Joint Pain: Its Causes And How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain?


Our muscles and bones get fatal with days. As we become more elder with time, they become weaker. Hence, they also make our body weak. Weakening of then causes various pains in our body. You must have experienced pain in your different body parts, some in muscles, some bones and others. One of these pains is joint pain. Many old age people suffer from this pain. Joint pain occur in that body part where joints are present, like our knee, elbow and many others. In this part of our body, their is a beautiful combination of bone and muscles.

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Here two bones are joined together with the help of muscles, so that we can move them easily. Fold them, bend them and can do other usage. Just think if there were no joints and straight big bones were present in that body parts. It would be to difficult for us to do any work. That is why our body is structured like this. But these are very fragile part. They easily get hurt due to our little carelessness. These hurts make them weak and can cause pain in them.

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The muscles in these joints become weak with age, thus causing pain in them. Some times it happens that the gap between these joints increases. This is also the cause of great pain. It causes difficulty in walking. The gap weakens the contact between two bones. So, it is very difficult to move both the bones of joint together, causing difficulty in doing any work.

So, there are various causes of this pain and their treatment according to it. There are number of joint pain. There counting reaches around hundred. They are very dangerous for human body. Sometimes the case becomes that such severe, that it can even paralysis people. Do not take these pains lightly and an immediate treatment of them. We will discuss about these causes and how to get rid of them?

Causes of Joint Pain

1. Joint Pain Due To Arthritis and Bursitis

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These are the most common causes of joint pain. Arthritis is the type of common problem that occur in every old age people. This weakens the cartilage and muscles around the joint. This results in the weakening of the bound between the bones. It causes difficulty in moving our joints. Arthritis causes severe and harsh pain in joints. Some of the major joints were arthritis is common are knee, elbow, wrists and few more.

It causes difficulty in walking, doing any heavy work with our hands and cause severe pain as we know. People become fatal. They are not able to do any physical work. It is very difficult for these people to do quick moments and complete their work fast. The pain from this is so harsh that people start getting annoyed. They start getting angry on small issues. It becomes very difficult for them to get adjust with others.

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Bursitis is also the cause of this pain. This is almost similar to arthritis. But the difference between them is, arthritis cause inflammation in cartilage and bursitis cause inflammation in cushioning pads that surround the joint. These pads work as a cushion to the joints. Cushioning pads protect the joint form any external harm.

They make the effect less of any hurt to our joint due to external reasons like accidents and other reasons. Bursitis weakens these pads. This not only causes pain but also dangerous to our joints. Due to this, hurt gets directly to our bones. This is very dangerous to our body, as we know that bones are the frame structure of our body. And we all know very well that a strong frame structure is very important for our body to do work.

2. Joint Pain Due To Some Infections, Injury Or disease

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There are number of infections that can occur in our joints. These infections make our joints to get weaker. Some infectious disease can also occur in our joints. Some of them are influenza, mumps, hepatitis and others. They cause problem around the joint making it weaker. It causes severe pain that cannot be tolerated. Besides these diseases, infection can directly occur in bones and joints.
Infection of bones and joints is also one of the major cause of this pain.

Bone infection is very dangerous and harmful to whole body, not only joints. They make the bone weak and unsuitable to do work. And if this infection occurs in joint, then it causes various difficulties in human body. They pain due to this is really harsh. And what if the infection occurs in the joint itself? You can just imagine how difficult it could be for a man to survive this pain. It makes the joint so much weak that the person cannot work properly with that joint.

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Injuries can also be the cause of this pain. Injuries caused in joints are very dangerous. Joint injuries are very painful. Sometimes they can also make a person paralyzed. If these injuries get cured, then it is good, otherwise it can also become a lifetime problem. This can be very dangerous, because lifetime injurious are very painful and they make the weaker with age.

Treatment Of Joint Pain

We can provide treatment to joint pain in two ways. You can also do a home treatment, if the problem is not much severe. But in case of some serious problem, you must need to contact to the doctor immediately and provide a medical treatment to this.

1. Home Remedies

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If the pain is not because of any serious problem, you can provide home treatment to it. Home remedy is also useful in the case if the treatment is not available. Some joint problems like arthritis do not have any permanent solution. You can only practice some of the daily exercises and some medicines to get relief from it. Some of the home remedies are:

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  • You can take some kind of drugs. Drugs like inflammatory drugs, non-inflammatory drugs can be very useful. Medicines and pain relievers are also some of the solutions. If the problem is due to arthritis, then you can take inflammatory drugs otherwise non-inflammatory drugs are useful. They are easily available in market. But you should concern to the doctor first, it is a mandatory thing. You can also do other activities like bath with warm water, taking complete rest. They can provide relief to your pain and you will feel better.
  • Some physical activities can also cure it. Stretching the body is very useful. It increases flexibility of our body, hence providing relief. Then you can do some physical exercises. There are number of exercises that are useful for joint pain and can relief you from it. Management of body weight is very important. More body weight put more pressure on joints. This is not good for joints. Maintain a normal body weight so that it does not do any increment to your joint problem and pain.

2. Medical Treatment

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If the pain is really serious, you need to contact to the doctor immediately and provide medical treatment to it. Medical treatment may include surgery, operation or normal treatment depending upon the condition. In some cases doctor will change the fluid of the joint to cure it. But some cases are so serious that the may also advice to change the whole joint itself. These surgeries and operations vary with the condition of the joint. There are also some medical treatment in which doctors concern and medicines can cure the problem.