10 Easy Ways To Speed up WordPress Site | Get the Rocket like loading speed for your website.


How to Speed up your WordPress website just by following a few steps.

Is your WordPress website running slow? Does your site respond very late? Having trouble with your site loading time? So here is the solution for all your problems. We are here with some of the easiest tips to make your WordPress site load faster than ever before so that you can boost up your site ranking on Google. Get the best solutions to speed up your WordPress.

The WordPress site loading time is one of the most important thing for a website. The longer the loading time the lower the website ranking, the lesser the traffic, the lesser the money.

WordPress loading can be affected due to many factors. Some of the most common reasons for WordPress running slow/slowly loading are –

  • Slow or bad quality of hosting that is unable to handle the level of traffic of the website.
  • Use of unwanted and bad quality of plugins, for example, using a free plug may not work properly, keeping inactive plugins on your website. 
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)is a must. If you have a high traffic attracting site then you must have a CDN. The absence of CDN creates a huge load on the hosting and the site becomes slow and less responsive.
  • No use of image optimizer of image compressor Or use of a bad or free version of image optimizer can lead to slow down your WordPress website.
  • Not using HTTPS or HTTP2 on your website.
  • Using an old version of PHP may lead to the slow running of your website.
  • Using slow plugins or outdated plugins that don’t work properly.
  • Running out of storage, If the storage of your WordPress site is low then it will cause slowing down the site.

10 Tips to speed up your WordPress Website.

Follow the following 10 tips to keep boosting your site speed and increasing the ranking of your site to the top. Go through all the methods stated below-

1> Use High-Quality Web Hosting –

Web hosting is the most considerable part of your site. It is the most fundamental component for anything working online. A web hosting is a service using which one can post a website or web post on the internet. Its a business of providing a hosting to the website owner to publish their sites on the internet.

So stop using poor and cheap 3 to 4 dollar web hostings. Buy a well reputed and well-dignified Webhosting. Get a high-quality web hosting that has HTTP2 protocol support to publish your website. Using a good Webhosting with great protocol support makes a huge difference from the world.

Don’t go cheap bargains or discounted web hosting they provide thousands of Webhosting service to thousands of websites and end up having slow server and a highly loaded server. If your website is your main source of earning then you must go for a good and high priced web hosting. Even some of the high priced web hosting are also not good for your site sometimes they also lead to a slow server response. 

Some of the fast WordPress web hosts we recommend are –

Some of the slow web hosts that end up making your WordPress site slow are –

  • Site5
  • 1and1
  • Any host that is part of EIG
  • Crazy domains

This is some of the web hosting providers who provide web hosting to a lot of websites on a single server and causing the website to be slow and face delay while loading.

2> UsingCaching to speed up WordPress loading time-

This is a must-do thing for your website. This can be the key component for making your WordPress website Run as Fast as you want it to. Caching does all the thinking and processing which is required to serve the visitor, way before the visitor request to the webserver for the information. 

WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin for doing the Caching work for your website. It’s an easy to use plugin and gives you a great boost in the performance. It’s a paid plugin which costs about 39 dollars per year for a single site user, $99/year for 3 sites and $199 for Unlimited Sites. 

If you want a free Caching plugin then you could install W3 Total Cache. It is the fastest Caching plugin for your WordPress website. But is less considered by the new users as its highly complicated to use for beginners. Unless you know what to do with this plugin and how to do it, you will break down your website. But if you could handle this plugin with absolute wellness then you will be getting a huge difference in the site speed/performance in just a few days. 

3> Start using CDN(Content Delivery Network) and/or Cloudflare –

It is a service that sits before your hosting and gives a great boost to the performance of the website. Cloudflare.com is the fastest DNS server provider in the world. They act as a website accelerator giving a quick high running speed to the website. CDN is a network chain of servers that host your website in the world on a high ranking. For those sites have the server in the international boundaries CDN is one of the must thing as it helps to convert the server and content in the server of other countries.

We recommend you to prefer KeyCDN for your website.

4> Switch to HTTPS to take a benefit of the HTTP2 protocol network.

When your website is encrypted with the HTTPs mode then your website software will use the HTTP2 protocol which is much faster than that of HTTP1.1 protocol.

But the most important thing is that most of the cheap hosts do not support the HTTP2 protocol so the choice of Good host also matters for this case. If you want to check whether your site supports the HTTP2 protocol or not then go on the SiteSpeedBot.com. This will check it for you. HTTPS encryption boosts up the site speed.

5> Take use of PHP 7 instead of using the old PHP 5.6

The new PHP 7 will increase the speed of your WordPress website to 30% faster than ever before in comparison to that of PHP 5.6. PHP is the base of your WordPress website. As PHP is the language on which WordPress runs, it is the programming framework of the website. The PHP 7 was launched in 2015 and it is 3 times faster than all the previous versions of PHP. If you switch to version 7.1 or 7.1 to then it will give you an additional 20% increase in the speed. 

But as of the current scenario and competition in the websites, we would recommend you to go for PHP 7.4. Which is currently released and can give some more boost in the speed.

6> Compressor or Image Optimizer-

As a lot of images are uploaded on any of the websites daily. On an average for a small and new single blogger, the average image upload on the site is around 25 to 30 images per day. According to this, you can imagine how much load of images will come on the site. This overload makes the site go slow.

To overcome this problem you must have a good Image Optimizer. That can compress and optimize the images uploaded on the website.

We recommend you to use paid image optimizer’s so that the images can be compressed on a bulk action. But you can also go for the free versions of it.

For example for a single site user, ShortPixel is one of the best Image Optimizer. It also provides a free trial version for you. This is one of the best Optimizer for your website. 

7> Disable the plugins that are not in use.

There are a lot of plugins that are of no use but are installed on your website. At first monitor the plugins that you have installed on your site and uninstall the plugins that are not in use. Or you can disable them for that point of time if you need them n future. Because the plugins that are not in use makes the WordPress site slow while running.

8> Don’t use too many WordPress plugins –

Using too many plugins on your website makes it slow. Too many plugins keep using space and processing of the site. This at the end makes the site performance low creating a lot of load on the web site.

9> Select fast and easy to access themes-

Selection of themes also plays an important role in the loading speed of your website. As for them with a lot of widgets can make the site go slow.

Less crowded or properly optimized teams helps speed up your WordPress website.

Use a simple and classic theme for your website to keep it perform smoothly on loading. You can make a go through to even our own website to have a look and decide your theme preference for the site.

10> Choose your server location closest to your ideal audience-

As knowing about your site you must be knowing that which country audience is the most responsive on your website. If you select the server of a country where your web content is of no use then this may also cause you to have a slow speed for your website.

So this was all about the tips for making your WordPress website work faster than ever before and rank on the top.