Seven Wonders Of The World


Wonders of the world

The world is full of wonderful things. There is a number of wonders on this Earth. Nature is too beautiful to observe. Beautiful buildings made by ancient people. Different types of animals, beautiful birds, wonderful sky. These wonders are really heart touching. There are birds and animals in different colors seems nature has painted them. There are also a number wonders that happen occasionally. After the rain, the rainbow with its seven colors comes out and makes the rain more beautiful. Waterfalls are so pretty looking. Big and huge mountains that appear different in different seasons. Their beauty differ according to the season. In winter, they look pretty good. There are many other things like hot river, wonderful streams, and other things. No one knows how these have developed.


To plus the beauty of nature, people have included their own things. Things that are artificial and man-made. Though these things are artificial they are not less than the beauty of nature. These things were built by ancient people and we still wonder how they did this? There are many such types of thing but people took the seven best and incredible monuments. These are called seven wonders of the world. The name these wonders are the Taj Mahal, Great Wall Of China, Christ The Redeemer, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Colosseum, and Petra. This the latest list of the wonders. You should definitely visit these places for some awesome experience and enjoyment. So, here the description of all the wonders:


Taj Mahal: First Of The Seven Wonders

This wonderful architecture is located in India. Its exact location is Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is also famous by the name “Symbol of love”. It was built by Mugal Emperor, Shah Jahan. He built this beautiful sculpture as the memorial for his gorgeous wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It was built when his wife was dead. It was built between 1632 and 1648. It consists of a big garden with beautiful flowers and beautifully designed trees. It is made up of white marble, with various types of the design carved on it.


The Great Wall Of China

This is the second wonder. As indicated by its name, it is present in China. This huge wall is carved beautifully on the mountains of China. There are various stories behind this monument. Some story tell that it was built to protect the people of China from the attack of other kingdoms. It is built so strong and tall that no one can cross it. Other stories say that the Chinese have imprisoned some huge monsters with one eye. And it is predicted that if it came out of that wall, it will finish all the human beings present on this earth. It was built in 5th century BC and later on, the architecture was completed in 16 century. It covers up about 4,000 miles.


Christ The Redeemer: The third of the seven wonders

The third wonder is Christ The Redeemer. It is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This beautiful sculpture was built in 1931 AD. It is located in the mountains. It is built on Corcovado Mountain. It is made up of concrete and soapstone with a height of 130 feet. It looks really wonderful. It was built by the donation raised by the people of Brazil.


Machu Picchu

Built-in 1450 AD, Machu Picchu is located in Cuzco Region, Peru. It is an old Incan city constructed on a hill, between two peaks. This place was unknown until 1911. An archaeologist whose name was Hiram Bingham discovered this 1911. There are only three means by which you can reach there. By foot, or by train, or by helicopter. This wonderful city is made up of granite.


Chichen Itza: Fifth of the seven wonders

Chichen Itza looks very much similar to the pyramids which are located in Egypt. But it is located in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It was built in 600 AD. We can observe Mayan Culture through this wonder. It was declared as the political and economical hub of the Mayan civilization. This increases the importance of this monument.


The Roman Colosseum

This was constructed in 80 AD. It is situated in Rome, Italy. This monument was in use for a very long period of duration of five hundred years. It was built to show various types of functions that took place at that time. It is round(elliptical) in shape. It has space for around fifty thousand people to sit and watch the show like animal hunting, some type of matches and other things. Its design in really to complicated. It influences even modern construction.


Petra is located in Ma’an, Jordan. It was built around 312 BC. It was declared as the world heritage site in the year 1985. Petra was the capital of the Nabataean Empire and represents their culture. The people this Era were to advanced. They had very advanced technology for their construction. They were able to construct dam, tunnels easily. This beautiful example of their construction.