in in the same container. Mix them up nicely till the solution is semi-solid and Voila! you have a homemade hand sanitizer. The aloe vera gel helps get that consistency and also keeps your skin moisturized. The alcohol, on the other hand, is killing germs. Vodka won’t work.

If you don’t happen to get a 90 percent alcohol and get a 70 percent one instead, put some in a bottle and add salt to it. The salt helps separate the water from the alcohol. Filter out the alcohol and repeat the steps given above to make sanitizer. You can also use aloe vera gel from the plant if you happen to have one in your garden.

Corona virus update

Coronavirus Cases: 259,684


What to buy and how to store? –


Now you may be hearing from people about storing food and such but what should you buy? How should you store it? Well, it really depends on the shelf life of the product. A number of people are going out and buying stuff that they usually eat like bread, pasta, etc. The fact is that bread won’t last more than 2 days because it will get stale. Therefore people should go for raw stuff such as flour. In this way, one can bake read on demand and eat fresh instead of compromising on quality.

Generally, normal plastic wraps don’t last long. My advice would be to buy good food-grade buckets along with moisture absorbers. People should buy more and more freeze-dried food and MREs with a long shelf life. Instant noodles and Pasta is advisable but it depends on the availability in the markets. Dry fruits, trail mix, and vitamin bars are advisable as they have enough calories to be considered as a meal. Canned meat and SPAM is also a brilliant option.

The Lighter Hack –

Let’s say your circumstances have forced you to go out and you really don’t want to touch stuff because of a lack of sanitizer. What should you do? The best thing to do is to build a tool that can prevent you from touching stuff so that you stay safe. So, first of all, grab a lighter. Fill it up with adequate lighter fuel and keep aside. Now, grab a metal hanger and cut off the hook part. Take some tape and stick the hook on top of the lighter. Now use your lighter to touch the stuff and push-buttons. After doing so, turn the lighter on for about a minute to disinfect the hook and Voila, you have a clean tool for your next use.

Makeshift Face Mask –

Face masks, to be honest, are not required to be worn by anyone. They only help in the case when you yourself have been infected. This too is not very helpful as corona can spread in many more ways. But if you are not too confident and still want to wear one, then this hack is for you.

Nowadays, due to the fear of people, companies have increased the price of these masks by 300 times. They are not only minting money but are also not making enough for everyone. This hack that I am going to tell you involves used plastic water cans and some strings. Take an empty can and cut it in half. Make 2 holes on both sides and use a string to tie it around. There you go you have a mask.  This hack is not at all required and recommended so I would suggest not going for it.

Stay Safe –

These were some of the hacks that could help you survive this tough time. Corona is really deadly and has claimed a lot of lives so far. I hope you won’t have to face a shortage and use these hacks for a time long enough. Try to stay indoors as much as possible with sufficient food and drinks. Watch movies, spend time with your family or maybe read some of our blogs. Stay alert for updates and stay safe. Together we will make it through.