How to write a unique blog/ article, just by doing some simple steps.


Write your unique blogs / article !

Blogging is one of the trending job in the current scenario. Blogging can make you touch those heights that you ever wanted to reach. The task of a blogger is not easy. One has to write a unique article for their blog so that they could rank their blog on google. And of course, writing a unique blog is a tough task. So if you have a WordPress account then this trick is for you to write unique blogs in just a few minutes just by following some simple steps.

How you can write your unique blogs/article for your WordPress account –

Step1> For writing unique blogs –

First of all, you need to have WordPress installed on your website. For which you must have a Web-hosting, you could also use this trick on some free hosting sites or some of the cheap hosting sites.
So what you are supposed to do to write a unique blog is that –
you have to go to the WordPress dashboard first. If you don’t know how to do this then go to the google search panel and write your site’s URL and then give a slash and write wp-admin. For example we “”. Now your site will ask you to sign in. when you will sign in then you will automatically be directed to the dashboard of your WordPress site.

Step2> For writing unique blogs


Now go to the Plugins menu and click on it. There you will see two options, Install a plugin or add new. You have to click on the Add new option and then search for Auto-Spinner. This plugin costs about $27 but many times you can get a discount on it and then it would barely cost you about 10 dollars or less.



Auto spinner is a plugin in WordPress that allows you to change the copy contents or replace the common words from the article by some of the new words and keeping the meaning of the sentence nearly same as the original one. You can use this plugin while writing a blog for your website and this will give you and unique article that can be published.


When you will install the plugin and activate it then you will see that in your dashboard you can find a menu named as Auto-Spinner.
Now what you have to do is that you have to click on the Auto-Spinner menu and then click on settings. This will direct you to the settings panel of the Auto-Spinner plugin.


Now you are on the settings panel of your plugin. You are just required to do some of the basic changes and setting in the panel. You have to scroll down to the bottom where you will see a heading – Exclusion and protected terms. Now you have to tick all the check boxes except for the first one. In the reserved words box, you have to write the niche on which your website works, for example, your website runs on the niche – movie / Entertainment. So you must know the niche on which your website runs and then you have to write the keywords on which you want to rank your website. You are not required to do any other changes. Now click on save settings. Now your settings are saved.


Now to write an article/blog you have to get back to the post-panel of your dashboard and click on add new post. Now what you have to do is you have to copy an article/ blog form any website which is less popular and then paste it in the Add new pannel. Then you have to check the Plagiarism of your copied content.


Now you will see a button below your blog writing space written: “Rewrite the Post”. You have to click on the button and then you will see that the plugin has changed the articles by changing various words of the blog. You can see that the words that have been changed are highlighted with yellow colour. Take your cursor to that word you will see some more options to replace the word with.


Now again copy the new content and past it, in your post and check the plagiarism now you will see that the plagiarism is reduced. And here you have your all-new unique blog.


You must go through the blog after doing all these steps as sometimes some of the sentences lose their meaning and can not be understood by the readers. So read your blog and change those lines.
You can also convert the blog into different languages just by copying the blog and pasting it on google translate.

So this was all about the tricks for writing unique blogs for your website.


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