How To Fix Rounded Shoulders


A good personality is the necessity of time. People may recognize your behavior with your personality. They may judge you with your body language. Apart, from people, everyone wants a good built up personality. This attracts every one, when you walk down through a street, or when you are a part of any conversation. What do you need to build a good impression through your dashing personality? A heavy and fit body, a well-shaped face, straight shoulders, good habits, and other necessities.  If you go for a meeting or some work then, there people first see your personality, your body language and your way of speaking. For a good body language, you should have an attractive look. An attractive look comes from a straight body, tight shoulders, and way of walking. We should have a dashing walk, keeping your body straight. Positive vibes should come out of your body.


Why People Have Rounded Shoulders?

Our center of the discussion is shoulders. We see many people having rounded shoulders instead of straight. This is due to some reasons. People may keep their shoulders bend from their childhood. Due to continuous bending, they get a fix in that shape and until coming of adulthood they get permanent. This can also be a genetic effect. We all know that we can not do anything with it, that is genetic. But I can suggest some tips to fix rounded shoulders. Surely this helps you out.

How To Fix This Rounded Shoulders?

There are various ways to fix rounded shoulders. You Should try each and every way to fix this problem. They are given below. But the very first thing is to keep your shoulders straight. Try to keep them in a fix position. This you can do by seeing in the mirror. See in the mirror that at what point they get fixed up. Keep yourself in that position every time. This will help you very much in restoring the position of it. Other tips are given as follows:


1. Joint Fix

The joint at our back is the most important part of this problem. This joint is the mid-back. If not taken care of, these joints get lose which affects not our lungs but also our shoulders. Due to the loss of the back, our heads and shoulders bow down. This looks too bad.

You can practice a number of exercises to fix this problem. If you are an athlete then you can easily fix this. if not then practice the following. Lie down on the ground with your back up. Then take your one hand form one side to the opposite side and stretch it. Practice this from another side. Do it for ten to fifteen times every day. This will help to solve this problem.


2. Stretches

The muscles around your arms and neck stretch your arms downwards. These muscles contract our upper body part towards the center. This results in rounded shoulders. These muscles need to be stretched in the opposite direction. This is the only treatment you can do to this. If not paid attention, these muscles gain a permanent shape and fix themselves at that position only. So, fix this problem before your muscles become permanent.


The way to solve this is as follows. Bend your hand from the elbow at ninety degrees with your hand, pointing upwards. Now, place your elbow at some fixpoint. Then pull your body in front keeping your arm at that position. This will stretch your muscles back, giving it the back force that it needs. Now practice this with your other hand. Practice for sometime in a day.


3. Exercises

You can practice exercise for this. Exercise to stretch the arm muscles that are contracting. The basic reason behind the rounded shoulders in the muscles contracting. Take a stretchable rope. Hold it tightly with both hands. Now, stretch it to a limit that both hands are at a hundred and eighty degrees to each other. Do it eight to ten times every day. This will be greatly helpful to you.



4. Habit Fixes

This is the easiest way to fix this problem. But you need to practice exercises also. You can practice some daily habits that can fix out this problem. One such habit is to practice with the ball. Sit down on a chair in a straight position, and drop the ball such that it gets holds on the arm. And try that the ball does not fall down. Practice this for a regular time interval and it will surely affect.

Treating or preventing rounded shoulders does not end with exercises. Correct posture will have to be followed at all times to keep the rounded shoulders from returning. Posture is a habit, and just as the body was trained to have poor posture, it must be trained to keep good posture throughout the day.




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