5 Ways to improve your eyesight within a few months


Spectacles are one of the most hectic things which people have to face in the presents scenario. There is not even a single person or children has left which do not use spectacles. Some use it as their hobbies and interest, so some use it as suggested by the doctors for the ailments of their myopic and hypermetropic eyes. There are two types of spectacles one comes with negative power used to cure the defects of myopia and the onther comes with the positive power which cures the defects of hypermetropia.


So we cannot do anything for habituals ones, but with the help of proper exercises and treatment and proper diet myopia and hypermetropia can be cured and your spectacles can be removed. Some use contact lens directly inside the eyes instead of using the spectacles so that they do not have to wear spectacles but contact lens have very high cost and it is unaffordable for the normal or middle class people, and also it has some adverse effects on the individual. So the idea of contact lens is not so good for everyone. So instead of curing the disease why should not we avoid the disease by doing proper exercises and following proper diet so that one those who hate spectacles do not come in a situation to use spectacles.

So I am going to suggest some of the exercises and diet plans by the help of which one can cure his myopic and hypermetropic eyes. Also one can prevent his/her eyes from being diseased with the help of following the below given steps:

  1. Blinking : Most of us spend a lot of time looking at smartphones , computers and televisions. These activities prevent you from blinking enough and that is bad. Your eyes need to get away from all that light, they need a period of darkness. This is precisely where blinking comes into play. The act of blinking relax and rehydrates the eyes. You can choose to slow blink or quick blink, both of them sure to work wonders on your eyes.
  2. Focus : it is also possible to stregthen your eye muscles by performing a simple focus driven exercise. Focusing on objects which are near and far away from you can help train your eyes for better eyesight. Start by sitting in a comfortable position. Now hold your thumb and letit be 10 inches away from your eyes. Use your eyes to focus on every detail of your thumb for a few seconds. Now look away at any bject that is 10 – 20 feet  away from you. Focus on the object for few seconds then return back to the thumb. Just repeat the cycle of focussing on your thumb and the far away object.
  3. Figure eight : are your eyes feeling lazy? Well it is the time to snap them out of it! This simple exercise will bring your eyes to life and help them regain their lost flexibility. Let’s give it a shot! Start by thinking a large symbol of 8 of about 8 to 10 feet away from you, now rotate it at an right angle so that it should look like infinity. Finally rotate your eyes along the perimeter of the figure for about 3-5 minutes. Now reverse this process and repeat it for the same interval of time.
  4. Round the clock : it is also a exercise that has to do with your imagination. While sitting close your eyes and imagine the numbers 12 and 6 in front of you.move your eyes from 12 to 6 in a clockwise direction for 15 to 20 times. Again imagine two numbers that is 3 and 9 and repeat the same process clockwise or anticlockwise. This can cure the burry vision of a person.
  5. Massage the upper and lower eyelids : when you massage the eyes, you will get to relax them while reducing strain and tension for better blood circulation. While applying mild pressure to tear glands will moisturize the eye and relieve the pain of tired eyes.

So these are some of the simple exercises by which you can naturally cure the myopia and hypermetropia. Also by following proper diet plan we can cure these diseases. Wash your eyes properly and regularly. Keep water in your mind for a little long time. This expands eyes muscles. This can improve your eyesight. Use proper medicines and eyedrops. The eyedrop will improve your eyesight and can also help in removing your spectacles.


Take a brake in every forty-five and your eyes with water. This not only relaxes you but also relaxes your eyes muscles. This can improve your ability to see. While working in offices or computers take break and see the greeny outside, if present anywhere. If there are no trees around, just stay away from devices for sometime. Minimize the use of mobile phones and laptops. This badly harms your eyes.

Stop playing too much games in your device. Children now a days spread hours playing games. And while playing, they get so much lost in them that they even don’t maintain the proper distance between eyes and phones or other devices. A proper distance should be maintained between eyes and device we are using. Due to this habit eye sights of children are getting weaker. Best is to play outside but today’s children prefer devices more. Parents provide phones to their children in very small age. This is really harmful not even for present generation but also for coming generation. So, I advice every one to follow the following above tips and make your eye sight better. This will not even improve your life style and also good for coming generation.