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Free Website Hosting

Here we are with some tricks to get the free web hosting for your website for free and for a lifetime. For this, you are not required to enter your credit card information anywhere. Get you web hosting for free just by doing some of the simple sign-up and registration process. Take your site to the top with the best web hosting provided.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows you to post your website, webpage or posts on the internet. It is a business that provides you with the technology to post or upload your website or web related work on the internet server.
If you are looking for a hosting for your website then there are many hosting websites available for you. But they will charge you some amount of money. Many of the high rated hostings are ranked at a very high price.
For example, you are looking for hosting from Go-daddy they will charge you a very huge amount for buying it. Most of the time the plans are also not just for a month or tow they mostly offer you a plan for minimum 1 year. But here we have a method to get the free hosting for your website.

Bluehost (One of the best Website Hosting Provider) –

Bluehost one of the best free web hosting site. They provide you with the best free web hosting for your domain name. They offer you unlimited free web hosting on the email accounts. To get a free web hosting from the BLUEHOST you have to visit their site and click on the sign-up option and you are just required to fill those further info and provide your domain name in the given box and proceed to get your free domain.

It is a WordPress prescribed web hosting platform. They also provide you with free domain names for making up your sites. They give a good speed but as of being a free hosting your server speed is near about the average ratings.You cant use it for a heavy resource site else the loading time of the site will increase very much. Some times the downtime lasts for a long time. They provide you with the customer support service for solving the problems of the consumers. They are faster than 86% of the other tested websites. Bluehost also provide you with some of the pre-made video supports and training tutorials.

They say that they provide you unlimited web hostings but that not a proper truth, they have some of the restrictions and limitations like 1000 database table limit, 2GB MySQL database size limit. It provides great security options with the hosting, feature of auto-installers and app integrations, fast setup onboardig, etc.
Bluehost is one of the best platforms to get your free web hosting.

visit Bluehost –


This is a wonderful site for getting free web hosting for your sites. It is one of the most well-known company for providing free or paid web hosting. 000webhost is the first cloud hosting web. Prepared with AWX technoligies.
When you reach the site you are supposed to do free sign-up on the website. Hostinger is the parent company of 000webhost. They provide you cheap and best web hosting for your site. 000webhost provide you a lifetime free web hosting plan, unlike the others who provide it for free just for 2 to 3 months.

These hostings that are provided by 000webhost to you for free comes with some of the limitations. They provide you with a built-in DDoS attack protection, firewalls. They have an administrative team that keeps an eye on its server all around the world. The company provide you with the support of PHP, MySQL, Curl, GD2, VML, Zend, PHP sockets, .htaccess files, etc.
000webhost has the cPanel as well as the additional custom control panel with a range of administration tools and a bunch of one-click installers. You will be able to use the domain, park domain and other basic tasks. They have a feature of instant account activation and well processing of the upgrades at the same time.

Currently, it is truly and 100% free web hosting giving an ultra cloud storage to SSD and DDoS attack protection.
It is easy to use as you can create accounts easily. Account activation is very instant. Provides free subdomains. Easy upgrades, the verity of website development tools are provided, can get the web hosting for your dummy accounts.

Hostgator –

This might be one of those oldest and biggest website hosting company. They are one of the best as being one of the biggest, they still try to improve their site and their performance. It provide the hostings which basically comes with the unlimited storage, bandwidth and free domain(just for 1 year). They also provide you with free SSL certificate support. They have a customer support service which connects to the consumer on a live chat and try to resolve their problems. Unfortunately, they have a bad loading time for their free web hostings. They provide a great security service and backup feature to you.

Pros of the Hostgator-

It has a strong and stable uptime for the site which is about 99.89% on an average. They have been on 99.98 to 100 on a consistent uptime for a few months. It provide a very good customer support, their support team is always there to support you with video call problem resolving method.
They have a site security feature available for you, free cPanel support and migration. They have a very user-friendly interface for the users. It can be used in a very easy and convenient way, one of the best for beginners. has different hosting plans like WordPress, Cloud hosting, VPS and Dedicated services, Shared.

Cons –

Slow page speed – Its one of the most important cons is its speed. It has a slow loading and using page speed. Their average page loading speed is about 1191ms. It some times affects the visitors of the site.
It takes lots of extra fees for true backups, gmail and malware.
The industry standard pricing tricks out the customers, at first they advertise at very low rates or free of cost and then they start showing their prices and plans for a high cost.

Visit Host-gator just by clicking-


VIEWEN (Free website hosting provider) is a site that provides many free hosting to you for a lifetime without even asking for any of your credit card details. This website provides you with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for your contents. Using this you will get a cloud hosting with cPanel. Free SSL certificate, free support from the support team. Their support team is very good. You will also be getting unlimited resources, social media support to connect with your Facebook account, twitter, Instagram, etc.

They don’t give any adds with their hosting as well as give the PHP and MySQL support for your website editing. Free transfer from free hosting without any loss with an unlimited disk space.
You can get unlimited website hosting from this website. These were some of the main features of this website. For any of your doubts, they have a terms and condition menu where you can go and read to clear all your doubts.
You are just required to visit the website and fill the given instructions as and register your credentials to their website. At the end, you will be provided with a Free Web Hosting.
Note- You have to do all those steps in a very serious manner as if you miss any of the steps then you will feel difficulty while getting the free web hosting.
So this was all about the Free Web Hosting Sites. You can go to these sites and try to get the best hosting at free, for you and boost up your Web site and keep doing your work and start earning.

Click here to visit Viewen-

Up-time comparison of all 4 sites-

Bluehost up-time - 99.99% on an average for 2020.

Hostgator up-time-99.98% to 100% on an average.

Viewen up-time-99.97% (February 2018 to January)

000Webhost up-time- nearly 99% on an average.

Our verdict on getting free website hosting and working on them-

If you are thinking to have a web site for teaching purpose of for learning web development or blogging then you must go for these free web hosting site to get the best out of all. Get your best options just by visiting the above sites.

But I do not suggest you host your website with a free hosting as most of them provide you with a blacklisted server. If you are planning for a realtime website and want to use it as your official and earning website then going for a free web hosting is just a waste.
Free web hosting sites at first show you the adds of giving you free hosting but in further processes they start to ask for some of the paying to provide you a full control or some of the most needed features.
Getting a Free Web Hosting is so easy when you visit these websites and do the sign-up procedures.

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