How To Improve Laptop’s Battery Life in 4 easy Steps

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How to improve the Laptop’s battery life!!


Nowadays electronic gadgets are getting more and more powerful but with these easing technology one problem which should be a great concern is getting neglected: that is the bat-tery of these gadgets. BATTERY LIFE  of gadgets has become a great concern.

many people just ignore this important part of their important laptops. though efforts are being made to update the technology of the batteries from a long period companies are using the lithium-ion batteries which get drained if used at high performance.

But there are things we can do to make our loved laptop’s battery life to live long with us.

But at first, there are some of the myths with laptop batteries: Battery life


1.Letting your laptop charge though it is fully charged:

This was the problem with the laptops from the 2000s. the bat-tery is made up of li-ion. charging the battery means the flow of electrons but if you imposed extra electric pressure on the bat-tery it’s a tendency to gain electron decreases with time and so its battery time. but the latest generation laptops have a system to cut off the charge flow once the battery is fully charged.

2.Using your laptop while charging damages the battery:

Laptops usage at the time of charging does not affect batteries health.

3.You should charge your battery only when it is fully drained:

eventually, it will decrease the battery life of your laptop. It is believed that li-ion battery has memory and needed to be fully drained before charging but nothing of this all bullshit is true.

4.You should charge you laptop right after unboxing:

It was true for old generation laptops which had a nickel-ion based bat-tery but this has nothing to do with the li-ion battery.

Though the bat-tery of your windows laptops and MacBook does not last long as long they advertise. Though some unportable devices can endure battery storage up to 10-14 hours. There are some of the key factors you need to pay attention to better battery life.
what can you do to improve bat-tery life:

1.Use the battery power manager at the right bottom of your windows laptop:

slide this slider to at better battery mode for long battery time with considerably good performance


2.For MacBook:

Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro laptops don’t have a bat-tery slider, although many of the same settings described above are present in the Energy Saver preferences.

To open it, click on the Spotlight magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen, search for Energy Saver, and then click on the Bat-tery tab. If you want to approximate the Windows Better Bat-tery or Bat-tery Saver modes, make sure that the options “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” and “Slightly dim the display while on battery power” are checked, and the option “Enable Power Nap while on battery power” is unchecked. With Power Nap enabled and your MacBook asleep, the machine will wake up now and then to check for updates. Disabling it keeps your MacBook fully asleep when it is asleep. until you choose to wake it up.

3. turn of wifi or often use laptops at aeroplane mode to save an extra per cent of bat-tery, letting on wifi often drains battery a but faster as many apps run on in the background. 

4. turn of  all the background as they result in bat-tery drainage 

5. Dim your screen


laptops screen is the major user of the battery, it takes a serious percentage of battery dimming it too minimum might hurt your eye but it will be fruitful your bat-tery. the brightness adjusting keys are mostly the f keys with a little sun or light symbol on it. If your laptop doesn’t have these keys or if they don’t work. Then, in this case, open Windows 10s action centre by holding windows key and press A. there will be brightness adjusting slider at the bottom.

6.Eject all the External Devices if not in use to increase battery life


eject the mouse, external keyboard, hard disk etc. these gadgets are also responsible for the drainage of the bat-tery. Many laptops have function buttons to turn off the built-in webcam, which drains the battery if given the chance. And switch your speakers to mute if you do not need sound – your laptop beeping every time it gets an email or boots Windows can be a drain.

Invest in some gadgets- practising some of the above tips may increase your laptop’s battery to some extent but if you need your lappy to go on for whole day you can buy a portable laptop battery charger which can give some extra hours of battery. These are usually compact battery units that have adapters for most laptops and mobile phones, which is portable enough to be placed in a bag and has enough capacity to double the length of your charge.

7. Upgrade to an SSD if possible to increase battery life-


Mechanical hard disks are still common in most of the laptops but these hard disks need some extra energy for spinning of their platter but SSD is a solid drive with so such parts, in fact, an SSD  will increase the response time of your laptop.

8.manage your memory-

Running multiple apps or using a number of tabs not only slows your laptops but also depletes the bat-tery percentage rapidly the quick fix for this problem can be increasing your memory. Though whatever your memory level is, it is never recommended to run multiple apps or use multiple tabs at the same time as it not only affects your battery but affects the performance of your laptop too.


9. Switching to internal graphics-

If your laptop has external graphics chip (AMD 0r Nvidia), it has a fair chance it will have an integrated graphic  (Intel),  it is known while using a high-performance app or playing a game your graphics setting should be set to powerful graphics chip. But most of the modern design can be set to the integrated one, and it will have a positive effect on your laptop battery run time


though the manufacturers brag about their products(of course to attract customers) it is up to us how we use the gadget. I will say its an 80:20 part to be played for a gadget 20% for the manufacturers to give a quality product and  80% for us how we treat it and use it

If you got some more tips to share please let us know in the comment section.


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