The best Workout for abs and arms at home. Get the best in 90 days


Get 6 Pack Abs and Arms –

Get in shape is a combination of many processes. A human body is a wonderful creation of nature, has muscles in every part of it.
We have to maintain it properly every day. But in today’s stressful world work-life balance of each one have found to be at stake. Today’s world every human being is going out to make money, but with money comes stress, depression, temper, guilt etc. That is the main cause of unhealthy life. So to get in shape in this busy world is not easy. It will need a lot of willing power to obtain the best out of yourself. To get best 6 pack abs and biceps. Some easy Workouts for abs and arms are here.


Workouts for abs and arms –

To get in shape following exercise you have to do-

1> You have to wake up early in the morning:

To get in shape the first utile step is to wake up early in the morning. The fresh air of the morning and the first light rays of sun in the morning is very helpful for the body. This step will enhance your body and will give you power for the rest of the day. Make this your habit it will help you.

.2> Go out for running

After getting go out for a run, run approximately 4 km up and down. It will increase the heart rate and blood supply in your body. due to good blood supply, a lot of oxygen will go to your muscles, that will help to grow the muscles. Running also helps you to reduce cholesterol and many other diseases.If you have a lot of fat on your body that will help to reduce the fat.

3> Do some yoga –

In Indian history, there is a description of yoga that it will help every system of help body, and everyday yoga will lead you to live a good life. Yoga activates our muscles like magic. It stimulates our muscles that help to grow them and also some type of yoga help to reduce fat. Yoga helps to stay fit. Everyday yoga will benefit your body greatly

4> Home Workouts for abs and arms

Besides the gym, you can work out in the house. You can start with some basic step like push up.
Different types of push-ups target different parts of the body.
For chest muscle you have to put your hand in 70 cm gap and legs will be straight, you have to lay down and have to touch the ground with your chest, then have to get up straight by putting force with your arm muscles. Do this 5 times for 3 sets and take a 10-sec break after every set. this will pump your chest muscles.

For biceps different from previous put your hand on the ground in a small gap approx 40 cm and rotate your palm 180 degree faced to your knee then push your body upward with the force of the arm it will pump the biceps like nothing else. It is a difficult exercise, there is a chance you may fall on your mouth. So you can take a pillow and put it under where your mouth touches the ground. Do it as much as you can after some days when you get adjusted then do it 5 times for 3 sets take 20 seconds rest in between the set.

Other exercises and targeting points to get best abs and biceps.

For triceps put your palm closely and make a diamond shape then push your body upward by your arm force. This is called a diamond push up. Do it 5 times for 3 sets and take 10-sec rest between the set.
Also for biceps, you can take a bag and fill it with book and make it weighty. For the first time make it weighty up to 5 kg. Then hold the bag with your one hand and put another hand on your chest stand straight then pull the bag up and then put it down to its first point. Do it 10 times the change the hand and repeat the process. Do it about for 3 sets, and take rest 10 sec after every set. After someday increase the weight for more penetration. This will also help to pump those biceps.

Now come to those abs, for those you have to put pressure on your stomach muscles. For abs the best exercise is crunches. For this you have to lay down on a surface then fold your legs and put your hands beneath your head now try to touch your thighs with your chest without lifting your legs. If for the first time take help of someone, tell them to hold your feet then do it. Do it 15 times in a day. This will increase the pressure in your stomach muscles. slowly the abs will appear.
There is also another exercise for abs like knee-to-elbow crunches same as normal crunches just after touching the thighs have to move right and left. Do it 20 times for 4 sets.

Leg raises for this lay down on a surface put your hand straight attached with the ground then pull up your legs. Pull it up to a certain distance then put it down. Do it 20 times for 4 sets.
Elbow plank for this lay down on ground putting pressure on your lower arm. Stay in that position for 2 min.
Superman stretches, lay down on a surface faced to the ground. Then stretched your body putting pressure on two hands and legs. Do it 10 times for 4 sets.
So this is all the home workouts you have to do for biceps, triceps and abs. This will help you to get a nice fit body. Continue up to 3 months you will see the result. If you want to go further then you can join a gym.

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