How to get views on YouTube?Tutorial for beginners


How to get views on YouTube?


YouTube is the world’s biggest platform for video streaming. A ton of users uses this platform to express and promote themselves through videos. This platform has numerous users since it is free to use. This platform was invented in 2005 and then bought by Google in 2006. YouTube has become so vital in our lives that many people’s livelihood depends on it. A number of creators earn money from AdSense, an ad served by Google. They create videos on the selected genres and get paid according to the link visits and views. Many also earn indirectly from YouTube. When the creator’s subscribers and views go up, various companies approach that creator to promote their products. In return, they get a lot of money.

Now since YouTube is a free service, many people want to get into it and earn lots and lots of money. Sadly, only a few are able to make it through. Earning through YouTube requires a lot of dedication and hard work. One should be able to produce a number of videos and people should watch their videos. Only then that creators get recognized and get an AdSense license and brand promotions. So basically all of this depends on views. So how to get views from YouTube? Let’s find out –

Thumbnails to get views on YouTube-


There’s no doubt that this is the primary and the most important factor. A thumbnail is the one factor that decides if the user will get views on that video. Viewers generally only click on videos whose thumbnails stand out. One can get many video recommendations about the same topic but the one that has an attractive thumbnail gets the most views. Generally, users make a mistake in selecting the colors to make their thumbnails. YouTube is mostly comprised of colors such as Red, Black, and White. The smart thing to do is to use colors like Orange, Blue, Green, and Yellow. This will make your video stand out. Using colors such as Red, Black and White blend your video with the YouTube database. This means it won’t pop out and would hence get fewer views.

Also, the proper image related to your video helps a lot. There is a term called “clickbait” often used by viewers. What this means is basically fooling the users to believe in something and clicking the video. The outcome turns out to be completely different than the thumbnail but it does increase views. Although I would recommend not doing this as there are a lot of viewers including me who hate this. This can also decrease your views in the future. So stick to the color options and use proper images to briefly describe your videos through your thumbnail.

Keyword Rich Title and Description –

So what is a keyword? It is basically a word that is searched more often and holds value. To attract someone to watch your videos, you would need to use these words. These words are important as they are repeatedly searched on the internet. When your video title contains such words, the YouTube algorithm considers your video and produces it in front of the user. To find your appropriate keyword, you can try websites such as Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. A keyword is chosen by checking the volume and value. The optimal choice is to choose one with a decent value and a low volume to make your link stand out.

It is also important to include that keyword in your video description. Before opening a video, a viewer always notices the video description. The video description lets users know about what the video will be covering. Adding keywords to this helps as the user gets confident about his searched term being covered. Adding the keyword to the video description helps to be recognized in a better way by the YouTube algorithm. Hence choose your keyword wisely as this can either make or break your video.

Tags to get views on YouTube-

Tags are basically phrases that give YouTube context about a video. These are basically keywords that help in the ranking factor of YouTube’s algorithm. So why are Tags important? Its because tags give information about a video’s category and topic. The best thing to do is to use your keyword as the first tag. Then using different variations of your keyword as your other tags is the way to go. Also, always use a maximum of 2 to 3 words as your tag. Never go overboard with your amount of tags as it can do more harm instead of bettering your chances.

If you are a beginner and are not too sure about tags then you can use tools. Tools like TagTube and VidlQ Boost are the two I would recommend as they take your keyword and produce enough tags for you to select from. Never associate a celebrity name to your tag as it could get your video taken down.

Cards –

Cards are the white boxes that appear on top of ongoing videos that contain a link. This box may contain a link to another video, a website or charity. One can basically use this to promote your other videos that have got fewer views. These can also help to increase traffic on your website. Cards are also used to conduct polls which make a video more interactive for the audience. Cards also help increase the subscribers of a channel. To get the best response through these, a user must place these strategically in their ongoing video such as people look for these. For example, if you are comparing two products and want the audience’s opinion, the viewers will automatically look for a polling option. On finding one they would come back to your channel for more videos as your channel is interactive for the audience.

End Screens -


Generally, people who enjoy watching a video get to the end of it. Instead of showing them a black screen, it is always better to feature some extra information such as your other videos, your subscription button along with your channel information and your Patreon account. This is a sure shot method of gaining subscribers as most people will subscribe if they love your content.

To add end screens to your videos, go to the video manager and click edit. After this select the video that you want and then select the End screens and annotations. From there select the options that you want.

Content –


Content selection is one of the most important things to do when you decide to upload a video. A lot of channels fail because they don’t select a specific category or keep witching from one to the other. It is always important to select a good category that is actually searched for on the internet. The two most basic categories that people search for are education and entertainment. Videos containing tutorials related to sports, daily activities, hobbies, and education tend to get a lot of views. People usually come to YouTube to either learn stuff or just have a good time chilling. One can make vlogs, funny videos or web series to get a lot of views and subscribers. The selection of these two categories totally depends on the person. Choose the one that you are more comfortable with.

Piggyback -

The best and the easiest thing to do is to take an already viral topic and make videos out of that. This trend is the best option for small channels as they could get a lot more views and subscribers through this method. You need to be very clever about this because it’s not so easy. The Keyword and Tag selection here should be good enough to get your video on the top part of the search result. If you are lucky enough, your channel’s success rate may shoot up due to a single topic.

Guest YouTubers –


Now you may be thinking if my channel isn’t big enough then how the hell am I supposed to collab with big YouTubers? Using their videos or website as a reference for your videos can help you a lot. It will not only get you, viewers, from their channels but may also form a beneficial relationship based on reciprocity. Guest YouTubers can do wonders for your channel. Not only does it increase views on YouTube but it also helps in promoting your channel in a positive way as people may assume that if you are related to that personality then your channel must be a good one.

Editing to get views on YouTube –

If you are someone who makes entertainment videos such as vlogs, then editing plays a vital part in getting views. Invest in a good video editing software to get the most out of your videos. Having smooth transitions and new editing techniques gets the attention of not only the general audience but also other creators. These creators may then recommend your videos to their audience which can really boost your views on YouTube

Conclusion –


Those were some of the tricks through which you can increase your views on YouTube. The most important factor is the content as that is what makes or breaks your channel. Choosing a suitable keyword is important as that is how you can get recognized by the YouTube algorithm. Tags and cards are some essential tools to help you out and marketing your videos through big creators is another way to get views. Try to use new techniques while editing your videos to offer a diverse and unique experience for the viewers. These are definitely not all the tricks to get you some views but they can definitely get you started.