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Video Game Development

Video game development is basically in simple words is making  games or modifications to be done in a pre-created games. The current scenario or game development is at its peak. The World of the game is very huge. There are lots of companies that are in the rush of developing the best game for gamers. This world is full of opportunities in which you could make your career. The big game company’s offer’s lakhs of rupees to the gamers for developing those games and playing too.

The first-ever developed video game was developed in the 1960s were non-commercial as they required mainframe computers. This was not available to the common public. In the 1970s the commercial game was started to develop. This leads to a high valued platform during the ’80s and ’90s. The ’90s was the revolutionary decade for the gaming world. Most of the advanced gaming platforms and games were developed during that time and the case for the video games also started to increase.

Gaming asset Development-

The software development process is the basis of game development then comes the designing and graphic unit. Games are the creative extracted idea in the form of a virtual outlet of a creative thinker and to create money. The game industry requires innovation and knowledge. The game is being published on the name of the publisher. Every day several small and big companies come up with their ideas and games and make a start-up and launch their games in the market. The game that strikes the interest of gamers becomes popular. Daily many new companies come up some get success and some get closed. Its all about making  games that a gamer could relate and that can attract the interest of the gamers.  

The gaming companies- 

The gaming companies are developing at the peak rate. Daily there are a lot of game is being launched in the market. Some of those well-known games are-

  1. PUBG
  2. GTA V
  3. COD(Call Of Duty)
  4. Assassin’s Creed
  5. Watch Dog’s 1/Watch Dog’s 2
  6. Death Stranding
  7. Sunless Skies
  8. Witcher 3
  9. League of Legends
  10. Counter-Strike Global Offence
  11. WWE SmackDown
  12. WWE 2k19
  13. FIFA 19
  14. Winning 11
  15. Fortnite
  16. God of War
  17. Dota 2
  18. Resident Evil 4
  19. Devil May Cry 5
  20. Moto Gp
  21. NFS, etc…

These were some of the most popular games of the decade. The top well known gaming companies has developed these amazing games. In the game developing companies, they provide a huge amount of money to their workers. Also, with the extra facilities. Companies give psychological consultancies to the employees. Game development takes them in the stage of depression and mental trauma .

They have a lot of stress and tension as they are always thinking of developing the games or fixing the bugs. These gaming companies also provide some gifts or prize money to those who help them to detect the bugs in the games.  

Working in a these developing company is one of those dream jobs that you would like to have in your life. They provide a lot of services to their employees for working for them. Game development is a tough task. It requires a lot of coding skills and command on the logical skills. It includes mathematics, computer science and production skills.

PUBG: Players Unknown Battleground

Roles in a Video Game Development Field-

Video Game Development mainly has two components of it and they are Games asset creation by programming and game designing. The creation part includes the programmers who could code the hundreds of codes to develop a small portion of different games. If you think that only one or two people work on the code and write it then you are wrong. There are hundreds of coders writing the code just to develop a small portion of different games. And the designers are busy to design the new graphics and model of the games. The designers have a pressure of developing or designing an all-new model of the games so that it gets popular in the field of gaming. This the job environment in the gaming industries for now a day’s.

Role of the developer team- 1. Games Producer, 2 Programmer, 3 Creative Writers, 4 Audio Specialist, 5 Game Artists, 6 Graphics Designer, 7 Storyline Editor, 8 Level Designer. All of them have to work hard and to develop games in a new and interesting way. They have to design/create new ideas. This looks too easy as we have to only create ideas right? But the reality is just opposite to it, it’s much harder than it seems.

Production of the game-

The main stage of the Video game development industry is to produce the assets of those games and the source code. It is a challenging stage for the publisher as they have to advertise their games and handle the server so that the downloads would not be interrupted. They have to create CD’s or DVD’s containing the games. Release them in the market and to sell them, show them in the expo.

So this was a brief detail about our gaming industries and their environment.   

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