How to Built your self confidence and make a change



In the modern era, I.e. in 21st-century competition has gone through the next level. There are lakhs of competitors for any competitive exams in which you want to sit. In fact, there are stages also in some exams. For example, the first stage consists of written or objective type question paper, whereas the second stage consists of an interview. And in this stage, the interviewer notices your personality more than your answers. The way of talking, the way of walking, self-confidence on the answer or the text which you spoke to the interviewer and proper dressing sense.

You should have to make all these things perfectly in order to put an impression on the interviewer. As it is said by someone, “the first impression is the last impression”. Self-confidence adds up very much into your personality development. Proper confidence on oneself leads you to a next high level of aspiration, you can perfectly answer the questions without any mistake, and if you do not remember any answer, you can speak wrong answers too in full confidence. It will not cost you too much. So it is very important to build self-confidence. So here some ways are listed below by which you can increase your self-confidence.


Causes of low self-confidence:

  1. Bad influence of friends
  2. Unsupportive parents
  3. Trauma or abuse
  4. Stressful life events
  5. Encountered any difficult problems

etc. Are the common causes of low self-confidence. You should avoid all these situations and try to ignore them as much as possible.


Visualization positively: Important tip to built self-confidence

Napolean Hill had said once, “what the mind can believe it can achieve”. every child has a goal to become someone or have any role model in his life. You just need to visualize yourself as you have achieved the goal, or you have replaced your role model or you had become like them or you have done some work which made you father and mother proud of you, in a realistic manner as possible. This will help you to boost your self-confidence.

Don’t compare yourself with others:

If we look towards our body there is nothing equal. All finger of our hand and toe are of different length, even though it found in a study that our body even our face is also not exactly symmetrical. So if two components of your body are not similar then how can you expect that two human beings can be. So stop comparing yourself with others. Every person has some hidden talent inside them. You must also have that talent. The delay is to find that hidden talent, once you find the hidden talent of your you may achieve great success and become a role model for others. So just stop comparing yourself with others and start the search of your inside hidden talent.


Maintain proper health and body:

If your body shape is not good and you are getting abused by others, in fact, if it is too bad that you yourself abuse your body, then it becomes hard to feel good about yourself. Irregular sleep, unnatural, unhealthy and unbalanced diet and irregular or no exercise degrade your physical condition. In a study on neuropsychiatric diseases it was found that poor body shape, poor health has a direct effect on your self-confidence, whereas the person with a properly shaped and well-toned body finds himself more confident. So just take care of yourself as it adds up to your confidence which gets added up in your personality.


As we all have heard this fact that practice makes s a man perfect. No one is perfect in their work by birth no matter how expert he/she is. Even it is the result of proper and regular practice that made them perfect. So never stop practising. You cannot perform anything suddenly with full confidence. For example, you are going to deliver a speech in a seminar and if you don’t know the topic then you just practice it in more and more in front of your family members or in front of the mirror. And if you know the topic of the speech then it is well and good practice for the same topic time and again in front of a mirror or family members. Similarly, just practice for interviews. This process will boost your confidence at the next level.

Body language:

  It is also found in a study that confident people have a difference in body language than less confident or not confident people. As they walk properly by keeping their head up, they talk with other people by looking straight into their eyes whereas no confident people talk with others by looking here and there, up and down. Whenever we feel less confident we try to become as small as possible and try to shrink smaller.

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