Phobia: Its Types, Causes And Treatment



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Fear is the biggest enemy of a human being. It causes tension and stress in the mind. Fear makes the person to back of from any thing that he not able to perform or do well. It makes lowers down the confidence level of a person. Causes unusual worries in human mind. Fear is a type of anxiety that can also be the threat to human life. Phobia is the type of fear that occur in human mind. Many students attempt society because of the fear of getting fail, or not getting good marks.

Many people cannot progress in life because they cannot talk in public. They fear to give lectures, or to speak in front of to many people, though they are capable to do. Like this, their are number of fears or we can say phobias, that cause harm to human or make them weak. Fear causes tension in mind due to work load or pressure of society. This can also be dangerous for your mental health. Fear can end up your life, your whole carrier, your relationships and everything that are important for you.

It is very important and necessary to overcome this phobia and make your life, living and other things better. Here is some information about phobia. How many types of phobias are there? that can occur in human. Causes of phobia and most important, their treatment.

What do you mean by phobia?

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Before going through anything, most important is to know about it, what it is exactly? Phobia is the type of unusual feeling of excess fear. This can occur at any particular situation, at some place or from some object, that person fear from. Phobia is considered as the disorder that occur due to this fear. This causes extreme tension and stress in mind of a person.

People start feeling very much distress and tired after going through phobia. This can also result in panic attacks that can lead a person to the hospital. Fear occurs in everyone’s mind, no doubt but phobia is extremely dangerous or can be. Because it is the extreme form of fear that can make a mind of a person totally blown off. This can reduce the capability of a person to think and to react at the present situation that occurs. Person losses the ability to deal with the situation because of the fear in his mind.

What are the types of phobias?

People can have different types of phobias. It differ according to the situation of the present time. Different situations wake different types of fears in human. Here are some types of phobia that can take place in person’s mind and you should know about it.

1. Glossophobia

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This kind of phobia is caused by due to the stage fear. Maximum people have this fear and experience this phobia. Even I had it in my childhood. People have the fear to perform or speak in public or in front of audience. It is a very common problem, and mostly occurs in childhood. Very few people have the confidence to speak in front of the crowd. People start sweating badly, their legs and hands start shrinking. They get goose bumps when asked to speak in public.

2. Acrophobia

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This is also very common fear. Many people are afraid of heights. This is caused by this only, the fear of height. People suffering from this, usual live in plains, in lower floor of houses. They are afraid of the heights of mountains, buildings, or even their two story houses. This type of phobia is too dangerous, as it can effect your professional life. You do not know, which floor of the building you will get to work in your office? Or if you have to go immediately from one place to another, then airplanes are the only ways. So, people with this fear should try to cure themselves immediately.

3. Social Phobia

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People are always worried about their position, their respect, their status in the society. Every wants their place and respect in the society and people around them, among their colleagues. They always try to maintain their self-respect. These types of have their minds constantly thinking about what the person in front of them thinks about them? Is the person is loyal to them and respect them? This too much worry about the status and social situation causes social phobia. This makes the person lonely, and all alone in this world. He start seeing every person with doubt and stop believing anyone. He thinks that everyone is cheating on him. They start avoiding people, their friends or anyone else, even if they are being invited.

4. Hemophobia

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This is not very common, by my side, but can be harmful. It is the fear that grows up in a person after seeing blood. No matter, whether it is their blood or someone else. These types of people start vomiting when they see blood. They can not remain at that place and immediately run away from there. Sometimes it becomes so much dangerous, that it can even the person unwell. He start feeling uncomfortable which can also be dangerous for their health. This can cause great health issues.

5. Agoraphobia

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There is fear which is due to some place or situation. This is agoraphobia. Many people have the fear to go out in crowd and to get socialized. They love to sit in side their houses yet. Some situations are also their that panic person’s mind. This can result in some serious problem relating to health and can also hospitalize the person. And the most interesting or we can say, not good, thing is that people cannot escape this fear. They have to go in crowd to do work. They have to survive various situation in life that they fear from.
This is not the end. There are many more phobias like fear of insects and animals, fear to lose someone, fear of relationship, fear to lose love and many others.

Causes of phobias

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The very major cause is the fear of anything. The fear of something that people think, it can hurt them is the biggest cause. These fears usual are caused in our childhood, but if not get cured, then can also occur in adult age. Tension, stress, or any other pressure on the mind can be the result of these phobias. People are normally afraid of anything, if some thing has happened related to that, that is not good. This can be also the major cause. It frightens the people and they are of doing it again.

Symptoms of phobias

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There are various ways or signs that signal towards phobia. If people experience these signs, then should be understand about the fear and get alert. People are not able to do that work properly, or can not move at that place, depending on the fear. Their body functions get stopped, they start feeling uncomfortable, and a great sensation of anxiety. People start sweating, this is the most common symptoms that occur at the time of fear. The heartbeat are either at their peak, or get too slow. People start getting problem in breathing. Stomach ache, chest pain, drying of the mouth are all symptoms of various phobias. People get confused, and do not understand what to do to handle the situation.


Phobias: Symptoms, types, causes, and treatment

Phobias can result in great harm to human. It should be cured and treated immediately. No matter, what type of phobia you are going through, each of them can be dangerous. The very first and the natural way is the person himself. People should try to control their mind at time of fear. They should not allow fear to get control, and causes negativity. Make yourself to do that work that you are afraid of. This will make you strong and you can control the feeling. By practicing this, you can win the situation and can proceed fearlessly. But remember, do not start with the extreme situation. First take small tasks, win them, then proceed to larger one. This will help you to win the hardest situation easily and harmlessly.

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If it does not work, then the other way is to contact with some psychiatrist or psychologist. They are good in the treatment of these people. They know how to control any situation and turn it according to their need. These people can do treatment of these phobias, and can teach you how to overcome the situation of phobias. A doctor can also help you out. A mental doctor can cure this problem. He can provide you with some kind of medicines, or can give you a small training to overcome fear. This will surely help you.

The combination of all these treatment can be a great help for you. But in few of the cases, people learn to control the feeling of fear that arises at some situation, that they are afraid of. Sometimes, people stop doing the things that they are afraid of. This can also be helpful but only in the case, if that work is not very important for them. Otherwise, you need to be treated immediately.