Coronavirus- how to protect yourself | Effects, Symptoms and more.



The world is in danger because of a newly found virus that came in knowledge and affecting the population. And that’s “Corona Virus” (CoV) it forms the big family of the viruses that cause several diseases and ailments. These diseases include common cold, cough, sneezing, fever, MERS CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). They are some of the coronavirus.

This two problems MERS and SARS are newly found problems in humans. This was not found before in human species. These diseases are very dangerous for the whole human as well as animal species. Coronavirus is zoonotic in nature which means they can spread in both humans and animals causing them to death. From the detailed studies, it is found that the MERS is transmitted from camels to humans and the SARS is transmitted from cats.
The species of Coronavirus is very big many of them are not being identified and not been transmitted to humans.

How the species of coronavirus propagates or formed?
Coronaviruses are the large RNA virus having spikes on the surface that are projected outward from the body. It is an RNA genome that replicates through a unique replication strategy for increasing the population of themselves.


What actually happens to the body when we get coronavirus?

Its spread from the droplets that come out of the mouth when one infected with it sneezes or coughing. The droplets of cough fall on the ground or get mixed with the atmosphere and start to spread. Accordingly, when you touch the surface with your hand and then touch your mouth, eyes or nose then the virus enters your body. It can also be spread by touching and shaking hand with people.

After reaching to the mouth or the respiratory tract it sits in the throat in the upper respiratory tract and then starts affecting the hot body. In most of the cases, these symptoms are mild and can be quickly paused as they are sometimes weak. This causes dry cough, the extracts may be red in colour, also the temperature of the body increases and to make a hostile environment for their growth and replication.

In most cases, the virus can affect the lungs and cause pneumonia. After this, the lungs get filled with mucus fluid and lots of cough is prepared in the lungs. Also, the white blood cells start to increase rapidly due to the overdrive condition of the immune system. This activates the chemicals which can leak into the blood and then starts damaging the lungs and makes it harder to breathe.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus-

One should start going through good lth habits. They should use cleaning and hygiene habits to protect them from the virus. Washing hand and wearing a mask cleaning your hands and face in every short interval, keeping your environment clean and maintaining at least a 6 feet distance between person to person.

Wash your hand –

Washing your hand in every short interval will help you to keep your hand free from the virus and keep yourself protected. While eating you must wash hands properly before eating as if hands contain virus then they might inter through the food and reach to the stomach and the trachea and can easily replicate. Keep a notice that you must not touch your nose or mouth without washing your hands.

No direct or indirect contact with any person for the time being one must not make any type of direct or indirect contact to anyone as the coronavirus can spread through the contact. Kissing and hugging are totally restricted as they make direct contact between the bodies. One must maintain a distance of about 5 to 6 feet from the other.

Try to maintain as much distance as you can maintain from the infected person.
Keep using Face masks- Use masks to prevent the virus to enter the body through the air.

The coronavirus spreads through the sneezing or the infected person. When the infected one sneezes the virus comes out from the body in the droplets of the mucus and then spreads in the air. So by wearing a mask, you could prevent yourself from the corona.

Wash the things that you regularly touch-

Keep washing the things that you usually touch in your day to day life. For example, wash the door handles, clean the tables, keep cleaning the clothes or the bed sheets, wash the water bottles and the lunch boxes. The water taps should also be washed regularly. The regular things that you regularly touch should be washed regularly. Using biometrics should also be prohibited as the might help to spread the virus. Keep cleaning phones and telephones

Keep using vaccines and medicines you feel any chances of virus attack to you.

Use the tips like-

*Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap.
*Avoid touching your face.
*Stay home if you are sick.
*Commit to regular cleaning.