The 10 most terrifying and dangerous forests in the world| Haunting facts!



Forest is one of the most beautiful thing created by the God. A huge area covered by millions of trees. Large size trees, small size plants, beautiful bushes, different types of animals and many other things. A vast area with different types of vegetation, forest provide a huge help to human beings. The most important part of the forest is plants. They provide food to all animals, directly or indirectly.
A single forest contains a huge category of plants.

Diversity is the main characteristics of plants and forest contains a great diversity among plants. They provide us various number of things that we need in our day-to-day life. You can easily count the number of things that forest provide us for our daily usage. Rubber, jute, and most important paper. Apart from these things, there are more number of things to count. And we all know that food is the primary thing provided by plants. Due to these usage of plants, forest have become most important thing in our social life. But we all know that we are harming our forest by taking excess of material from it. We should stop doing that, otherwise it will become a great threat to human life.

Other important thing is animals. Forest contain number of varities of animals. These animals are important for our biological cycle. Some work as non-veg food for animals. There are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores animals. Everyone play its own part. Human being is also a animal, a omnivore type with develop brain and advanced mind. Every animal play its role in biological cycle. Forest contains a great varities of animals. From a minute particle size to a huge size animals, they increase the beauty of forest. Animals with various colours, beautifully shaded on their skin, fur or further give a next level beauty to forest.

Forests are famous for their beauty. Plants and animals provide a great beauty to it, but apart from this there are many other things due to which the beauty of the forest gets enchanted. Rivers flow through forests with clear transparent water, sometimes making a great waterfall. This makes forest feel like heaven. Soft grasses, beautiful grounds and number of things that increase the beauty of forests and also nature. But everything has to faces. One positive and one negative.

Most dangerous forests

We have discussed about the positive face of forest. But now we will but in front of you its negative face. Every forest has its own feedback that make them dangerous. Forests are very useful for humans but they are equally dangerous. So, we will discuss about top ten most dangerous forest in the world. You should never try to underestimate these forests, otherwise it can also be the cause of your death.

1. Sambisa Forest

It the most dangerous forest in the world. It is located in Nigeria. The reason behind the danger in it is not any natural region, but the reason is the human being itself. This is because of the dangerous terrorist group named Boko Haram Jihadist group. This is the most dangerous terrorist group in the world. And this forest comes under the area occupied this group. They have taken this forest under their control in 2013. Since, then there are terrorists with harmful weapons in whole forest. They kidnap children and young girls from Nigeria and take them to forest and take work from them. It is very difficult to track them and shoot down in this dense forest. So, they do their crime easily and by this they make this forest most dangerous in the world.

2. Crooked Forest

This dangerous forest is located in Poland. This is famous for its paranormal activities and sightings. Due to these activities it is rated in the list of most dangerous forests. The trees present here are in crooked shape pointing towards northern direction. It was built in 1930 by planting number of pine trees. There is no any specific theory about this type of shape of trees. There are many theories but all got failed. Crooked forest is also know for its haunting and unusual activities at night. These haunting activities make it more dangerous and horror.

3. Amazon Rain forest

We all know about Amazon Rain forests. These huge and vast forests in present in Brazil. Here flows world’s largest river, Amazon river. They are the world’s largest forests containing maximum number of flora and fauna. You will be surprised to know that there is still not a single photo in which it is captured fully, this much big it is. It provides maximum contribution to vegetation. There are still many plant and animals species are present in it that are yet to be discovered. Due to its thickness and density, people who go deep into it never come back.

4. Hoia Baciu Forest

This is the creepiest forest present in Romania. It is also famous by the name of “Vomit forests”. It is know by this name because of the sensation of vomiting, headache and nausea if go inside in it. This could be dangerous if spent few time in it, said by the village people living in that area. There is also the rumour of UFOs and different types of noise in it. People around this area are really scared to go inside it, specially at night.

5.The Black Forest

This haunted type is present in Germany. This is a very huge and dangerous. It give a perfect sensation of horror if walked through it. This is so much dense that even the sunlight could not touch the ground at daytime. This give rise to many virtual characters due to haunted noises that come out through it.

6. Aokigahara Forest

Aokighahara forests are present in Japan and is considered as the most haunted one of Japan. It also know by the name “Suicide Forest”, due to suicides attempted by the people there. People present around it prefer it as most suitable place to kill themselves. Nearby also call it as “Home of Ghosts” due to mysterious sound in it. People going there have no other choice other than suicide. This is because if people enter there than they have to end their life and if they do not do so, then they never come back. There is no way to lead you to your destination. People forget their way and at last they have no option other than suicide. There are hanging skeletons and death bodies present inside it. This makes it a horror place also.

7. Freetown State Forest

Freetown forest is the most haunted one, present in USA. All paranormal activities happen in this. People have reported unusual creatures and UFOs around here. All crimes and illegal activities take place in this. Paranormal activities with various crimes make it the most horror one.

8. Dering Wood

Dering Wood is present in Britian and it is also the haunted forest. It is the most haunted in whole world with many mysteries and tragedic history. This is really a horror place with number of ghostly appearance around it. There is also the reported cases of appearing of ghost in daytime also. At night it is filled with different types of haunted noises. People have also told about the feel of someone following them while passing through it. The reason behind it is given as the killings that have been done during crime scenes.

9. Jog Fall Environ Forest

It is located in India and consist of one of the most beautiful waterfall in Karnataka, Jog Falls. There are still number of waterfalls present in this that are considered unexplored. Entry is strictly restricted in these forests and people who enter illegially have to face death. There are still number of mysteries in this that are yet to be discovered.

10. Sagano Bamboo Forest

This is also present in Japan and give the feel of heaven to the people who visit there. It consist of bamboo trees all around with gentle wind blowing around. This is to gorgeous and makes it a attractive tourist place. But it consist of deadly insect and animals that can end human life in few seconds. This makes it in the counting of most dangerous forests.