10 strange things you probably know about earth!


The Strange Facts-

There is no doubt that planet earth is awesome and we cannot deny that among millions of stars and planets only our planet earth has life-supporting conditions. That is even more true for some people who had seen it with their eyes from the space. Aside from the fact that it supports life it has many peculiar characteristics from its awesome and weird landscape to the organism it supports from the height of sky to the depth of the ocean, whose major part is undiscovered and out of reach for human beings.
Here are some of the Strange facts about this weird planet made up of gases, rocks and water which we call as home:

1) The planet’s poles flip(Strange)

We all know that planet’s north pole lies somewhere near Alaska and its south pole lies somewhere in the mid of Antarctica. Well, it is always true for its geographical poles but it is partially true for Magnetic poles. Over the past millions of years, it’s magnetic poles have been flipping every several hundred years or so. This all happens just due to the flowing molten Earth core, but it cannot be said surely. It is now believed that pole is creeping towards Antarctica for about 40 miles a year.

2) Supersized moon of the planet-

It is considered by the scientists that Sunday night is the most recent rising of the supersized moon. But if we don’t consider the size of the moon whatever we see it in the sky every night, it is counted as one of the oversized satellites of the solar system. The only celestial system that fits best in this regard is the pluto and its oversized moon. Our moon is approximately as wide as one-quarter of the earth. Fortunately, if the moon was not so big or was farther away then we could not see the full solar eclipse.

3) Airborne biggest mammal migration(Strange)

Yep, looking at this heading you may have suddenly thought about millions of wildebeest migrate from Kenya to Tanzania, but you are wrong. There are number of Bats – giant fruit bats, fly between Democratic Republic of Congo and Kasanka National Park each year. It is the largest known mammal migration on the Earth.

4) Home for a humongous fungus-

When the talk start about the largest existing creature on the Earth, definitely you would say Blue Whales, Elephants and Trees. You may also think about the Great Coral Reef which is the vast collection of some kind of living entities.

But the largest single organism was found in an Armillaria mushroom in Oregon. In 1992, one of these Fungi was found in Michigan covering 37 acres. But more recently teams investigating a mysterious tree die-off found that the culprit was even more monstrous fungus, covering at least 2000 acres and estimated to be thousands of years old. This was very strange isn’t it?

5) Some parts are downright alien-looking(Strange)-

Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression is full of weird landscape tossed at it. Hottest, Driest, Lowest, weirdest. Though Hot Springs, poisonous gases, cracking lava lakes and salty mirages makes it the weirdest and difficult place to live on Earth. Despite all this, there exists some life. Multicoloured Hydrothermal vents are home to ecosystems that astrobiologists are using as now to search life beyond the earth.

6) One island boasts an undersea waterfall-

The southwest coast of Mauritius appears to be hanging at the edge of a steep, undersea waterfall. But the so-called waterfall and precious and weird position of the waterfall is just an illusion. Circular ocean currents which carry silt and sand makes an unusual pattern, which looks a beautiful and precious seafloor painting.

7) There are hidden gems beneath your feet-

In Mexico several gypsum pillars are buried a thousand feet underground, approximately named as the cave of crystal are the largest known natural crystals. Some of those crystals are measured more than 30 feet long. You might think it is hard for the earth to hide such a glittering crystalline trove, but it was discovered in 2000. when silver miners accidentally broke through its wall.

8) Some of its clouds are alive –

Sometimes at the dusk, dark shape- sharp clouds appear near the ground. As they move and swirl, they seem to be nearly alive-and it’s because they are. These Strange Clouds are formed with the hundreds or thousands of starlings flying in tandem, the phenomenon is known as a murmuration. It is suspected by the scientist that these birds fly in such a gorgeous and mesmerizing display when they are looking for a place to hide from predators. But it is still a puzzle that how they show such teamwork and manage to fly in such a pattern.

9) One river is boiling

This may be thought of the stuff of legends, that one river boiling and hidden deep in Peruvian Amazon exist in reality. Yes, it is that it is not exactly boiling, but its temperature reaches up to few degrees of that mark, but it is already hot enough to convert rainforest into a steaming, a mythical paradise which does not seems to be of this world, that can cook small animals alive.

10) There is an underwater meadow

The Mediterranean’s most widespread grassland named Posidonia. Named after the Greek god Poseidon was also thought to be one of the oldest living things on earth. But it was revealed by the genetic sequencing that another Posidonia growing off the east coast of Spain. It could be of as old as a hundred thousand years old.
Which means that before our ancestors even leaving Africa, these shoots have started putting their roots gently down beneath the earth. This began the spread of roots and a process of cloning that could be spread throughout the existence of mankind. One of the reasons that these slow-growing Posidonia last for this long just because they do not have any competitor left, except for the humans.

These where some of the intresting and strange facts about our earth.

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