How To Control Anger


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It has been wisely said, ” Anger is the biggest enemy of a person”. Anger can destroy anything precious to you. It can destroy your life, your career, your relationship, your friendship and many other things. Some times it may not effect much, and after some duration of time every thing may become as usual. But sometimes it becomes too dangerous and worst ending up your whole life. So, be careful before you get angry because anger is the thing that can totally break you from inside, make the whole your enemy, can make you a beggar from a millionaire. It is very important to control anger.

It can destroy your whole image in one second in front of others, no matter how much good are you from inside. Now the question is, ” Why do you get anger?” There are number of causes for it. It can be some insecurity of you towards someone. This can end your relations and life. It can be some rumor about someone or doubt on someone close to you. This is harmful for your friendship and career. Make sure that what you are listening is true or not. And take action.

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But do not get angry, take your action wisely. No matter how much close friends you are, a single doubt is enough to end it up. Have control on your temper and take steps that do not harm including yourself. But I know, no matter how much you try, it almost impossible to control your anger. So, here are some of the tips that you can make work in your daily life. Follow these and it will surely help you.

1. Grievance To Control Anger

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Grievance or you can say grudge, is the attitude that gets filled in human’s mind at the time of anger. It is a very negative though that almost destroys the positivity in you. It does not allow you to forgive others and build up a attitude that will not allow you to first speak to the person. Try to take this feeling out of your mind. It gives you unnecessary and useless thoughts. Practice the habit of forgiveness. It is biggest weapon against the anger. It is very helpful to control anger. Have a habit to forgive others, no matter how much they have hurt you.

After all, God is watching each and everything, and God will do the justice. And if you forgive others then they themselves will shame about it. End up your attitude and speak first to the person, if he not speaking to you. It will not harm anything of you. In fact, it will build a better image of yours in front of that person and society. People will get attracted by your kind attitude and we love to talk to you. Try this and definetly your relationship will get more deeper. It makes your relationship more strong, whether it is a friendship realtion, love life, family or any other. It is effective in every field of relationship.

2. Practice Some Exercises To Control Anger

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Exercise is the best way to control anger. Whether it is some relaxation exercise or some physical exercise or game that give you a suiting feelings. Play some outdoor games like cricket, basketball or anything that you love. When anger start getting heavy on your mind, move out and play with your friends. I am sure that after a time duration of maximum one hour, your mind will get relaxed and your all anger will end.

I am sure that it will work, because it has been practiced by me itself. If you do not want to play, do some exercise. Go to gym, do a little bit workout just to relax your body and tension full mind. If you don’t want to go gym, then you can practice some relaxing exercises at home itself. For this you can take help of youtube or can practice by yourself if you do it.

Relaxations Skills And Practices Give A suiting Effect

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Yoga skills or relaxation practices are very helpful to control anger. Practice exercises like controlling breathe, yoga, deep thinking. These totally relax your mind and make it calm. This gives you thinking ablity. You start thinking deep about everything. These deep thoughts help you to find out reasons behind everything. And once you start getting reasons behind every activity you will automatically get understand about it. And if you understand the reasons then you will automatically stop getting angry. You know the reason, try to find out the solution to it instead of getting angry. And remember, each and everything in this world happens for a reason.

3. Speak After Thinking And With Calm Mood

Controlling anger: Tips, treatments, and methods
Words are the most dangerous weapons. They may not harm people physically but internally it can totally destroy them. They can build a big crack in your relationship that may not even cure in your whole life. Think before you speak. You do not know whether which word may harm the feelings of a person. Do not speak before knowing about the background of someone. You do not know, what type of a condition a person is going through. Even if you know about the person, then also do not speak anything that may harm their feels. Talk wisely with that person and have a control on your tongue.

In anger it is very difficult to control your tongue. Control your tongue and it will automatically control anger. Foolishly speaking can destroy your whole world. Be calm and control on yourself. Also it is very important to check your mood before speaking to the person on whom you are angry. Do not talk to him if you are in angry mood or in disturbing mood. Talk later, when your in a calm mood. First, calm out your mind and feelings and then clear all your confusions. Practicing this can clear your half of your problems. It will make your relationship more strong then before.

4. Find Solutions To The Problem

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Problems are the basic root to your bad mood. They make you angry and disable your thinking skills. Maximum people get more trapped in their problems with time, instead of finding solutions. Stop getting angry on your problems and start finding a possible solution to it. This will distract your mind and you will stop getting angry unnecessary on people. This will also solve your problem and also keep you calm. This build a better image of yours in the eyes of other people. They will start concerning you about everything and will tell their problems to you.