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Tips to increase height in a month / Height Comparison

Height is a very important aspect of personality development. Height comparison has become a day to day thing in children now a days. It is a major add up to your personality. And, tall people are far above other people in personality. Yes, that’s true that too much height is not good enough but there are many advantages of being tall. People have a habit of comparing the height from others. Some of the advantages of being tall are listed below:

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Advantages: Height Comparison

  1. As I have already mentioned earlier that tall people look smarter than the shorter ones.
  2. According to a study conducted, it is proved that person having large height have lesser risk of diabetes.
  3. A university of Edinburgh study found that people who are shorter had a greater risk of dying with dementia than taller ones.
  4. Your height may be a cause for some heart troubles such as atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), it also could protect you from serious heart issues.
  5. And yes last but not the least, tall people looks more confident than others.

So it is shown that tall height has numerous advantages. So in this article I am going to tell you 10 different ways to increase height. But wait a second, as it is said there is no shortcut for anything, which means you will also have to follow proper diet plan to increase height. There are major three ways to increase height: exercises, proper diet and medicines and height supplements.

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Exercises to increase height:

  1. Hanging exercise : this exercise is very conveient, as it does not require any equipment to do so. All you need is to just find any horizontal bar or branch of tree. All you need todo just is that hold the bar tightly and try to hangout touching the ground with your feet for as long as you can. Position your palm so that they face away from you. Relax your body.
  2. Downward dog : get down on your knees and hands. Your hands should be in front of your shoulder.raise your knees from the floor. Your tailbone should should be lifted towads the ceiling. Push your heel towards the floor gently.
  3. Cobra Pose : for this you need a sports mat. Lie down on on the floor. Your palm should stay face down position in the middle of your ribs. Your legs should be together. The top of your feet should be flat on the floor. Use your back muscles, not your arms to to lift your chest from the floor.
  4. Cat and Cow stretch : take a position on your hands and knees. Slowly press your spine up and arc your back. This is cat pose, stay in this position for 5 seconds and then change your pose to cow pose. Scoop your spine in, lift your head , and press the shoulder blades back. Repeat this step 10 times.
  5. Calves Stretch : face the wall staning a bit more than arms length away. Step forward with your right leg. Your left leg should be extended behind you with the heel flat on the floor. Start to bend your right knee pressing down on the heel of your left leg. Slowly increase the duration of being in the position.

Some other tips-

Neck Stretch : sit down on a chair. It should properly support your back. Bend your chin until it touches your chest. Bend your neck as far as it can go witout you feeling pain. Repeat this exercise for 5 times by remaining in the same position for 20 seconds. Tilt your head back as if you want to see the stars. Also repat this for 5 times by remaining in the same poition for 20 seconds.

  1. Hip Flexor Stretch : get down on your right knee positionong your right foot on the floor in font of you. Put your hands on the right knee at the same time pressing your hip forward. You should feel a good stretch in your hip flexors.
  2. Lifting up your toes : it can even prolong your age by decades. Stand straight with your heels raised to about 2 inches. Hold and fall back on your heel. Repeat this for 30 seconds 8-10 times a day.
  3. Skipping : it is a high strength and speedy activity. Skipping stretches full body muscles and helps increasing the height.
  4. Swimming : swimming is also a very effective way of increasing the height. During swimming all muscles and ligaments are stretched and it helps in increasing the height. Breast stroke is one of the most satisfactory way swimming for increasing the height.

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Increasing Height and its Comparison –

Along with exercise proper diet and nutrition is also needed to increase the height.

Protein is a very important nutrient for increasing the height as it enhances the process of cell division which result in faster height growth. The most common source of proteins are cereals, pulses, egg, fish, meat etc.

Along with protein other vitamins and minerals are also required to become taller. One must follow proper diet plan and should take balanced amount nutrients and minerals so as to maintain the proper functioning of body and proper height growth.

Along with all this one last thing could also help in increasing the height, and they are called as height supplements. These are special type of pharmaceutical drugs which increses the height. These are the shortcut way of increasing the height but as we know shortcut for anr achievement is not so fruitful. Height supplements have adverse effect on the human body. One cannot feel those effects in at sudden time but it leaves a large time impact on the human body. reduces the bone density due to which bone becomes weaker and can gets broken easily.


Gaining height is not as hard as you think of it, but at the same time its not even easy to be achieved in few days. It requires proper nutrients and exercise daily.

So its my advice that do not touch any type of height supplements for height growth instead just perform the above exercises continuesly along with proper diet. You will surely see the result soon and you will find yourself taller than previous.

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