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The new corona virus, COVID-19, have affected 197 countries and even one international conveyance, the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan.Due to COVID-19, many countries were ordered lockdown, many international air-service postponed, many companies shut down and many schools and universities closed. This created disastrous health, economic and job crises among people. Many people have already lost their jobs and some others are risking their lives to work by outdoor activities. Zoom is set to help people by providing User support and Business Continuity during the Corona virus Outbreak.

It believes that every business has the social responsibility to contribute back to society during such a crisis. The company is doing everything they can to provide resources and support to those navigating the corona virus outbreak. The company has already made all its service free in the affected areas, mainly in China which has helped many companies and employees to secure their jobs.

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Zoom has helped people in every field including economic, health, education and even entertainment by providing an online meeting platform. When employees are not able to get to the office when teams cannot travel to see customers, when many job-interviews are canceled and when the students are unable to attend -on-site classes, Zoom is there to help them, where they can be as good and productive they were before with just a Zoom meeting license.


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Eric Yuan, the founder, and CEO of ZOOM video communications started the company in 2011. Its headquarters is located in San Jose, California, USA. Eric Yuan also worked as a lead engineer in the Cisco system and its collaboration business unit WebEx. The company started its services in January 2013. by  May 2013 about one million customers joined its services. The company also launched its “Works with Zoom” which became very famous and many software and hardware companies established a partnership with Zoom including Logitech. By September 2017, Zoom hosted its first annual customer conference, Zoomtopia.

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In March 2019, Zoom filed an application on Nasdaq Composite and on 18th April the application was accepted and the company went public on NASDAQ. According to reports, the company has crossed more than one billion minutes of online meetings and services. In  May 2013 about one million customers joined its services. By June 2014, the number of customers using Zoom ‘s services reached nearly ten million. In February 2015, the number of people using Zoom meetings has grown up to forty million and about 65,000 organizations are being subscribed. Today nearly about 2000 employees are working in the company.

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On 17th March, Zoom added a new feature by which participants can join meetings by just dialing into a toll-free public switched number. Later in the same year, the company also added the mobile screen sharing feature only for iOS. The company also introduced a virtual background feature for its users. It also gives security features for its users by providing Secure Socket Layer encryption.


What is Zoom conferencing?

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Video conferencing is a trending technology and has helped people worldwide in reducing their travel costs, better client interaction and increased productivity. Zoom Video communication is a service-based web application used for online meetings such as business meetings, conferences, classroom teaching and interaction, health-based meetings and casual friendly conversation. It’s high-quality service and user-friendly capabilities made it trending in the market within a short time. It provides unlimited free access to its services like – audio, video, screen sharing, online meetings across for both its mobile and desktop users where you can conduct an unlimited number of 1-1 online meetings for an unlimited time.


Zoom for students

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After the outbreak of the new corona virus, the COVID-19, students were advised to stay at home and all schools and universities were shut down. It created a very long gap between students and educators. The education system had stopped for a period and students and teachers did not know what to do. Many exams were postponed, many job interviews canceled and most importantly the basic classroom interaction had stopped. Zoom solved all these problems by giving students and teachers to live free access to unlimited meetings.

Zoom Video Communication (NASDAQ: ZM)is helping students by providing all its videoconferencing tools for free for K-12 schools only. It has also removed the time limits from complementary accounts for the regions affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19. The company has come up as one of the most powerful weapons in the fight to keep learning and educate people. According to reports, the company gained about 67% of customers with a total increase of about 343,000 downloads around the world.

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A student does not need an account on Zoom to join a meeting however a teacher needs to have one. You can use a mobile, tablet, desktop to access Zoom. In mobile, you will need to install an app for this purpose. If you are a student you need to get the meeting info from your teachers which can be sent via SMS, e-mail which contains the classroom information. It is advised to use a desktop for the best experience as the screen is large and you do not need to hold it all the time like in case of the smartphones.

Here students can virtually raise their hands to ask questions and also mention Thumbs up emoji. Students have control over the audio and video of themselves which they can turn on and off anytime they want. You can also send messages to all the members just typing it just once and can also send them messages personally. A student can join and leave the meeting anytime they want. The high-quality live video conference gives a classroom type environment and helps students get back to their studies.

Zoom for mental health


Zoom has made all its services free for charitable foundations and medical institutions like the hospital to help them fight the corona virus epidemic. Many of these foundations in cooperation with some psychology specialists and professors are training thousands of mental health counselors and are making them ready for psychological consultations with doctors and their patients using Zoom video Webinars in Wuhan, China. More than 312,056 participants joined the training sessions between 29th January and 25th February for about 84.6 hours.


Zoom for health care and medical facilities

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Zoom is providing high-quality video meetings and conferences to provide flexible online consultations, treatment, to conduct remote-controlled diagnosis and other medical services to help people fight the corona virus epidemic. It provides doctor-patient direct interactions that provide a chamber-like environment while maintaining social distancing.


Zoom in affected areas

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Zoom has removed its forty-minute limit for its free customers in China with unlimited time for meetings and more than two participant option. It is improving its services and is continuously monitoring its servers to provide maximum reliability among any capacity increase. The company also holds information sessions where people from affected areas can learn how to use it. Zoom, with the help of China Education Information Platform, started a Zoom video conference platform that helps in online research and education in China.


Zoom for birthday parties and marriages

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Many countries have ordered complete lockdown to minimize the spread of COVID-19. This caused one of the preschooler’s families to completely isolate. It seemed that Harry had to spend his birthday all alone. However, a London-based drama found a solution for this by offering a video chat-based birthday party celebration with all his friends.

Due to COVID-19, many marriages were being canceled to stop the spread of the virus. However, a couple(Christie and Jeff) in California presented a new idea of marriage from home. They sent a marriage invitation via Google Calendar to all their friends and other close members. The invitation was for four hours later. In an attempt to save money they decided to use free Zoom account for this purpose. As photographers, they took turns snapping shots of one another. Another such online marriage was seen in India.



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Many governments around the world have issued orders for total lockdown – all businesses, schools, universities shut down. All company business meetings have been postponed and many job interviews canceled. Companies like Starbucks have even canceled plans for its live shareholding meeting, and have opted for a virtual one. Governments and companies around the world are advising their members to work from home. Zoom provides all features to perform this program. Employees can attend online meetings and even display their projects on screen by the share screen option.

The company made all its services free in the area affected by COVID-19 like China. Companies may continue their work and progress even in these tough times of pandemic, as declared by the World Health Organization. Students do not need to worry as the exams and job interviews may be conducted online. This whole process solves the problem of the spread of the new corona virus, the COVID-19, and the business process. It also encourages the use of the latest technology for daily purposes, changing the system of the whole system online.




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