Reasons you are bathing the wrong way


In India bathing is considered more as a ritual than just a daily routine.
If carried out correctly, bath energizes the body, relaxes the mind, eliminates fatigue, removes sweat, washes off dirt, removes toxins from the skin.
However, the sad part is that 99% of people bath in the wrong way causing them unintentionally harming their body rather than benefitting.
You might be feeling fresh but your body may suffer.


Bathing, when done in the wrong way, can cause-

Dark circles
Rough skin
Weak immunity and digestion
Serious health issues

Bathing has always been accorded the status of sacred activity. Though it doesn’t mean we can bath I whatever way we want to.

When, how and how many times you should bath so that heals your body rather than harming it-

Reasons you are bathing the wrong way-

1. Bathing with hot water-

This may be shocking for you but according to Ayurveda no matter which season it is, a healthy person should never use hot water for bathing. Always take a cold water bath. That doesn’t mean ice cold water but the running tap cold water.
A hot water bath increases lethargy in your body rather than increasing your senses. This may also become the reason for an increase in dark circles, weak digestion, low immunity, and stress.

Moreover pouring hot water on head is seriously damaging for your hair, head, and eyes. Doing so you are bound to face excessive hair loss and even serious health issues like weak vision, brain disorder, etc.

Only in serious health conditions like arthritis, hot water can be used. Although you are not able to get over hot water bathing habit at least switch to lukewarm water. But pouring hot water on the head is strictly prohibited.

2. The direction of bathing-

If you are bathing with cold water then you should pour water from head to toe.
And if you are using lukewarm water then pour start pouring from toe to head. It is not a superstition but it maintains proper blood flow. Avoiding any possibility of a blood clot.

3. Bathing after meals-

The process of digestion consumes a lot of energy and requires plenty of blood flow towards the stomach. But when you take a bath right after a meal, the body temperature decreases. Now, to maintain the temperature of the skin, even the blood from the stomach is transported to the skin.
As a result, your digestion process slows down. Your intestines become weaker.
Constipation and other stomach related issues. Therefore avoid bathing right after meals as it will cause digestive disorders.

And if it is necessary to bath after a meal then keep at least a gap of 2 hours between meals and a bath.

4. Not oil massaging before bath-

Yes, this might sound real time-consuming in the fast pace life but oil massaging your body before bathing is a hidden secret of the effective bath.
When we massage the body with oil it easily attracts the toxins and micro-organism on the surface and removes them successfully.
A lot of stress has been given on the effectiveness of this practice in ayurvedic texts.
But as mentioned it might feel time-consuming nowadays but it is advised to do this at least once a week.
You can use coconut oil, mustard oil, sesame oil for this.

5. Not removing the dead skin-

Even after washing and cleansing, there are many dead skin cells that even the best of the soaps miss out on. The best way to sort this problem out is to use the scrubber.
I would prefer a natural scrubber. Not only it is cheaper but also biodegradable and effective than the plastic scrubbers.
Using scrubbers regularly improves the blood circulation and unclogs the skin pores. Also, try to dry out the skin with a towel rubbing it on skin putting pressure. It will help a lot to remove the dead skin layer.


6. wrong duration of bathing-

Bathing is not just meant to cleanse the physical body but also rejuvenate the mind and soul.
It should be carried out calmly and purposefully only then that one can reap its benefits.
Ancient texts also suggest practising deep breathing while bathing.
Although, it doesn’t mean that we spend too much time in the bathroom.
Bathing for too long does more harm than good. The skin loses natural oils and becomes rough and patchy. Even bathing too many times is harmful. Once in the morning and daily is compulsory.


7. using toxic products-

Have you ever gone through the ingredients list of the products while bathing? You will be shocked to know that over 95% of the products in the market have harsh chemicals like mineral oils, sulfates, parabens, harsh alcohols, silicons, artificial fragrances, artificial colors which do more harm than good.
Because we use these products daily, slowly the ingredients of these products seep into the bloodstream, rough skin, hair fall dandruff allergies, and some times serious diseases. So always make it habit to go through the ingredient list of the products and try to buy the product that has more natural content. Just this one habit can bring a huge relief to your hair and skin issue.


Bathing is energizing. It is healing and purifying all you have to do is take it the right way