Bhagwad Geeta, yes the one you have been thinking as a Religious Book that is sold in temples and bookshops largely when you visit India.

But I will say it is not just a religious book but also a Scientific book itself. You would be thinking how is it possible but your all confusions will vanish when you will read below thoroughly.


Am gonna tell you some of the things that were written in Bhagwat Geeta about 5000 years ago.

You believe it or not but still there are many great researchers who read Bhagwat Geeta, not as a religious book but as a scientific document.

There are many modern theories to which you can relate to many things said in Bhagwad Geeta.

Even if you believe in god or not but one should give it a try as it is said in India that Bhagwat Geeta has all the answers for one’s entire life’s problems and confusions.


If you are an Atheist just consider this as a Scientific book.


Geeta is often considered as a great book for psychology but do you know it also has knowledge about topics like biology, maths, physics and astrology.


But before I start don’t be judgemental while going through it and before getting to any conclusion just try to understand properly the things those are written and then you can share your opinion in the comment section.




According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy can not be created nor be destroyed, it only can be transformed from one form to another. It is also known as an energy conservation law.

For eg. When you turn on a room-heater the coils get heated due to the electric current flowing through it. Here the Electrical energy is converted into heat and a little amount of light energy.


Another example when you turn on a fan the electrical energy is converted into rotational energy.

In a generator when it rotates the coil mechanically due to magnetic effect the energy is converted into electrical energy.


In BhagwadGeeta, this theory is explained in this way-

Chapter-2 verse-23 it is said that our soul can never be destroyed nor it created it only changes its outer body. Now you might be thinking how these both theories are relatable but just try to understand what our soul actually is.


It is only a form of energy which keeps us alive, which is the sparks of life.and this soul energy is released from our body when we die. It can be in a large amount or in a minor one.

  1. MEDITATION-in Bhagwad Geeta

There are some techniques from china and japan from which we can control our subconscious mind. These techniques can help us reduce stress from our daily life. These techniques also help in reducing anger and increases the ability to focus properly. And can help to attain peace of mind.


But in Geeta chapter-6 Dhyanyoga all these techniques and advantages and ways to do them are thoroughly mentioned.

Techniques which China and japan claim to be there were written and very clearly are elaborated In The Geeta chapter-6.


In Bhagwad Geeta, it is quoted “AHAM BIJA PRADAH PITAH”. which means A life can only be formed from another form of life. That I mean it clearly defies the theory of spontaneous.

Theory of spontaneous life states that life can be formed using non-living matter. Like if any being is born from a nonliving thing or kind of machine. But let me clear it is not a theory but it is just h hypothesis which means it can be possible or either way until its proved.

Scientist Louis pasture state in his spontaneous theory of life that life can not be formed from a nonliving thing.

He was the one who invented the pasteurizing technique of Milk. He boiled the milk for a certain amount of time. Killing all the bacteria in it and due to this no fungus was formed in it and Milk can be preserved for months. This proved the theory of spontaneous generation is not valid.


People like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkings who are really futuristic said that this universe can be the simulation.

In Geeta Lord Krishna said that this world is a “MAYAJAAL” which means Matrix. According to him, he is the programmer of this Universe and we live inside a computer program. And there are many other programs with many other developers.

The theory of multiverse was explained in Bhagwad Geeta 5000 years ago to which modern scientists believe to be a really strong hypothesis.


According to the parallel universe theory that the black holes are the connecting link between the universes.

You can get more info about parallel verse theory here-:



Did you ever imagine that a book which was written 5000 years has modern theories? which were not proposed until 19th to 20th century?

There are many things in Bhagwad Geeta which are proved in the field of psychology and science.

Geeta is also translated and published in English, Japanese, Chinese, German and many more languages.

Hop[e all this information can inspire you to read Geeta at least once in your life.