On average, a young adult spends about 4 hours on their smart-phone every day. Today moblie phones have become just like another limb of our body. People get anxious and disturbed without their phone even for a few minutes. They are always seen with a phone in their hand. these are the serious signs of phone addiction.

Be it the first thing in the morning, while having meals, in between of conversations, while working out, before going to sleep, the list is endless.

mobile Phones were created to be used but unfortunately, now they are using us. On average a person picks up his phone 67 times a day. It is said very rightly technology is a good servant but a bad master.
Seriously ask your self aren’t you becoming your phone’s slave day by day.

You would be thinking, ok I use my phone 4-5 hours a day what’s the problem with it. Here are some of the statistics.

71% of teens are depressed
93% of young adults face anxiety issue and have a social media inferiority complex due to the heavy use of social media. In real nobody’s life is as cool or as happening as it seems on social media.

It hampers daily productivity. Even the posture of most humans is getting seriously deformed. 53% of people face neck pain.

86% of people have a low presence of mind. It also decreases memory and brainpower.

The mobile usage before sleeping is the worst thing you are doing to your body and brain. 87% of people use phones before sleeping. The blue light emitted from the phone reduces melatonin leading to low sleep quality.
72% of people use the phone while eating leading to overeating and finally obesity.

So what is the solution?
Shall we stop using our mobile phones? Absolutely not, and even if we think to do so its impossible in today’s world.
Instead, we should start them using sensibly.

Here are the ways to take charge of the situation and get rid of your phone addiction.


This the fundamental step to get over any addiction. You just have to find a replacement that you enjoy more and is indeed good for you making you forget the addictive that is harming you.
Most people use mobile phones in the morning within 5 minutes they wake up.
Why is it happening? The simple reason is the alarm you are set on it. When the alarm buzzes and you turn it off in the morning, you see various notifications popping up and then you spend 15-20 minutes stalking your phone.

Instead, replace your mobile phone with a small alarm clock. And spend your15-20 minutes of morning tech-free.
Instead of using phone before sleeping, grab any interesting book before sleeping. This will be more beneficial for you as you will not be using your phone, reading is like an exercise for the mind and you will not hurt your eyes by the blue light emitted from the phone.

Just try to be creative and find a hobby just to lose interest in the phone.


the best way to hit away mobile phone addiction.

There are really some cool ways by which you can create friction between you and your phone. One of the simplest ways is to start using the greyscale feature often whenever you don’t want to get distracted to it. The reason is linked to our evolution. We humans have evolved to be extremely sensitive to the colours and these companies use these very cleverly to make them more clickable. Every time you click on it your brain produces dopamine(the feel-good hormone) leading it to be addictive.

Set a long password. Whenever you will try to use it in between work typing the long password will make you realize there is no need to get indulge in phone.

Use social media apps on PC. As PC is not available for you. This can limit your time using social media and ultimately lessen the use of the mobile phone.

Keep your mobile phone switched off or on aeroplane mode when you are doing some really important work.

Disable all the notifications from social media apps.

Try to avoid and uninstall useless apps.

Try to be without your mobile phone at times. Like while driving or eating. While working out focus on your body posture rather than that any social media model.

And if you are worrying you will be missing out on things with less use of mobile. You are totally wrong as in reality you will start to live in reality and will be experiencing more things than missing out.
There have been generations before who have lived without a mobile phone. and they have lived pretty well.

The last but most the most important step is


Many of us make a resolution and the forgets it. Isn’t it true? How many of you are still on your new year resolution?. so constant reminders to self are really important to get rid of this addiction.
Start tracking your phone usage and you will realise how much time of your life you are wasting, which could be used for good.

Practice the above methods for a couple of weeks and you will surely be free from your phone addiction. Try to get a life, the real one out of the virtual world. Make friends in real instead of online ones. Enjoy the moment instead of taking videos and pictures of them. Just try to be real and not just live to fake your coolness on social media.

Greatest joke of the era “phones were invented to save our time”.


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