How to have a Healthy Life by doing simple things !


 Healthy life

Who does not want a healthy life, everyone wants to live his/her life healthily, with no casualty, no stress and no depression. The human body is a wonderful creation. We have to maintain it properly every day. But in today’s stressful world work-life balance of each one have found to be at stake. Today’s world every human being is going out to make money, but with money comes stress, depression, temper, guilt etc. That is the main cause of unhealthy life. So for healthy in this busy world is not easy. It will need a lot of willing power.

For a healthy life, there are many rules you have to follow like-

1>You have to wake up early in the morning: For a healthy life –

A healthy life starts with an early wake up in the morning. The fresh air of the morning and the first light rays of sun in the morning is very helpful for body and mind. This step will enhance your body, mind, metabolism and will give you power for the rest of the day. Make this your habit it will help you.

2> Go for some Morning walk

A morning walk help increase the working ability of the mind, metabolism, hormones and increase the number of good chemicals in the body. It will increase the heart rate and blood supply in your body. Due to good blood supply, a lot of oxygen will flow through your muscles, that will help in growing the muscles. Running helps you to reduce cholesterol and many other diseases.If you have a lot of fat on your body that will help to reduce the fat.


There is a lot of workouts that can lead you to a healthy life. You can start your exercise with yoga. It helps your body like magic. Different yoga helps different parts of the inner body parts and outer body parts. Yoga can boost your thinking power, increase attention power, increase immunity and many more. Yoga also helps to main the shape of your body. It increases the metabolism system of our body. Then comes small workouts like push ups, pull-ups, running skipping etc. This small home exercises help you to maintain your body.
You can choose a different exercise. For push up, you can choose basic push-ups to do it 5 times for 3 sets, the diamond push-ups for 5 times for 3 sets. For skipping do it for 20 skips for 3 sets. And simple running will provide your body with the power for the day.

Foods to eat to have a healthy life –

Now come to food and limit of daily consumption. If we give sufficient fuel to it, it will give mileage up to a lifetime. To lead a healthy life you have to maintain the level of protein, carbohydrate, fat, and other minerals in the food.
There is a list of food which must be taken and which are not. You should drink a glass of water after waking up in an empty stomach. Then in breakfast take all essentials that can give you power for the rest of the day. Drink fruit juice. You have to take your breakfast before 9 am because this is the most important time when the body needs to recharge. If you don’t consume your breakfast every day it will effect on your body. You should consume your lunch after 4 hours of breakfast. Don’t stay in the empty stomach for about 5 hours.

It will create gas in your stomach, that will ruin your day. There is a note that you can’t sit in a place for more than 3 hours. Just go for a walk after a long time sitting. Note: if you want to be healthy then you have to avoid smoking and drinking. What types of things will destroy your inner and outer body? In dinner, you should take minimum food as possible, because in the night the body parts will be in rest, so don’t eat that type of food that takes time metabolism system. One thing health specialist says, you should take your night sleep early in the night and wake up early, that will help your everybody parts to work properly for the next day.

Our Views

So for a healthy life, you must be a concern that your health is more than anything in the world. If you are doing something but after a limit that work is damaging your health then you should go for your health. By getting some fresh air, doing some exercise, and eating healthy food will make you healthy and feel you healthy. Stay out from depression and guilt, anger will help you live lively. Just enjoy nature and your things of this nature. if have anger issue than do some meditation that will help you to to reduce that problem.

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