How To Increase Traffic On Website?


Increase Traffic On Website

Traffic is the basic need of any website. It is very important to increase traffic on your site. Website traffic is the count of users visited your site. How many users visited the site and the data shared by them. So, you can understand the need of traffic. Now the question comes, “How to increase traffic on website?” Many people who have their own website,have this question in their mind. Their are many bloggers who are suffering from the problem of low traffic on their site. We will discuss here about this problem and how to get rid of this.

There are basically two ways to increase traffic on website. Free ways to increase traffic and paid ways to increase traffic. And so their are two types of traffic, free traffic and quality traffic. Quality traffic is much beneficial than free traffic. Quality traffic is more valuable, so having it had a better impact on site. Free traffic can only increase traffic and does not effect much to the ranking of your site on search engines. So, paid ways is better than free ways as it gives you quality traffic. Anyways, down we will discuss about both ways.

Paid Ways To Increase Traffic On Website

1. Advertising by google maps to increase traffic on website

Google maps can be very helpful to your site. You can rank up your site on google maps with the help of google ads. If people do search on google related to anything that connect your site, than your site should come as first option for them to select. This is very helpful to increase views on your site and hence increasing traffic. But first you have to buy ads from google adsense. Buy it start improving your site ranking.

2. Google Adsense

If you are having a website, then google adsense is one of the best way to increase traffic. Google ads can help you to gain a large amount of traffic by advertising. Advertising of various companies, products and other things. This also helpful to your increase your earning. As google ads provide money for these advertising. But you have to buy these ads first, then only you can put them in use. You have to pay monthly for it as per your ads. It depends on the type of ads google is providing to you.

Better ads needs an amount to be paid. Better more important thing is permission. You have to take permission from google first for these ads by submitting your site for a review to google. For this you should have your pure content, not copied from anywhere. And also the content should be sensible. It should be informative site. After reviewing, google provides ads accordingly. This will help in ranking up your site and help to put it on upper positions according to the key words that people search. This is helpful to increase views thus increasing traffic.

3. Retargeting

It is a very basic technique and very useful. If any person visited your site and click on some ad and left without buying. After that, if he visits other site or any other social media platform, then the same ad will be viewed on it. This forces the person to buy that thing and if he click on it and buy it, then it will be help to you. This is retargeting. This helps in earning and also to increase traffic.

4. Display relatable ads to increase traffic on website

Ads related to your blog is the perfect match. If you write a blog on any phone review and you are having a ad of same phone on it, then it would be great. Try to put the ad related to your blog or any thing you are providing information about. If people visit about anything on your site and get the same thing their then it would be very helpful to them and also to you. So, try to display ads relatable to your blog.

5. Advertising through social media

Social Media is a great platform to provide traffic to your site. You can view your site ad on different social media platforms like youtube and others. If a person will be interested in your site then he will visit the site. This will increase traffic on your site and give you views too.

Free Ways To Increase Traffic On Website

Free ways can increase traffic but that is not very useful. It can increase your views but cannot improve your rank and traffic much. But then also, here are some of the ways which you can try.

1. Target long-tail keywords in your SEO

Keywords are the words that target your main concern. Keywords are set according to your blog. They must be some focus words around which your whole blog revolves. It is important that your keyword should be of good length, better volume to bring your blog on the upper positions on the search related to that keyword. For this, you can also take the help of some apps like uber suggest and others. They can give you a perfect keyword for your blog.

2. Backlinks to increase traffic on website

A backlink is important to build security of your site. This a direct link to your site from another site. If other good reputated sites provide a backlink of your site, then it is very helpful in every way. It increases traffic to your site. It also improves your rank on google which further increases traffic.

3. Email Marketing

You can make a subscription column in your site. This will help costumer to permanently get linked to your site. They will get subscribed through their mail. You can send a regular notification of any update of blog on your site on their mail. This will help you out to boast the traffic.

4. On-page SEO

SEO is the most mandatory thing for your site. A better SEO helps to improve your rank, hence improving your position on google. This helps in boasting traffic of your site. Perform a good on-page SEO and make your site better.
You can also use the method of guest blog to increase traffic. It is the way by which any one who loves to write a blog can write on your site. This can provide variety of content to your site. This can help to better the views of your site.