The Way Of Workout Unhealthy For Your Body: Chronic Cardio


Chronic Cardio: Unhealthy Workout

It is necessary to do sufficient and daily workout every day to keep our body healthy and to maintain our health. There are a number of ways to do the workout, there are various types of workouts, and time limit for any workout. But are you doing these workouts properly? While doing exercises, the most important thing is to do it properly and sincerely. The workout needs serious attention and sincerity to be carried out. But sometimes people cross the limit while doing the workout.

They think that it would be beneficial for them, and make them fit. But their this thinking is totally wrong and can cause great harm to your body, and can do damage to your mind. Think before doing it whether you are doing it properly or not? There number of problems that are caused in the human body due to unnecessary workout. Chronic cardio is one of them. Chronic cardio is an unhealthy way of doing a workout. People suddenly start to do more exercise, if on any day they are full of enthusiasm.

They suddenly start doing that much workouts, that their body cannot tolerate. This can be the cause of great damage to your body. Chronic cardio is the way of doing frequent and difficult workouts from medium intensity to high intensity, without having some rest. This is too dangerous for your health. It not only affect your body but also our mind, heart, and many other sensitive parts. This builds up to much stress level on your body and mind also. This can be very harmful to your health. This does an adverse effect on our bodies.

People do workout to become fit. But due to extreme workout chronic cardio occurs which results in just opposite, making you unfit and unhealthy. So, but a stoppage to your this unnecessary workout and exercise. And do what is sufficient. Down is the detailed information about chronic cardio, how it is harmful? how you can avoid it? and other information. Go through it, and stop doing this kind of activity, if you ever perform it.

What is chronic cardio: A workout that is a waste of time?

First, you should know, what chronic cardio basically is? Is it a waste of time and energy? Chronic cardio is an extreme workout, from medium to difficult, without any duration of rest in between. A small-time break of rest and control workout is very important while doing exercise. If you want to do some extra workout, then take some rest for a short interval of time, before you go from normal to some special workouts. These special workouts need special energy and concentration to perform it perfectly. If not performed with sincerity, then you will have to highly regret it. This can have harmful and dangerous effects to your body. This adversely effects your health. You do workouts to become fit and healthy. But chronic cardio is the opposite effect of it. It makes you unfit and unhealthy instead.

Avoid Doing Chronic Cardio

You should avoid doing chronic cardio. Everything should be in a limit whether it is good for you, or bad. Because things that are good for you can be worst if you do not use it properly. It not only affects our body fitness but also harms our internal parts. This affects our mind, heart, and other internal organs that can also be the cause of diseases that are dangerous for your health. Chronic cardio increases stress on our mind and body. Stress on the mind affects your whole body. This can lead you to certain negative thoughts and activities. Stress makes a person weak internally.

That is why, it said to work with a cool and calm mind if even there are bulk of problems with you. Mind stress ends up your thinking ability and judging ability. You are not able to judge the correct decision and you are also not able to do your work properly. So, stop taking stress on your mind and practicing chronic cardio, which becomes the cause of the increase in stress. It will only increase your problems and make you depressed, stress can do nothing positive.

Not only mental stress but body stress is also harmful. Chronic cardio causes body stress also. Body stress makes you lazy, inactive and increases pain. It slows do your body and the work done by it. This affects your office work or any other type of physical work, your daily routine. After practicing chronic cardio you think that you will be very energetic and enthusiastic in your work. But this is wrong. It increases pain in your body which in turn slows down your activity. You will be wanting to have some rest instead of doing work with energy as you must have thought.

Chronic cardio can also be the cause of some kind of diseases or problems in your body.

Some of these problems are cardiac arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, and a few more.


Atherosclerosis is the type of plaque that is caused in your coronary arteries. Chronic cardio is the cause of this harmful activity. Excess running can be the cause of atherosclerosis in your body. That is the reason, why it likely to be happened in athletes or marathon runners. This can occur in the body of a person who regularly goes to gym. Some day, if he does more exercise on treadmill, then this problem can capture his body. Remember to do each and everything in a limit.

Atherosclerosis has to stages, one is a normal stage and one is an extreme stage. People who are under a normal stage would not even realize that they have some trouble in their bodies. But in extreme cases, people can feel it, and this stage also makes your body unfit and unhealthy. This occurs in coronary arteries. Coronary arteries do the work of supplying blood to the heart. In fact, it supplies oxygenated blood which is very important for the heart.

Oxygen supplied by these arteries maintain the heart’s health and makes it healthy. Oxygen is very necessary for the proper functioning of the heart. Now, just think, if the plague occurs in coronary arteries. There will be not a proper supply of blood to the heart. This may also have a bad impact on the functioning of the heart. It is directly affecting your life. This leads to many problems like hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and many others. So, think before putting any extra effect to your daily workout. It can be a great cause of some big problems in your body.

Cardiac Arrhythmia

All defects of chronic cardio are related to the heart. This shows an unusual body activity has a direct effect on the heart. Extra workout, extra workload directly affects heart functions. Hearts is the most important organ, as we all know. So, you should be very careful before doing any unnatural activity, that your body is not used to. Cardiac arrhythmia is also a problem related to the heart. Cardiac arrhythmia can be very dangerous, as it is type of stroke to heart. It tells about the heart beating.

Too fast, very slow, or irregular heartbeats that can be the result of strokes to your heart. It is like electric shocks to the heart. Sudden change of heartbeats has a very bad impact on your heart as well as your body. A sudden increase in workouts can be the cause of these strokes. So, chronic cardio is likely to have these strokes on your heart. Stop doing these sudden extra workouts, or you would have to regret it. If you are going through any signs of cardiac arrhythmia, then contact the doctor immediately, or it can be a great risk factor for you.


Stress is a major problem caused by chronic cardio. This can occur in two ways by chronic cardio, one is body stress and another mind stress. Body stress is the direct stress that occur due to it. Continue hours of workout, without having any break in between, that too increasing it from lower to higher level, definitely cause the body stress. You will be get tired and start feeling lazy. You would not like to go for your work or office. People would love to sleep peacefully on your bed. If you would also try to do some work than your body pain will start. This causes more problems. This put an impact on your reputation, your relation with people you work with. This may also make you to take medicines to control your pain and stress.

Then, after this, it also increases mind stress. The mind is one of the most sensitive parts that controls all your body activities. Any harm to the mind will have a bad impact on your whole body. Stress makes a person depressed, he starts overthinking about everything. This can be also the result as the end of the person’s life. Thousands of people attempt society every year just because of stress on their minds. The stress of relationship, earning, family, studies, and many more. It makes a person weak internally. Sometimes, he even loses the capacity to understand and coordinate everything. After all this stress, you would never like to have unnecessary stress from your workout, isn’t it? So, stop practicing chronic cardio.