How to Overcome depression?


Well, actually if you are reading this you might probably be low. Lets say ‘feeling low’ giving depression a really good touch. Now first lets get to know what exactly is this ‘depression’ -bad or something good. Lets not jump to any conclusions right and lets see what this depression is all about. A burning topic right? not if we try and see this depression in a little other way say its nothing but your boss. Well now bosses can be frustrating right and we can’t do shit about it, but there’s always a way to deal with him. Now sometimes it happens that some random guy got a good shouting from his boss for coming late, and now the employee got frustrated with all that shouting even though he had a genuine reason of being late, and so in his frustration he takes a drastic step of leaving the job. I hope you got the general idea, of what exactly is depression.

Depression how to overcome anti


So, now that we know what exactly is depression lets get to know more about this friend of ours.

In this whole article we’ll be considering depression as our bosses just for a little refined way to say. We all have come to know that this boss is a real dick and so we need to do something about it and lets see what exactly can be done to help ourselves and others who are under this boss. First lets talk about this guy who was born in  Missouri, USA. This guy is a very famous rapper and probably you might be listening to his track as of now. Now this Mr. X took the drastic step of leaving the company i.e. attempted suicide for the mere reason that his girlfriend broke up with him.We cant even imagine what the music industry will look like if its not for his efforts. Yeah its none other than rap god Eminem who committed suicide in 1996 as his then girlfriend wanted to end the relationship. And then here comes the man whose responsible for the entertainment of every generation of man, Walt Disney.  Its said that Walt Disney attempted suicide at the age of 31. One can easily do a google search for them and get to know their story. Now there are many famous personalities who have attempted suicide but doubled the efforts to become something higher of standards.


Attempting suicide or taking the drastic step isn’t a bad thing. What matters is how ones dealing with it.

Now there are quite a variety of persons we can study, to see the effects of this drastic step. Some loose the hope of living even if they got the second chance. Some become extremely lazy and refuses to even go out or hang out with friends which is again a side effect of attempting suicide. Now one can easily get over it by simply saying to every thought coming to piss off. Not everyone is capable of doing this, as it takes a lot of bravery to get out of ones thoughts. But yeah I hope that at the end of this article you have a base idea of what to do next and how to proceed forward. Let’s take a look at this example and get to know what can we do in situations like this. I’ve got a friend who for some reason finds herself low or gets the thought that she doesn’t deserve to live any more.

Depression how to overcome anti

Now this girl is in love with a guy. This girl had no other friends as this one was quite an introvert. Her roommates, friends never got the idea that she was in depression. Yeah now lemme give an insight to this story. She’s madly in love with this guy and has no idea why she ever got the thought of ending her life cause now her life seems to be so perfect. Now throwing away the close ones is the first thing a depressed guy does. Coming back to the story, this girl was depressed from first and never showed any sign. So, in her frustration of not being able to express herself, she fights with this guy. Now this thought pisses her off that she has fought the guy she is so much in love with.


So what’s the next part of this story?What happened to that girl?

She is really depressed that now she turned herself to a bomb and everybody close to her will get affected.  So she decides that the best thing she can do is to end herself as that’ll be the wisest decision. She overdoses herself with sleeping pills. Although now she is working for a firm and have married the guy who never really left her again.


Now what’s important of this story is what she did after she recovered.

Depression how to overcome anti

After her recovery and discharge from hospital she had to ignore college for quite a couple of days as her parents feared that this might repeat again- a fair thing to fear about right. But what they didn’t know that her daughter is ready to now face any challenge she is thrown with. She fought her way out of her home and that’s a real tough thing. Eventually I heard her parents became more supportive and helped her in every way possible. Then she did extremely good in college and landed up in a good firm with quite a decent salary. After she returned to college people started looking at her in a totally different way, but with the support of her group of friends and her parents she never cared and got the best out of her. Now see this girl is not a famous personality but just a normal person leading a normal life who learnt from her mistakes.


She also had the help of her parents, now if you are reading this being a parent please, let your child enjoy their life. In your fear don’t give them a jail where you are there forever. Cause in life she has to strive alone and the best thing you can do about your child is teach him, help him but don’t stop him. Make him feel that you love him, tell him that it affected you.



And then finally trust her.

This is the toughest part lemme tell you, but do start trusting her. Its the only way she’ll find the energy to move forward. You are the best support she got. Don’t destroy her trust by stopping her. LET HER ‘LIVE’. Its okay to feel down.

Depression how to overcome anti

Now everybody’s story doesn’t have these parents, supportive ones, the cases in which the only help one can get is by himself or herself right. So what to do in these matters, now we all know that humans are a social being so getting over depression all alone is quite a crazy thing to even think about. but yeah its not impossible, actually nothing is so yeah. Now if one would ask me how to get over depression all by oneself, I’ll recommend to first buy some stuffs- a diary, a nice pen, and netflix subscription. As there are some great classy movies one can see if one wants that motivation. I’d prefer movies like-Pursuit to happiness, Forrest gumps and many more. You can easily get the list with a simple google search. Okay now listen carefully, take the pen and scribble every things that comes to your mind, might be your neighbor’s dog who barks as soon as he sees you and you fight that disturbing scribble everything, remember this everything.So just keep striving keep thriving. You’ll love it what’s waiting for you.

Just think that there’s an apocalypse and there’s only your crush and you’re left to repopulate it. Sounds interesting right. Lets just be happy that there can be someday like this.


Now we’ve actually reached the end of this article and I hope you got an idea of how to help yourself or else help your close ones in low times.Give the boss a very bad day, trust me he wont return.

Just remember its okay to feel low and take a drastic step. But whats not okay is leaving the hope to live. Enjoy your life, and count your blessings.





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