How to control anger in just few month!



How to overcome your anger! How to control anger.

 So what do you mean by anger? How does this look like?How to control anger?

Yes, it can’t be seen it cant only be felt. But the important thing is that what it is and why it is?

Anger is a state of mind in which one is unable to maintain his state of being normal.

Anger is a reaction/reflection of our state of mind at some point of time. It makes the blood pressure high causing the person to react in a bad or destructive manner. It can be a sudden or a planned reaction depending upon the person’s conditions and nature.

Anger is an emotion characterized by enmity towards someone or something.

It could be good as well as bad. If it is good it would motivate you to solve your problems but if it is bad then it would help you to express your negative feelings.


Types of anger and to control anger:

Anger are of various types depending on different factors and have their different destructive impacts.

*Justifiable Anger

It a king of outrage towards the injustice caused in the world- it’s cruelty towards humanity, destruction of the environment, violence in the community or abuse in the relationship.

control anger


*Annoyance Anger

It is the most common type of anger for most of people. It arises due to the frustrations of daily life- stuck in a traffic jam, unexpected fight from someone, getting late for work, getting anger due to hunger, etc.

control anger


*Aggressive Anger

This kind of anger is often seen when one tries to show his dominance of independence over others, to manipulate or get control over others. Mostly seen in relationships, emotional abuse or rage over someone for no reason.  


*Temper Temperament 

It’s a kind of anger that comes in nearly all types of situation. It’s a kind of short temperament. And one of the most annoying and destructive type of anger. It mainly occurs when selfish individuals’ needs or wants are not fulfilled.

control anger


Anger harm the one wielding it:

Anger is not even good to the one to whom it happens. It even destroys the one possessing it making his own body unstable and affecting the brain it causes loss of blood and high blood pressure. Long term effect of anger harams the physical aspects of life also. Anger is an uncontrolled way includes high blood pressure, increased anxiety and headache.  

Chronic anger can even cause you mental disorders.


What causes anger?

The main cause for anger is a person’s environment, stress, financial issues, work pressure, poor social situations, in completion of your wish, etc. As with some bad habits like intake of alcohol and tobacco the impact and occurrence of anger increases.

Some genetic factors helps to deal with your state of anger as it is caused due to secretion of brain hormones and adrenaline and nor-adrenaline and some more. 

control anger


How to control anger in just a few days or few steps:

Controlling your anger is not a big deal, it’s just about making yourself such able that you can have a tight hold on your mood (mood swings).

Loosing cool from time to time is not a sign of good anger management.

Several emotional imbalances show the inability in managing your state of mind and controlling anger. If you feel trouble in managing/organizing your thoughts or your work then it’s a sign of getting a feeling for anger.


Unsolved anger issues cause anxiety and blood loss. So one must take care of his/her anger-related issues. And to control your anger follow these steps.

*Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water in the morning and go for a morning walk.

 It helps to regulate the blood flow and maintain the blood pressure in your body.

A good and fresh morning walk helps in the intake of fresh oxygen that reaches the brain and helps keep it cool and active.

control anger


*Use some kind of repeated activities during you get angry to control it. 

By doing some actions like counting or rotating a ring in your figure or pressing a sponge ball during you fell a little anger can help you overcome this feeling and decrease your level of stress.


*Attending some professional lectures, meeting some psychological experts to get help in anger management. 

They might help you in overcoming your anger in a right and ordered way on some simple steps.

*Anger management programs.

 Various anger management programs teach how to manage your mood swings(anger/temperament). One can go for self-assessment tests and monitor his activities and try to correct it out where required.

control anger


*Anger Medication- Anti anger drug options.

In the market, there are different anger maintaining drugs that help to lower the rate of hormone-secreting that causes anger.


* Meditation or Yoga.

  These two things help to get effectively rid of your anger. This is one of the best activities that you can prefer to control your anger. They help in proper regulation of the blood in the body as well as the brain nerve cells muscles. They provide sufficient oxygen to the brain keeping it cool and action which leads to a managed or controlled anger.


control anger



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